source site So by now, you know we’re massive fans of Zoe Hind, the Astrologer Extraordinaire, although that still doesn’t quite do her justice! She was the catalyst for this magazine being formed and we feature her weekly energetics on our site, which you can find here! You can also click here to see our previous interview with her, it’s well worth it!


free sites for dating uk Zoe also provided her wise consultancy for our Zodiac editorial, which will be available as a calendar to purchase in the new year. Stay tuned for more details 🙂

go So, regarding Alchemy, Zoe has provided a beautiful breakdown on its meaning. So without further ado, allow Zoe to open your minds to Alchemy in its beautifully challenging glory 🙂


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When we hear the term Alchemy, we may be called to think of men wearing long coats in labs with strange substances bubbling in pots, searching for a formula to turn base metal into gold.

Taken only on the surface level, alchemy stays right there, as a failed (maybe some succeeded?) physical experiment, written off and left in the dusty vaults of history.

To dig deeper we must enter the inner realms…

As the Sun passes through the sign of Scorpio and we descend into the Winter months, we can turn inwards to explore the darkest realms of ourselves – our subconscious. This is the landscape of Scorpio.

In many myths, this journey into the underworld to face our fears, demons and often temptation is taken voluntarily and guided by Hades/Pluto. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio.


buy Lyrica in australia PLUTO THE ALCHEMIST

Our mission here, should we choose to accept, is to bring to conscious awareness that which is lurking in the shadows of the subconscious, to unearth all that we have buried alive.

Base behaviour like manipulation and power plays, repressed anger and fear all cause great difficulties in our relationships and aggravate situations in our lives, lowering our vibration.

Inner Alchemy as the act of turning base mettle into Gold (mettle here refers to temperament), is initially a psychological process.


Death card from the Thoth tarot is aligned to the sign of Scorpio. We can see the symbol bottom right.


Scorpio is a deep magnetic water sign whose symbol is the Scorpion, but did you know it is also depicted as the Snake and the Eagle?

The Scorpion represents our base shadow side; the serpents are the Ida and Pingala energy rising up our spine and the eagle (or winged disk) represents the opening of our pineal gland.


Caduceus – symbol of alchemical healing

The Zodiac runs through our body from head (Aries) to feet (Pisces) and Scorpio rules the regenerative organs and sexual energy. In French, an orgasm is called La Petite Mort – The Little Death. The sexual organs are therefore responsible for life, death and rebirth.

We can perform the alchemical act of elevating from root to crown by dying to the lower self (scorpion), raising our sacred energetic vibration up (serpents) to be reborn as the higher self (eagle) through various body, breathing and meditation practices.

Pluto in our astrological chart shows us where and how we can harness this mighty healing power within.


Top 10 forex trading robots THE USE OR ABUSE OF POWER

When dealing with the energy of Scorpio, we can encounter the abuse of power as well as the raising of it.

Symbols are the language of our subconscious. They speak to us in dreams and communicate through tarot, however they are also influencing us in everyday life whether we realize it or not.

For example, the Eagle is recognised in religion and politics alike as the symbol of Sovereignty.


Scorpio as the Eagle also turns up in the Gospels.

Matthew (Man), Mark (Lion), Luke (Bull) and John (Eagle) are the 4 watchers or main stars in the fixed constellations of Aquarius (Man), Leo (Lion), Taurus (Bull) and Scorpio (Eagle).



In marketing, nearly all major brands use symbols that are instantly recognised by our subconscious and influence how we feel about the product, often prompting us to purchase it.

So…symbols are being used to emotionally influence our subconscious. This can be a good or bad thing depending on who is doing the influencing and why. The example of the church lectern is not speaking of your spiritual power and sovereignty but instead imprinting you with a statement about the power that the church has over you.

Becoming symbol literate, understanding the meanings of symbols and how they are being used, being sovereign ruler of your emotional state, is the first step to reclaiming your power and raising your frequency. This is another form of Alchemy.

So, we have looked at the physical side of Alchemy from lab experiments to body work, psychological and emotional deprogramming to raise our spiritual consciousness but the real Alchemy involves pure Gold.



The most fundamental spiritual question we can ask is:
Who am I, where do I come from, where do I return to?

During the month of Scorpio, we celebrate the ancient festival of Samhain (now called Halloween or All Souls Eve by the church). At this time, the Sun passes over the bottom end of the Milky Way and this was known as the Golden Gate where souls ready to depart would leave the physical realm and journey back up the sacred river to Source. This is the fundamental basis for most Halloween traditions, honouring the ancestors and performing protective rituals in full awareness that the veils between the worlds are thin at this time.

Opposite, at the other end of the Milky Way, was the Silver Gate where Souls were said to birth into this physical realm.


The Gold and Silver gates are represented here by the gold and silver keys in the Coat of Arms of the Holy See of Vatican City State and St Peter. (I’m guessing as only he can let you in or keep you out). The name Peter comes from Jupiter, the planet of Sovereignty.


But real Soul-Source connection knows there are no physical gatekeepers or doors, let alone locks here. You are the key and the key is in your heart.


https://www.mccarthyarchitecture.com/indigose/11547 SO WHAT IS REAL GOLD?

The symbol for Gold on the periodic table is AU.
Therefore, your AuRa is the Gold of RA (Sun).

Your enlightenment is a state already within you. When we jettison the density of false beliefs and emotional programming, we become lighter and brighter as our vibration rises.

One of spiritual teaching’s goals is to leave on a higher vibration than you came in on and thus be able to reincarnate at a higher level, spiralling up through lifetimes until you reach the point where you no longer need to come back to the school we call Earth.

However, while we are here, we may as well make ourselves useful!


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The point of raising our energy is not just to feel good; we are here on a bigger mission.



So, once you’ve raised your vibration to literally get over yourself…what next?

Our hearts are giant transmitter/receivers of electro-magnetic waves.

Whatever we are feeling, we are transmitting. Not only that but this energy is measurable far outside the body.

If we wallow in miserable psychological stories and emotionally programmed self-pity, we remain in the lower realms and are part of the problem.

If we can perform the alchemical deprogramming of our body, mind and heart, we can live in the higher realms and be part of the solution.

This graph shows the hertz (electrical frequency) emitted by the human heart when we feel various emotions. (credit Heart Math Institute)

In a study by Heart Math Institute, they measured the collective electro-magnetic field and realized that if many people are feeling the same way at the same time, it creates a powerful energy grid.

They also claim that if one person is regularly transmitting at 500hz or above, their singular field can influence and uplift* up to 750,000 others.

If this is so, just imagine what many people together can achieve?

*(The Law of Vibration = Higher frequency always acts upon and elevates lower vibration.)


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Where Scorpio takes us into the underworld, Aquarius brings us out again, purified and primed for higher service.

The great year is a 25,920 year cycle, measured by many ancient cultures.

We are now re-entering into the Age of Aquarius where, once we have all cleared out our personal subconscious, it is our vibration, our transmission that will help to raise the collective consciousness and bring in the new dawn.



Written by Zoe Hind

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