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elite dating australia Introducing LINES, a group hailing from Stockholm with that understated cool we’ve been searching for this summer. ‘You’ is a lament for those moments after a break up when you just can’t help but obsess over that person…the good times and the bad times…it’s like a movie reel in your head! It should be the last person you allow to take up your energy, but you know…you can’t help it.

dating someone with selective mutism Break ups are like any kind of grief and are so often dealt with in stages – one of which is the obsessive thoughts about how, when and why it went wrong. You then might try and prove that you ‘literally don’t care anyway’ and that you’re ‘fine’. But you know you’re not though and that little voice telling you so won’t be silenced so easily. This is a song that makes it okay to FEEL and have a little wail if you need to!

go to link Too often we are taught to supress our emotions but anytime you share your love and your time with someone, whether that be a partner or a friend, this creates a bond which when severed, takes time to heal.

click here As LINES so aptly puts it:


dating indonesia free ‘It’s the good times

follow link The bad times Always on mind’


A little bit MGMT, a little bit Justice – LINES is here and thank Goddess!

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