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http://www.visionarywebsite.com/?kiolsa=video-thiago-opzioni-binarie&cfe=48 Whirl-Y has always had a special place in my heart ever since I first attended the Gig in London. It’s a magickal world in which you are truly free to dream and be accepted for who you are. This is also when on one sunny evening in May 2013, Gesu and I got together! So off we went from London Victoria all the way down to beautiful Somerset. It got off to a slightly worrying start when we got off the bus from Taunton as we had typically over packed (I think we thought we were going to a shoot?!)  and we were faced with the long walk to the actual site. Luckily our Guardian Angel in the form of a wonderful lady named Sassy stopped outside the cottage we had decided to have a pit stop at and asked us if we were going to Whirl-Y and if we wanted a lift. Queue the angelic music…. she literally saved us! We had a wonderful journey, arriving at the site of the Fayre which had an amazing church & roman ruins on the hill. We were going off the grid but in the most amazing way, recharging the soul in the fresh air surrounded by beautiful nature.

follow url Our first priority was obviously setting up the tents, one of which would serve as a Fashion Cupboard…..! We were so super lucky with the weather! It literally felt like the sun was really shining on us and special mention to Lottie who did a sterling job with the tents, even with a pink Soda cup in hand… which we did sadly lose to the ether!

http://www.mylifept.com/?refriwerator=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-versteuern-schweiz&68f=19 binäre optionen versteuern schweiz We decided to start the afternoon on some hay bales sitting under the shade of a beautiful lime tree.

http://salpasafarit.fi/?kalimo=gcm-forex-canl%C4%B1-borsa&2fe=03 Whilst discussing life, a wonderful unicorn faerie chanced upon us and enchanted us with a wonderful dance in honour of the tree, which as some of you may know, communicates with other trees over long distances as part of a whole network that shares minerals and other such magickal ingredients. More about our intriguing unicorn faerie later, because it was then when we chanced upon some wonderful children who really put us in touch with how honest and truly clever they are, seeing the world for what it is and reminding us how important it is to not lose touch with these qualities. Ultimately children are often the most pure and intelligent souls as they haven’t been clouded by cynicism and live in wonder at the every day magick. It is always so wonderful to witness this in action and we had some really fascinating conversations with them! We then moved into the main dance tent. It was so lovely to be able to ground ourselves by dancing without any shoes on! It is so important to connect with nature as much as possible and living in London it can sometimes be hard. The Somerset landscape was such a beautifully clean and energising space!  The amazing mixture of music from Celt Islam, Transglobal Underground & Zetan Spore really transported us to another stratosphere.


opciones binarias fiables Gesu wears White Sequin Jacket from Pretty     Little Thing £25

follow site We met an amazing array of people who were so inspiring and the energy attracted such beautiful vibes. You could literally feel the magick and I mean in a tangible sense! Whirl-Y is one of those places that defines the meaning of synchronicity! Almost every person we spoke to was so in tune to our vibe and it was so lovely to be welcomed! We met a wonderful mixture of musicians, faeries, astrologers, artists, shamans, dancers, old souls, new souls… Being so near Glastonbury Tor, which is widely considered to be the heart chakra of the earth, we could really feel the love!

trading demo konto We also spoke with the wonderfully inspiring Hindi Mindy Nimisha (a qualified architect, solicitor and mental health social worker) who utilises a holistic approach to food and who provided the food during the Fayre with her company Spiral Spices.

She grew up with the attitude that food is medicine in itself as ‘everything that Mother Nature has presented as a problem, she has come up with a solution. This is Shanti food and cooked with so much love because that energy which you are putting into your belly provides sustenance which will then become a part of you forever!’ Hindi grew up in a Sufi environment alongside Hinduism on her father’s side so she had a very spiritual and pagan upbringing with no fear of Heaven or Hell. She said to her mother when she was about seven (after coming back from the convent where she used to go to school)

I think I’m going to go to hell because I’m not a Christian!’  Then my mother said, ‘Why did you say that child? There is no such thing! You are in it child!

I personally think this so true! I see hell as a construct which we create for ourselves and if we only harness our own power to release that, then we can truly be free!

Hindi embraces her spirituality and has a particularly strong connection with nature, as well as always running to her kitchen as the first port of call when she gets ill. Having broken her leg in June this year, she was still able to attend Whirl-Y and carry on working thanks to the strong karmic bond she shares with her co-workers. I don’t believe that one could continue on in that way without possessing remarkable self-belief and lust for life…I mean she was even on the stage dancing at Whirl-Y!

My mother used to say all you need to concentrate on sweetheart is being a good human being before you’re a good Doctor, a good anything!’ I personally live by this and think how we act towards others is such a strong indicator of our true selves, especially towards people who may have nothing. Hindi is no stranger to tough times however; through this her Mother has always been her guard, having brought her up with that understanding of the dark Kali spirit which should be embraced. Hindi actually told us that her mother actually set up the first refugee camp when 9/11 happened.

The Sufi community that Hindi comes from call themselves ‘The Children Of The Light’ because as Hindi put it, ‘as we come from the dark and there is nothing to fear… I don’t come from fear, I come from the darkness towards the light!

The fear mongering surrounding scorpions and snakes being evil is ridiculous. It’s so important for us to face our dark side. We can use it to drive ourselves forward and to unify those neglected aspects of ourselves that need loving too.

Check out our story ‘A Certain Darkness Is Needed To See The Stars’ to see our take on how we must first accept that darkness within to truly come out into the light.


Somewhere….Over the Rainbow

Emerging from Spiral Spices’ wonderful tent, another awe-inspiring synchronicity occurred as we saw this beautiful rainbow after we were just talking about the Rainbow Montessori schools of which Lottie is a great advocate.

After raging on Saturday night to the legend Monkey Pilot’s set, we fell into what felt like Alice’s rabbit hole in the form of the the psychedelic tent which featured toilet seats as seating and with little tables which felt like walking into someone’s trip! whirly-8It featured the most amazing artwork by Robbie Lofthouse. These were mesmerising U.V canvasses exploring spirituality, philosophy, space, sexuality amongst other things. Amazingly, Robbie had no formal education in the arts and just began painting the café which he toured Europe around in for music/art festivals.  I really loved the colours and his work is something which you can truly get lost in as you notice a different element every time that you look! Below are some of our favourites and please do check out more of his work here which is also available to buy.

It was also in the psychedelic tent later that evening where we met Louise Stewart, an incredibly enlightening poet with such a fantastic message to share with the world. She delivered some samples of her work with such wisdom and passion we knew that we had to talk further with her. We are delighted to say that she is working on some poetry to share with the world in our upcoming AW16 issue!screenshot-11 In our inspiring discussion, Louise spoke about the importance of loving oneself and one another, living with conscience and care, as well as nourishing yourself on each and every level, one of which is diet because as she put it, what we eat plays such a key part in our reality and connection to earth.

Louise has written a collection of poetry which amongst many beautiful things, explores the phases of spiritual awakening and tuning into the different subtle realms, which for her started happening when she moved to Glastonbury. Her poetry is a product of her desire to find a way to convey these experiences and to help to others make sense of their own. Louise spoke of the fact that many people are prone to generalising when perceiving some of these topics and this consequently is what can lead to blockages, unfortunately making people miss out on so much of what life has to offer. Louise is conveying the fundamental laws of the universe and how one can harness this in a conscious and caring way. When asked how she would respond to cynics, she said very calmly and simply, ‘I would tell them a poem‘.

Below is Louise’s poem ‘Random Acts of Kindness, Inspired Actions of Beauty’:

However, Louise won’t just share any poem with people and I really admired her honesty and integrity when she said that if she wasn’t practising what she was preaching, there are certain poems that she would simply not feel right in sharing with others. This was refreshing to hear because I often think that those who are perhaps a little more cynical of spirituality can point the finger at those more open to it when they are not acting in a ‘spiritual’ way. This can be such a common misconception and I think people need to remember that we are human beings. Everyone has ideals and their own moral compass; when was the last time you went a week without once acting against your values? It is entirely possible to meditate in the morning and to then want to scream at people by lunchtime. That is just life!

Fortunately, there are so many ways to help keep us on track and Louise highlighted a couple of her personal spiritual practices that do precisely this. She explained that there are a certain number of alarms that she sets everyday that remind her to make her prayers of gratitude, to meditate upon and to visualise her chakras and at 11:59am specifically, known as a time of particular collective potency, she pauses for a minute to emanate peace and love.

We wish Louise and her partner all the best with the imminent arrival of their baby and send much love their way! If you wish to read more of her poetry, please contact editor@fatedandfabled.com and we will be delighted to put you in touch with her.


Lottie meets Dorian Gray

On this same magickal evening, we met the charming Adam Steedman, looking like Dorian Gray himself and offering a wealth of wisdom and serenity. We spoke of Adam being an old soul and he told us that he actually smelled of old leather bound books when he was younger!

Adam observed that our little Fated & Fabled collective had quite a tribal energy and he could tell that we had connections from past lives, adding that energy from these lives can really imprint upon us as human beings and that sometimes there can be painful things to release.

We also spoke to Adam about the beauty of festivals like Whirl-Y in bringing like-minded people together in natural environments that can facilitate healing on different levels. He also explained his perspective on the importance of grounding yourself by walking barefoot in nature, allowing the feeling of the morning dew underfoot to bring you into alignment with the present moment simply by appreciating the sensation of being connected to the earth. Before moving onto a discussion regarding astrology, Adam also marvelled at the raw beauty of the moon (something that we at Fated & Fabled really appreciate) and how perfect its positioning has been in allowing us to evolve on this planet. If it was not positioned so perfectly, it could have been a very different story for the human race and Adam here presented a reminder of the importance of gratitude for these feats of cosmic perfection.

Adam was so wonderfully upbeat about life and he attributed this to the fact that he sees every day as a lesson. He spoke of his qualities as a Scorpio (which was particularly interesting to us as two Taureans) and how he has had to learn how to deal with the darkness by almost hacking his reality. He affirmed his belief in the fact that consciousness can transcend darkness and so this is why he gains such pleasure in meeting new people and learning as much as he can from them. Adam felt that the fact that he was able to transform from the guy who didn’t like to dance into the guy in the middle of the dance wearing a mask and a top hat, was proof of his reality hack whereby he is able to now get himself into a certain state of positive energy, allowing him to flow through life so he is exactly where he needs to be at any given time.

Adam also spoke of the introspective power of magic mushrooms and some of the dangers associated with fly agaric, adding that shamans used to give them to reindeers in small doses in order that their bodies would break it down to remove the impurities before urinating it out. Probably not the most appetising way to take it but definitely safer! There was also talk of the medicinal power of cannabis oil, particularly with those suffering with cancer and as Adam had a personal connection to the tragedy of cancer, hearing about his desire to see cannabis oil provided for free in this world was uplifting and inspiring. You get the feeling from Adam that he has concocted a master plan and is a bit of a modern day Alchemist, having assumed the identity of Dorian Gray, with an inherent knowledge of the Elixir of Life. In any case, we look forward to spending more time with Adam to discuss life in all its glory.


Editor meets Unicorn Faerie

Whilst sitting there with Adam, the Unicorn Faerie also known as Nikki blessed us with her presence again. She spoke of her experiences with cynical people asking her to show them her magic and her response was so poignant:

‘Show me your magic? It’s there anyway! Magic is there all the time, just look around you!’


Unicorn Faerie Flying Free

Nikki told us that she had always felt like a faerie and that what truly confirmed her feelings was when she was given a beautiful white horse with blue eyes, looking like a unicorn incarnate. She knew at this point that she was embodying the unicorn faerie energy and that the gift of this horse was too beautiful a synchronicity to ignore. Nikki channels this faerie energy from her heart and when we asked about her connections to the faerie community she gave quite a beautiful answer, saying that this was not as important as riding on her own wings from her own pure heart space. That is such brilliant life advice for those who are channelling things that not everyone will understand; ride on your own wings from a place of purity, untainted by what others think you should be. Nikki really had such a beautiful, authentic energy and you really get the feeling that by riding on her own wings, she is on the ride of a lifetime, which incidentally, she loves so much that she hopes to repeat this lifetime again. If that isn’t happiness then I don’t know what is! After the fayre, Nikki got married in what looked like a beautiful ceremony so we offer her many congratulations and lots of love!

So here were are, at the end of our first Whirl-Y Fayre journey, having had the most amazing time! We must say a huge thank you to Mary & Richard for inviting us to share in this magickal experience and to all the people that welcomed us with love and appreciation. Love, light and blessings to you all xxxx


We would highly recommend everyone to attend next year and if you want to experience some of the Whirl-Y magic sooner, then let’s all connect at their upcoming gigs. Below are some images from some of the wonderful people we met along the way and of course some amazing festival fashion.

During the festival we were lucky enough to wear some amazing pieces by Pretty Little Thing and Liquor n Poker. I think I was outshone by the Editor’s looks as the Sequin Jacket from Pretty Little Thing and the Pink Jacket from Liquor n Poker were smash hits! Literally so many compliments for the Editor, however, I do take credit for styling Gesu! My Chevron Printed Playsuit was perfect for the weather and the colours were suitably Whirl-Y. The layering look was key and the crop tops / matching short combos from Pretty Little Thing were lightweight enough to dance in all night and were super comfy. I have to of course mention my beautiful Pom Pom Jacket from Liquor n Poker, which was a suitably bohemian option for keeping warm!

Please see credits in the pictures above if you would like to emulate our Whirl-y Looks!


m6 rencontre Written by Gesu Ace – Editor & Creative Director
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