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Unlocking The Box

buy Viagra 120 mg in Victorville California The myth of Pandora’s Box has been a subject which has always interested me… another telling of the fall of mankind, conveniently blamed on a woman. Interestingly, after researching the origins of the Pandora’s Box myth, it was revealed that Pandora was originally revered as a Gaia figure ~ A Greek Mother Earth goddess ~ the mother / giver of birth to the Earth & the Universe. This was my inspiration for the opening character of Pandora, portraying a Mother Earth in her natural woodland. I styled Mother Earth to represent the feminine / the ancient and organic ways / the original divine feminine & this was juxtaposed with Gesu representing the masculine / religious establishment / dogma & literally chasing Mother Earth down to suppress her.

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He is also helped by the two beautiful Fallen Angels, whom I based on the ballet “The Black Swan”, another story of transition & facing up to that not so pretty part of yourself. They, throughout the story, despite being cast out of heaven, still align with the Church through the Priest & The Nun characters, which again shows their willingness to be accepted despite always being thought of as evil. This is another really important point in the story; these characters often have stigma & negativity attached to them but in the end they are all human & have a soul despite their actions. But again they transition into switching allegiance to Pandora as ‘The Fates’, to then helping chase Gesu in the woods, which has a clear link to the opening scene when they too are chasing Mother Earth in tandem with Gesu but as the Fallen Angels.

trading con le opzioni binarie The Fates were my favourite characters as they were inspired by the Greek myth that there were three women who were resigned to weaving mortals’ fates, controlling the metaphorical thread of life. The one who spins… the one who weaves … the one who cuts. These were the decrepit state of the angels after they had lost their wings and moved through the veil. I really wanted them to look as if they had walked through hades and as I imagined all those spirits depicted in Greek mythology that I read growing up.

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http://secfloripa.org.br/esminer/4938 This is also a discussion on the masculine & feminine energy we all have inside us / the light & the dark. This was a visual representation of how toxic thought patterns/ situations or people can eat away at you & can in turn move you from innocence to knowing the darkness of humanity. And also quite frankly, how men have chose through controlling institutions such as the Church, to belittle & blame women for all of their ills. Pandora is the ancient version of Eve.

Throughout the story there are several transitions with the characters, which I wanted to visually represent how we all change through experience. And also to explain how people may choose to represent themselves visually in a certain way, i.e the barriers that they may put up or simply the different sides to our characters that we all possess. This is clearly shown as Mother Earth transitions through her literal rebirth in the water, another nod to religious ceremony, and into Pandora. I wanted her to represent everything that men are scared of whilst simultaneously being unstoppably captivated by her. Hence, the dominatrix themes and darker tones in the looks. I wanted this to be Pandora & Woman’s vengeance on the men that have suppressed and blamed her for all mens’ woes. In actual fact, it is their sheer terror at the power that women can command that has led to them to that point.

Gesu’s character then is reborn as a Slave, representing the wheel of fortune that we all experience in life. First he is in power, sending Mother Earth to her death and then he is chased down & drowned by Pandora. This shows the cycle of fate & how one moment we may be on top but sooner or later we will fall from grace. This depiction of Gesu was for me showing how we can be shackled by our negative emotions or other peoples ideas or simply that our love for another person can sometimes hold us prisoner from doing what sometimes is the right thing. He too is then reborn in darkness, as he accepts his journey through life to then be joined in matrimony with Pandora. Again this isn’t necessarily a typical marriage; it is also a metaphorical one of accepting that both the sacred feminine & darkness has to be accepted in its duality before ever really moving on.

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