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Zoe Hind Interview Transcript



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see Ok, so I think, let’s just start with…if you can possibly give us a rundown on what you do?

It’s getting harder and harder to describe actually because I started off with the simple label of astrologer, just because I thought that’s going to go on the business card and it’s something that people will understand, but I come from a very Druid, Pagan background so I include Magic in everything I do and then there’s the Tarot and the Symbology. I’m a full on herbalist. So it’s the old ways basically, wherever you can go back and find the old ways and the way that we used to connect with the ancestors, with the festivals of life, that kind of thing and then how we can bring that forward and apply it to what we’re doing in our modern lives.

go Wow, that’s quite a breadth of knowledge there! What would you say your specialty is out of those? Is there anything that you are PARTICULARLY in tune with?

I love the calendar. My book is going to be about the calendar, time and consciousness, how we’re working to the wrong calendar, which was designed purely for tax collection purposes! So lose it, get back to the old calendar and the consciousness and the kind of ritual that we can go through, because we have a ritual on our birthday. We’ve got our own personal new year that many people don’t know about. The one in January is just ridiculous and we’ve got sacred festivals which are great fun, they still go on really across the country to this day, but it’s a very organic spiral time calendar that keeps us in motion with everything else rather than this prison grid that we’re delivered.

Come e borsa virtuale Senza Rischiare a Ottobre 2017. Sapere come e dove investire i propri soldi in modo sicuro e redditizio sembra una questione molto That’s a great way to describe it – Prison Grid! The Book is called Time and Consciousness?

It’s going to be called something along those lines. It’s in formation. I’ve done the first part and now I’m going out onto the land to study the stellar alignments of the stone circles and all that kind of thing and go to all the Pagan festivals and document my process. Instead of some dry Astrology book that’s just like, ‘Sun Sign –Scorpio, Moon Sign – Gemini’, I want the second half to be about the stars on the land because they all line up to more than just the Sun and the Moon. The festivals are all zodiacally aligned, if there is such a word! So as we talk about what’s coming up in 2016, there’s a big feature that tells me to go out to travel and expand and to complete that with filming and publishing, so I know that’s my next two and a half year plan.

click here That’s brilliant. Is there any place in particular that you are most looking forward to visiting as part of that?

I’m going to try and get up to Up Helly Aa in Orkney. It’s the last Tuesday in January, so not exactly warm. They do a huge Viking boat burning festival. Massive! I don’t think Orkney has many residents at all so it has thousands of people descend, all with torches and they reconstruct this massive Viking boat and they all have a drumming and fire festival… it’s nuts…by the look of the pictures! But if I don’t make that this year then I’m going to do it next year. But plenty! There’s always some fun to be had in the Pagan world.

ikili opsiyon ticareti yorumları You were saying that you had quite a strong Druid influence growing up; can you speak more about that?

Yes, certainly. One of the first memories I have is my Dad reading me Lord of the Rings over the end of my bunk bed!

http://captainaugust.com/?koooas=voglio-provare-le-azioni-binarie&713=24 I love Lord of the Rings!

Lord of the Rings is my Bible! He was reading the bit where the Dark Riders are first sniffing over the tree roots where the Hobbits are at the beginning of their journey hiding out.

go to site That’s terrifying!

That’s my first memory of my Dad reading to me over the end of the bunk bed when I was little and from then on our dogs were called Frodo, Bilbo, Merryweather! My Dad actually did incoming tourism to the sites where Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings because we grew up in the area where he wrote it, so it’s literally in my blood. The man was incredible and still is really. I mean…we don’t really die. His entity was just massive! My mum was more into the Witchcraft side of things. She was born near Lewes, in Brighton. We then moved to Warwick, which is a big centre of Witchcraft and she loved all of that. She was our Brown Owl; she loved all the Magic in that way. I just remember the big deal of Halloween and dressing up as Witches and all that kind of thing and before she passed in 2003, she was blown away by Harry Potter and Hogwarts. She used to sit for hours listening to the Audiobooks so we never really did the normal thing. But it was very authentic, lots of walking in the woods, lots of respects for animals. At Christmas our decorations would be snowy branches and little kind of handmade Robins and anything to do with nature rather than Santa, Coca Cola and all that kind of thing. So we were brought up to kind of keep the nature aspect into the festivities like what they now call Christmas.

dating history of josh hutcherson That goes on to a question I was going to ask. Obviously, in a city, there’s so much of that you can miss, the natural settings. I was thinking, for people maybe embarking on a spiritual quest of their own, maybe it’s just being at one with nature, maybe someone wants to go and meditate by a river or something, but with the busy lives that everyone leads, what do you think some of the challenges are being spiritually inclined in a city?

Brilliant question. I think some of us are doing that on purpose because to be spiritual in the material world is what we’re here for. We’re not seeking spirituality, we already are. We just need to be the both, bring the heaven to earth. I see people do that dualism of, ‘oh the city’s too much, I’ve got to run away to the country on retreat’ and I think the stronger souls will always be able to say, the city’s a landscape, I’ve just going to take the buildings off it, look at the hills, look at the rivers, look at the valleys, look at the lay lines. I live in Camden, which is a massive lay line! Absolutely huge! Look at the trees, look at the parks and just do a little bit of research on your local area because you will be on a lay line. You know, the stronger ones that have given themselves a challenge to live in the city, we’re actually here to radiate that brightness in the midst of darkness rather than run away. But it’s totally cool to go away and recharge your batteries as well. I live near Hampstead Heath and I feel like my iPhone…I literally go ‘dddd ddd ddd’.

opzioni binarie perdo sempre I went to University around there; it was incredible. We’ve got Peckham Rye close by actually and something in that area feels…a bit special.

Go back to the old maps, go back to the ancestors, scratch a couple of generations, you’ll find a County Fayre and a celebration, a spring, a well. You’ll find something.

site de rencontre pour indien I’m sure! Also, you obviously said that your mother was into Witchcraft, is that what you would call it? Or a Witch…my question is about the word; a lot of people have negative associations with that and the word pagan, and this really annoys me. How would you describe what it really is?

Ok, great question. The oldest word would be Wise Woman. When we take Witch, we go back, we go to Wise Woman. The men had a different role; it’s not dis-inclusive, but the women were the herbalists and the midwives and doing that kind of role. So just think Wise Woman. Witch came along fairly recently and a lot of the tradition of Witchcraft has been backward engineered from the 1800’s, so this whole kind of Coven thing that we see coming through that…not a lot of that is actually real and many people call themselves Wiccan as well, that’s the other word…but we’ve got a kind of religious war going on so some people will just rail up at the word Witch, automatically thinking it’s a negative thing. Now if you consider that the modern day magic wand is the phone, then most people are cursing each other already. A witch is someone that is aware that we are all manipulating subtle energy; that’s the definition of magic, the manipulation of subtle energy. Every thought, word and action that everybody has…everybody is doing that. A Wise Woman is the one who realises that and takes responsibility for their energy rather than just cursing people willy nilly and refusing to take responsibility. So if we look at that from that perspective, then we can see that Witch is a positive word, but it’s going to kind of get caught up in the religious mix at the moment. Pagan is just ‘from the countryside’, that’s all it means and Heathen means ‘worshipped on the Heathen’. It’s not even worship; it’s ‘connect with nature on the heath’, which is exactly what I do on a weekly basis.

here I remember I had a friend…I used the word Pagan, and she literally was just like…hmmpphh No! It seems to be such a dark word for some people!

It’s just comes from ‘paysage’, which is French for the countryside. So before the churches were built, we just used to go outside, raise that green vibration, be in a tree grove and connect, so what’s wrong with that? All churches are built on Druid ground, so when you go into a church these days they are facing east/west alignment, they’re facing the Sun, it’s Sun worship, but they’re all built on sacred ground. So now we’re going back to our previous question, if you live in Deptford…how do you find the holy ground? Well start with a church and see that will be in alignment. You could even look further and say where do the churches line up and you’ll see the lay line.

Ahhh, that’s brilliant. I’ll have to try that! I think a lot of people obviously have a very narrow minded approach to Astrology and we’ve spoken about this before as well, I know I certainly did! If you were to describe what really the essence of it is…?

Yeah, I think the biggest problem is Horoscopes. Horoscopes define you in a category of 12, so you are a 12th of the population regardless of anything else and they are absolutely ridiculous. I won’t write them. I write daily energetics and the word ‘Horoscope’ comes from Horus, the Rising Sun on the Eastern Horizon. So it’s not a bad word in itself but they way the public media have done the Mystic Meg, ‘Taurus – You’re going to be unlucky with the number four today’ type nonsense, is what makes it very easy for people to ridicule. But Astrology itself is the electromagnetic universe, the complex pattern of all the planets when you are born and how that imprints on you when you separate from your mother, because our cells in our body are full of water and they take that electromagnetic imprint. So there are 78,000 things it’s said, that are different between each chart, so Astrology shows you your symphony and your magnificence and your total variety rather than narrowing it down to, ‘you’re just a Taurus, you’re just a Gemini’. It’s used from the highest to the lowest; we know it’s used in all Public Affairs. It’s only the people that are in the middle that are told that it’s silly and it’s not worth it and it’s dumbed down on purpose because of its super power. It’s been around forever! I mean…it’s one of the oldest things. It’s the way that the electromagnetic pattern of the stars imprints on us and how we’ve come here to challenge and to bring the best out of ourselves according to our blueprint and our map basically. So when you look at the chart it’s your blueprint and when you look at what’s coming up, it’s your map.

When I looked at my birth chart…it was almost quite a…well it was an incredible experience…what it was saying about you in relation to where the planets are…it obviously gives so much more depth and it almost validates the parts of you that you might think, oh God, not so keen on that, but you really feel like you understand it.

Yeah, it makes you fully realise, you’re not just using one tool in your kit any more. Most people that just know their Sun Sign, they’ve got a hammer. Fine, bang a nail in but when it comes to polishing your toenails or buttering your bread, you’re still trying to use a hammer…it’s not going to work. So you’re looking at your vibrational tool kit and you’re looking at how the energies are unfolding for you. It’s quite complicated to describe any further than that but just to say that everybody is unique. They created their chart. They reconnect with it and then they can see how to bring the best in all those aspects out of themselves. It’s not to do with constellations…because people always want to know why I go…’oh there’s 13’ and that means I’m a Capricorn, not an Aquarius or something….but the constellations are a marker, in front of which the planetary energy is going through so it’s just a convenient way for us to divide up the sky. Just like if you look at a clock on the wall, you’ve got the numbers, fine, but if you added another number between two and three, it wouldn’t really change anything…it would still be teatime!

Do you have any advice for people who want to take their first tentative steps into Astrology, because I know it can be quite a daunting thing?

Yeah, first thing’s first I would say, don’t overdo it. I’ve got a video on each planet and a video on each Zodiac sign on my YouTube channel for free. I’ve got a video on how to get your chart and if you just work through each pair, so the Sun and the Sign, then the Moon and the Sign, one a week, then Mercury and the Sign, then Venus and the Sign etc. If you work through one per week, my videos are showing you where that planet exists inside of yourself, because it’s not about what’s outside, as above, so below, so Venus is our heartfelt values and our loves, what we love, who we love, what we love, rather than this rock that is telling us when to go shopping which is the way it’s portrayed in the media. So I think if you do that first, get your chart, then work each pairing, feel it in yourself, bring it out of yourself and then see the Zodiac as a year. It’s not some crazy thing – Aries is April, Taurus is May (roughly). You’re looking at Spring Fire, Spring Earth. Just walk a year around the Zodiac and you’ll see that it’s actually a calendar first before anything else and it will kind of reveal itself to you.

That’s really interesting, I was actually thinking the other day…myself and Christobelle have seen so many of your videos and you talk about banishing things that no longer serve you and I’ve always wondered…I feel like so many things can come up and obviously my song Pandora’s Box is about delving into that darkness. Once you find that darkness, how do you…are there any practical ways you can advise on releasing this stuff? Sometimes it just comes up; I think what can you do with it? Is it enough to acknowledge it or are there any practical steps you can really take?

That’s a really good point. We’ve all got our own clock and our own timeline so you can work generically with, say…the New Moon, the Full Moon and the Dark Moon, as far as timing is concerned. My mum used to say it’s like pushing treacle up stairs to do the right thing at the wrong time. So if you know the lunar cycles, then most people work with the Full Moon and the New Moon if you’re a little bit more advanced. But in Wicca, we work with the Dark Moon, which comes just before the Full Moon and we release. Then the New Moon is purify, then you begin to evoke so when you’re releasing, timing is useful and the first thing to do really is to admit where you’re holding any friction, anger or shame. Do the work on yourself first; you’re not trying to get rid of that person or that situation, you’re just taking responsibility for…where did I shame myself, where wasn’t I honourable….am I holding any anger towards this situation? With that awareness, yes, you can release, because as soon as you take the seed of awareness, the rest doesn’t have to go forward. Then forgiveness…forgive yourself, forgive others and just relax with that. Just say ‘I’ve got the seed of awareness now, I don’t need to drag all the baggage forwards’. So we’ve got the lunar cycles but you also have your own solar cycle so just before your birthday is an epic time to let go of what’s not moving forwards. People don’t realise what a birthday is. We’ve got the symbol of the Sun in Astrology as a round with a dot in the middle and when our Sun returns to where it was in our chart, when we were born we make a round cake, light fire on top of it and say ‘Many Happy Returns’. It’s your solar return, but just before that you’ve got the Dark Sun if you want to get… Imagine you are in a balloon and you’ve got a high cliff coming along and you need to get rid of some ballast before you can raise up to go around to another level. That’s the time to do that on a yearly level. So if the Dark Moon is a monthly then the Dark Sun just before your birthday is a yearly chance to really look back and see any retention that you’ve got and then look back with gratitude because whatever you are grateful for at that point, you’re calling in more as you step over the threshold.

That’s become a big part of both mine & Christobelle’s life; we keep a gratitude diary and the difference it’s made has been absolutely incredible!

They can measure the human heart outside of the body and gratitude is something like 540 Hz exiting your body! It’s an electrical frequency and it goes way outside of your body so…you can measure it! HeartMath have done some amazing studies on the electromagnetic field between people and even measured stuff from the ionosphere as well.

And another thing with your videos that I notice gets mentioned a lot and I find very interesting, because of my relationship with Christobelle actually – where we always joke about – she’s got the masculine energy and I’ve got the feminine energy. And you talk a lot about balancing those energies. And I’m wondering how practically you can do that?

Great question! And this is very key to where we’re at now. Because people don’t even know what masculine and feminine is! If we go into alchemy then basically Masculine is the upward, outward, directed, dynamic, fire and Feminine is inward, receptive, attractive, magnetic, water. And we all have both of those and every atom in our universe is balanced in the electro masculine and the magnetic feminine. And yet we are all living in a world where we are told to act in a masculine – ‘Go out, do, try, strive, and reach!’ So many women have become men and then it’s a real imbalance on that level. So it’s not about wearing a flowery dress if you are a woman, or…some of the things you think about male & female. It’s more about balancing that desire to push outwards to try and to do. Or… realise that you are a huge magnet because like we were saying about the 540 Hz of gratitude, whatever goes out modulates back on that frequency. So can you be a massive receptor? Can you be a magnet? Can you attract to you effortlessly? Rather than be the best rat in the race?

So obviously you have to put out before that comes back to you…

Exactly, so you have to kind of…The age of Aquarius with the zig zags, which is the electromagnetic quantum frequency at the moment, is saying whatever you transmit, you will receive. Be responsible for your transmission. And once you do that then it’s about getting the heart and the head together because the head wants to kind of go, ‘I must try, I must send lots of emails, I must make those phone calls.’ And the heart is just like, ‘I deserve to receive effortlessly.’ So those are the real masculine & feminines that we can work with and we all know whether we are a bit of a mentalist at times or whether we are trying too hard. So you know it’s nothing to do with gender or to do with sexuality as such. It’s more that balance of the active and the…not passive, but the receptive. And that’s the key; the feminine has been dumbed down, turned into a passive force to make everybody reject it. But the return of the feminine would be to realise we are receivers as well as transmitters. And the power of that!


And I think we definitely found that with the gratitude practice we’re been doing, it’s really incredible! Moon rituals, I know you mentioned when we were speaking about the other question but when we came to your talk, we started doing moon rituals of our own. And magical things happened so could you speak a bit on some of the things that people might be able to do? And why do these moon rituals?

Ok well if you are going to do something generic then you’ve got the three phases. So you’ve got New, which is a good time for new intentions, usually, unless something else big is going on cosmically. So you’ve got a New Moon for two weeks, which starts a double new energy because it’s when the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign. And then the Full Moon is gratitude because we’ve got the Sun’s light reflected off the Moon so it’s a time, a couple days just to reflect, to be grateful to do your gratitude ceremony as well. And then the Dark Moon is a time to release just before the New Moon. That’s a generic one but the next level would be to say, have a look at the element of the sign that it’s in. And most charts will have a red, green, yellow and blue so you don’t have to be an astrologer to figure it out – Red is fire, blue is water, green is earth and yellow is air. So we’ve just had a Scorpio New Moon so you’re looking at water, so then you can do your ritual with water, if it’s Dark Moon Scorpio then you can banish with water. If it’s New Moon Scorpio, then you can purify and invoke with water and set intentions. I was holding a group the other day and I had them do something similar to Dr Emoto Masuru’s work, where we put intentions into the water – are you aware of his work? Where he would take words towards water on beakers and then froze the water and photograph the crystals. So then, ‘love’ and then took a photo of the crystal. So we did an intention setting ceremony & everybody took a little blue bottle of water away and had been guided through an intention setting ritual with and then they were able to kind of use that on their favourite house plant or wash their hair with it or do something with that water. So that’s a kind of New Moon idea. And the Full Moon, it’s normally best to be still. Go outside if you can! But just be still and reflect; it’s not really a time to kind of try too hard. So that’s the element and then the third level, I’ve got a personal lunar planner course and if you can find where that fits in your chart; we’ve got twelve sections in our chart so that might be section one for you – section six for you and section three for me. So then you’ve got let’s say it’s a New Moon in Scorpio and you’ve got ‘I set new intentions using water for this part of my life.’ One, two, three and then you are into a real personal ritual.

That’s really interesting – the one we love to do is…we love to have a dance at the New Moon – it’s brilliant! So onto Samhain & Imbolc…so obviously our shoot today is based on them. I’m wondering if you could give us a run down on what these more personally represent to you actually. And ways that you honour it?

Well Samhain is the big one; it’s New Year in the Pagan tradition because you are conceived into the dark before you are born into the light. And we come into the light at the Winter Solstice when the Sun is reborn so the Sun is born at Christmas, that’s the Christianity side, but the Sun is reborn at the Winter Solstice and we start to go into the lighter days. So we are conceived into the dark in Scorpio and Samhain is 15 degrees Scorpio traditionally, so we celebrate it currently on the 31st of October but for me it’s a phase that goes all the way through to the 8th of November. It incorporates bonfire night and Remembrance Day as well. The whole thing is basically Samhain and you’ve got the three day festival of Diwali as well that the Hindus took over, were given from the Celtic…not many people know that the Hindu Diwali comes from the Celtic side. So you have this wonderful tradition of going into the dark to come out into the light and this time the Sun and the Earth alignment is at the end of the Milky Way where it was said that souls leave. So the beginning of the Milky Way is between Taurus and Gemini and the Orion Nebula and that’s said to be where souls come in and to this day the Vatican have got all the Orion iconography…it’s covered with Orion symbolism. So the souls come in at that point down the Milky Way, which is named after the Cow Goddess of Taurus, the Celtic Cow Goddess, that’s why Taurus is a Cow as well as a Bull, down the Milky Way and it goes out between Scorpio and Sagittarius and that’s where that thirteenth sign is Orpheus the Serpent Handler. I know you’ve got a Serpent in your video – the serpent is also the Milky Way but the Celts used to say that this was when the veils were thin between the worlds as souls leave so the whole thing is to honour people that have passed that year. And then to honour the ancestors going further back in your timeline and that’s the death aspect. It’s not horror; it’s honouring those that have been before us. And they also used to have the Cattle cull because they couldn’t afford to keep herds fed over the winter. So there was that kind of burying the food under the ground – light fires on it and be grateful. So it was a time of gratitude, going into our darkest selves because the Sun’s going through the darkest month. Honouring the ancestors, lighting a candle, keeping that spark alive. And it’s the New Year so it’s a really personal thing for everyone. I find it…it’s still fun, some of the elements…to see the kids run around, as I said my mum loved Halloween so we were always dressing up and running around – she ran the brownie pack and everything. The Owl itself is the bird that sees in the darkest part of the year, so the Brown Owl was the wise one in that sense. So it’s still fun to see all the kids running about but the horror and the sweets and the nonsense and the irrelevant fancy dress is just taking it too far. But it was the one that didn’t get Christianised because they could call it All Souls Day the next day but nobody other than that particular charge of people ever goes there. That’s not what people get excited about, so the collective is really profound at that time of year. The light is amazing you get purply skies and orange leaves and it’s just a generally exciting time of year anyway! But if you add fire; fireworks is the masculine and feminine, it’s an orgasm basically. It’s the masculine firework orgasming and penetrating the midnight sky. So that’s actually…Scorpio is known as the regenerative organs and the conception so like I say we are kind of conceived at the time as well into the darkness, so even those fireworks going up in the sky are representative of the fire and water of the masculine and the feminine. There’s so much to love! I could go on all night!

There is so much! I like what you said about going into the darkness as I mentioned before that’s what we are trying to do with this shoot, instead of contacting the Ancestors it’s trying to get in touch with that neglected shadow aspect.

Yes facing the demons inside!

Exactly and that’s the Pandora’s Box of just opening that chest and seeing what is in there… or the Jar…pouring spirit through the jar.

Yes Scorpio is that dark subconscious waters – what lies within and we journey inwards.

I’ve had lots of trouble with Scorpios, I’m a Taurus and I know that’s my opposite sign. Particularly in music and business – I’ve had the biggest issues with Scorpios. I’ve had lots of problems. I’m sure I will get over it one day!

It’s probably because you are seeing part of yourself; you are twenty five per cent Scorpio as a Taurean. You can’t be opposite; you have to be like a Ying – Yang. You have to be apposite. They might be the ones that can really press your buttons as there is that bit of them inside of you speaking.

Imbolc – is there any particular ways that you honour that? Do you have any rituals?

I have my birthday! I love Imbolc – Imbolc is the quickening; that’s what it was called so first and foremost it was when the spark of life was seen to return to the Earth. So the snowdrops come through the ground. The ice begins to melt and when the Fox knew not to cross the ice, none of the other animals would. So basically we have the Fox as a big symbol for Aquarius. And then Imbolc was Ewe’s milk; it was when the Ewes start lactating so that’s life coming back, food is coming back. We’ve gone from the Winter Solstice when we have the hearth fire and all of our food and all of our celebrations. Then we have the hardest month, which is Capricorn, which is persevering through the winter. Then we have that first frisson of Imbolc and the patron Goddess is Brigit and she is said to be tall and slim with red hair. And the Christians have taken that and turned it into Candle Mass and the single white candle with the red flames. We have this white and orange or white and red, single flame, single spark, electricity or whatever you like that’s all wrapped round the essence of Aquarius itself and it’s just the most forgotten one because I think everything else has a Christian or a current festival. Most people will skip past the beginning of February but it is important. And it’s just a celebration; we’re nearly there!

I think the idea of the single white flame – maybe you did mention it in your video, it must have subconsciously infiltrated me. As it must have been the spark which was raising this neglected shadow into life.

So even if you just sit and light a single candle that night – it’s purity, it’s the inner child, it’s the celebration of the frisson of life itself.

I suppose that obviously a lot of people’s shadow side is often related, or so I’ve heard, to an inner child that needs some healing. So that’s quite interesting…

Definitely, we go into the dark with Samhain, dying to be reborn again at Imbolc; it’s birth, it’s purity and the Goddess Brigit was healing and poetry. Just nurture that inner child – just listen to it. And lots of joy – just do things that are joyful and maybe stop taking everything so seriously because when we go into the dark we get a bit addictive and there are some people who just live in the shadows forever looking for more drama and more things to sort out. But at some point we can take a breather!

I think that was me! And actually, I did notice a marked turning point really in my general feeling of well being when I started trying to engage consciously with the idea of my inner child. And thinking about what I enjoyed when I was younger, what got me ticking! And it’s a really powerful thing!

Oh if you had a happy childhood and you could go back to when you were six, what you were doing there is possibly, should be top of your CV Energetic CV!

Imagine that, having a CV now and listing things you did as a child!

Riding my bike really quickly, climbing trees. There’s no harm in putting that stuff back in there, we just get pushed into a narrower and narrower scope. Yes Aquarius is about joy, breaking the rules and creating a new and visionary future. And not repeating what has been done before.

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I have a couple more questions and one of them is giving an overview of what has happened in the stars in 2015 & how people may have been affected by it?

It’s good to trace backwards because if you are not sure that you have got influence of astrology or that you know really what you are thinking about, then to go back over your life and see how you felt is a really good way to do it. So we’ve had two and half years of quite tough stars. The summer was particularly tough this year because we came to the end of a two and half year stretch of Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is your teacher, your backbone and your discipline, your core strength, you teaching you the tough lessons and Scorpio is the structuring of the subconscious in this case. So we have had to have everything come out. So for two and a half years we have had Saturn dragging everything out in Scorpio and then over the summer we have had the final summing up like a court case, like the jury coming out and just doing their final summing up so just as people were starting to relax, we’ve had this kind of quite epic summer so if you go back to the 4th of May, there was a big Full Moon in Scorpio. Then we had this Scorpionic Saturn end couple of months just wrapping all of that up. A couple of Mercury Retrogrades and when Mercury goes retrograde we are switching hemispheres of the brain it’s not about rational and logic anymore it’s about seeing between the spaces, leaving a bit of space, a loose diary and seeing what different things come up. Whatever is blocked or confused over there can throw up something new over here. But people that are too controlling can find that very difficult because their plans are not going right. And then we had Venus retrograde over the summer as well and that was a beautiful one because before we push forward, because there’s no point, Saturn has to finish in Scorpio, the retrogrades are here. Before we start to push forward, which we can do from September onwards, reconnect with your heart spark of what you are doing rather than just that plan that you had from five years ago that you are still chasing. Is it still what you want? Where’s the passion? Where’s the love? Where’s the value in it? And because we were slowed down all over the summer, when we step forward in September we have reconnected with the real rocket fuel of our project now so we are going to go far!

I think that’s so applicable! You’ve really traced the journey of my summer particular with the Scorpio thing!

But when we look at that masculine & feminine, if you are in that masculine rat race and you are just trying to push forward, all you are going to see is blocks and frustrations. But if you are at the feminine, saying, this happens for a reason and you are tuning into, say…I do weekly videos about what is going on this week, and then they’re like ‘ok as this wouldn’t be worth pushing forward until next week. So my time is better spent doing X, Y & Z.’

It was quite funny actually because I used it as validation to not do something with Christobelle there was something I should have done and I was, wait a minute, contracts should not be signed at this time. I’m not going to sort that out, I’m not going to get them to sign that just leave it.. Maybe just lazy but it fitted in!

We don’t have to be these super producing super rats anymore. You are alright actually; if you stayed in bed all day if you could maintain that gratitude frequency, imagine how much healing you would be doing without even getting out of your pyjamas. This is the receptive feminine, we need to start to embrace, it’s not all about, ‘I should have done this and I need to do that.’ But the programming is decades and eons long isn’t it!

It is and I think when you start engaging with this stuff it is a process, there’s a lot of trial and error. You work out certain practices that do work for you. And I found that Gratitude combined with Moon Rituals and even a To Do list, when you add Gratitude to a To Do list, like thanking in advance for completing something, even the tiniest thing it just seems to happen. It’s great! And I think the last major thing is what you can see coming in the stars in 2016 and how might that affect people?

Ok well since the 18th of September, we have Saturn gone into Sagittarius; this is a big deal because we have dragged everything out of our subconscious for two and a half years, we have now cleared the way, we have got broad horizons. Venus connecting us with our heart felt desires in the summer means that wherever we are aiming our arrow with Sagittarius, it’s going to be on the mark rather than just shooting around at some goal that we had back in the past. So hopefully we’ve got a broad horizon, we’ve got a goal, we’re not in a rush to get there by any stretch because it’s the next two and a half years that we are talking about. There’s a sense of…because we’ve come out of the dark Scorpio Water into the expansive Sagittarius Fire, so it says give me the broad horizon, give me a journey, give me an adventure, I’ll document it and I’ll learn a lot along the way. Because we are talking about expansion here, so it’s going to be Travel and Education. And then eventually Publishing, Film that kind of thing to get that message out there once you’ve walked the journey, so the energy is really magnificent so if anybody wants to make the most of this year. You are beginning a two and a half year journey, an adventure and to make sure that it’s from a point of passion. And then you can have some real fun; we’ve got a clear road ahead with that one. Every year we’ll have Mercury Retrogrades; this year it’s coming up in Earth. So last year it was all the Air signs that got a shake up but we are all the signs, just like a clock cannot have a number three it has to have all the numbers; we are all the signs but this year it’s going to be Mercury Retrograde in Earth. So if you do get your chart and see where the Earth signs are or if you know that you have got some Earth’s in your chart that would be the one to look at so we are going to go from Capricorn to Taurus to Virgo. But that’s only three weeks, three times a year, it’s just something we need to pace ourselves with and be aware of. Venus isn’t going to have a Retrograde; she’s going clear, working with the Sun all year. So the Venus and the Sun in a similar sign all year. That’s going to have a coherence, what I want to do and what I’m doing and what I love should be able to plot a course around the zodiac. And Mars in going to have a Retrograde this year coming so we will be going to meet that rocket fuel again and to have a look at what’s really firing us up so that’s coming up too but they are all quite far in the future and what I tend to do is just look at the next few months because every thought, word and action that we have, changes what’s going on. The world is changing around us as we are clearing out our collective subconscious so the actual world is changing. So the manifestation of these stars can be on a low level, medium level and a high level. And if we confuse ourselves, like you were asking me, what’s the best way to learn astrology, is to not take on too much at one time. So I don’t tend to look at the whole year ahead and kind of go ‘right this is August and that’s September,’ Really work with one thing at a time and I think if you want to focus on anything right now…Saturn in Sagittarius; where are you going on your adventure? Shoot that arrow and enjoy the journey!

So a final point…can you tell us where to find you online? If people want to engage your astrological services?

My website is www.astrozo.com and I didn’t get that name for my YouTube channel so it’s ZoeAstro but every week I make a video so you can subscribe and it’s free and I’ve got all the videos on how to get your chart, all the planets, all the zodiac signs and the witches zodiac which is one video about the zodiac and the Pagan festival. So there’s one on Samhain and there’s one on Imbolc. There’s eight there so if you want to dive in to how those two things work together. And I post up on Facebook all the time. So you can connect to my Facebook through my webpage and tweets. And I’ve got online courses and a Facebook membership group. So if you are getting the videos and you are thinking how can I work with this with my energy…we’ve got a worldwide community going and there’s America, there’s Wales, there’s all over the place, people are posting their chart up and I’m starting a conversation on energies for the week. But somebody else might start a conversation on the Tarot Cards or something that’s happened. So it’s an opportunity for me to be present online without a multiverse of emails coming in from different directions. And I’ve created that for less than a cost for a reading. So you can actually have yearly access to what’s going on now for less than the cost for an actual one to one reading. And then Skype; I love Skype! Connect with clients, connect with people all over the world and don’t let it stop you if you are not living in the UK because my online courses and my Skype reading are available to everyone.

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