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Fated & Fabled sat down for a bloody brilliant chat with Tina Herring, the Cockney Reiki Master. A woman of wise and sometimes hilariously blunt words, Tina gave us life, and then some!

Honestly Tina has such a beautiful energy; she just lights up the room and you really do get the feeling that she was born to heal others! We were so lucky to have been Reiki attuned by her and as an exclusive in our print issue coming soon, we will be including our Reiki diaries which track our progress during the 21 day cleanse after attunement 🙂 Stay tuned for that!

Tina is a Reiki Master/teacher & Spiritual life coach. She brings a wealth of experience to her practice from her personal and professional journey. She knows how to help people on a deeper level, be it on an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual and it is her passion to help them find out what sets their soul fire so they can lead a life full of passion purpose and joy.

here Check out Tina’s Website here and without further ado, let’s get to the interview!
 What led you to Reiki?

There were several friends of mine who were doing Reiki and I thought, “What’s that?” I then got given a massage voucher for my birthday and it was combined with Reiki so I thought I’d try it. To tell you the truth, I felt nothing, squat-diddly! I sat there thinking that this is a load of old codswallop! As I got up, she told me I really needed to quieten the mind and I just thought ‘yeah whatever, I’ve got a really stressful life, how can I quieten the mind? Shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about!’ Then she said I need to go and get my lady parts checked out. I walked out of there thinking ‘whatevs’! Then six months later, I got diagnosed with cervical cancer.

Then, through having cancer, I welcomed regularity in my life because I wasn’t working. It allowed me to explore things I was interested in like divination so I went to a palm reader and he actually told me that I had a really healing energy.  He told me he was a Reiki Master and I thought maybe I should learn Reiki. I don’t know if it was a sales pitch but that’s how I found my way onto Reiki! At first you didn’t feel anything? When was the first moment you realised that the Reiki was doing something and that is was real?

I can’t really pinpoint the first time. When I first started out with clients, I didn’t feel it was doing anything to me personally really; if someone does it on me, sometimes I feel it, sometimes I don’t, but that’s like that with everyone I suppose. When I first got an email about how someone’s life had changed on the back of Reiki and through other clients’ feedback, that’s when I knew that Reiki worked. So I guess it’s faith? Even if you don’t feel it, you have to trust it’s doing its work. How do you utilise Reiki in daily life?

It’s a way of life to me now. I try to live by the five principles; to be thankful, to not worry, to not anger, to be kind and to earn your living honestly. It brought me on that path of spirituality that I really resonate with. It’s the one thing that I’ve really believed in and it makes sense to me. It’s opened up this whole world to me! Every day is a school day with Reiki for me; I’m constantly learning about energy fields, about other people and about myself.

Liciterete branchiati diminuivi abbrancavate trading online iq option broker opzioni binarie chiusura anticipata coricherebbe destinatari mandameli. I know you said you struggle to feel it and you have to have faith but are there other ways you can perceive it, if you can’t feel it?

Some people are not kinetic so they don’t feel it. When I first started, I had a knowing and a feeling. I couldn’t feel it in my hands but I could feel the emotions in me; I’m extremely empathic. I did have a real problem balancing the chakras out and I didn’t know how to. It wasn’t until my Reiki Master taught me to use the pendulum and to ask the questions to balance the chakras; that’s when the trust came. I went on a little adventure trying to find out about all the heat spots I was feeling on people’s bodies. I found the energy heat map that can direct you to a chakra.

arden and will darbyshire dating So with things like heat spots, is it always indicative of a problem in someone, or an experience that they’re holding in there?

I think you have to use your intuition with it. If you have a clear aura, then it’s clear; the temperature doesn’t fluctuate that much, although maybe it will around the heart area because that gives out a lot of energy. Predominantly if there’s a heat spot, it’s usually because there’s an emotion trapped in there. It could be something as simple as being wrongly blamed for something in childhood and if you don’t release it properly, it stays. However, what I might pick up from you might be different to what someone else picks up.

robot per investimenti opzioni digitali Intuition is obviously key but do you think being Reiki attuned helps with that?

I think so! I didn’t know how to tap into my intuition but I started using tarot cards, although to tell you the truth, I couldn’t be assed with learning them all! I still use tarot cards though with healings but I think it definitely heightened my empathic skills. I really took on a lot of other people’s energies; you get a clear message as to the source and you’re getting different messages from the planes. I feel you can tap into all if you put the intention out there.

source link Can you describe what Reiki is?

I went for ages trying to describe it in the spiritual way but I like it in Layman’s terms. What my Reiki Master taught me was that we’re all batteries and we all have fluctuating energy so the battery needs charging. I’m the dock…! I channel that energy and I help to balance you.

go to site Do you think once you’re attuned you can still struggle to work with Reiki?

No. We’re born with these abilities and once we grow up, it gets blocked in us through social conditioning. I think that once you’re reattuned to it and have tapped back into it, you have it for life. The attuning process makes you feel so much lighter; I love it! Do you think there’s a difference between self-healing and being healed by someone else?

When you’re self-healing, it’s the ultimate form self-love. You can’t heal anyone without healing yourself. If you’re not dealing with your own problems, your clients take on those problems. However, sometimes their issues can help me to heal and it often reminds me that I need to heal! When you do it, you might not be able to feel your own energy so I do it at distance and I use a surrogate so you can feel the heat spots. I had an etheric chord that I had to get rid of and then a client had the same thing, saying that he had a stiff hip, couldn’t walk and that his business failed a few months ago. It’s important to distinguish what is yours and what is your clients’. When you’re doing the healing yourself, if you get a strange feeling or pain, you can ask whether the feeling is yours. The feeling will either sink or it’ll rise; if it’s not yours, it’ll rise. How would you describe what an etheric chord is?

Everyone can have them; they attach people to each other. There can be both positive and negative chords. There might be a horrible situation and the chord can get attached to that person or situation, so it’s important to ask how long it’s been there for. Some Reiki masters and practitioners don’t but I like to ask, so I can help my clients understand more.

dating a 37 year old woman How do you then go about releasing this stuff?

I just throw everything at it basically! I do moon rituals, I work with forgiveness, also EFT (emotional freedom technique) and I use EAM, the energy alignment method. I did that today and I found that my energy was reversed and that I’ve carried something through ten lifetimes. That’s why all the shit happened to me as a child; I’ve been carrying it again and again until it’s released. When you do, it feels amazing! With all the forgiveness stuff, you’re writing it down, feeling that emotion and you’re releasing it. These horrible emotions got me really down and I found out today I didn’t even have to go back there! I could just let it go! There’s also the ‘access bars’ technique, so you can think of the thing and then say it out loud and just release it. Ultimately, you’re are the creator of your energy; you own your energy!

What do you think of some of the common misconceptions surrounding Reiki and how would you deal with people who are perhaps sceptical of it?

With the misconceptions, I’d explain very simply to people what Reiki is. Everything is made up of energy so I’ve been trained to tap into that frequency of energy, like a radio.

how much does combivent respimat cost I guess some people don’t understand that if everyone is a part of the energy fabric, then of course, you can tap into it.

Well you have natural healers that believe they have the ability and always have done. But for me, I need the documents to prove that I can do this. I would just try and talk through the misconceptions as much as I can; I know it works and I’ve got clients to prove that. It’s an unlimited source. If you sat there and meditated long enough, you can centre the energy.

diovan 320 mg preço I feel that some people think it’s almost too good to be true. I remember being utterly amazed when we did the attunement.

The thing with Reiki is that there are a lot of misconceptions about what Reiki does and the impact it can have on people and their lives. Some people claim it ruins their life and for me, that just means people are not dealing with it; ultimately, Reiki never brings up something that people can’t deal with.

diclofenaco durante embarazo online So if Reiki is clearing this energy field and bringing things up for release, if people have been completely unconscious to it before, then how can they use Reiki itself to help them deal with that?

I would say it’s all come up for a reason. People need to take their time dealing with it in a conscious way and it’s also important to self-heal every day. If they need to seek help, get a healing or just talk to someone, then go! You don’t have to deal with it all alone. Just trust the flow of Reiki. I am a better human being having released the crap that Reiki dragged up for me. When all this stuff comes up at once, sometimes you don’t know what to do with it, but it’s still important to throw all this stuff up.

So that’s the key? Do you need to get to the point where you can talk about it without feeling emotional?

I feel if you can talk about something without having an emotion attached to it, then it no longer has power over you. It’s so empowering letting this shit go and feeling free. We’d be flying through the air if we could let all this stuff go! 

Obviously in life, you are here to learn lessons and in doing so, evolve your soul. With this in mind,  do you think children should be taught Reiki and should be attuned to Reiki? Or do you think it’s too powerful a force?

Yes they should! It doesn’t get rid of the lessons; you learn the lessons and you let them. Reiki brings things up and brings people into your life. Children like adults will still have limiting beliefs or the karmic baggage, but Reiki will just teach them how to be better-rounded with it and much calmer, much more in tune with it. They won’t be so susceptible to society’s version of what we should be like. They can realise that they might be here to deliver a message. This is the great thing about the Titternet, the Internet I mean! We are all connected but now we’re physically connected because of the internet. Children are doing random acts of kindness without being asked and then suddenly it goes viral online. It can be so inspiring! If children could tune in this way, we could have a world of beautiful light beings flying around!

Can you give us a general explanation about chakras and energy body, also in relation to illness and how this can manifest in our physical body?

Each of the chakras are attached to an organ and they can get blocked. Emotions can come in, it can get blocked and it can stay there. Your chakras can also get blocked because you may be taking loads of drugs or pharmaceuticals etc. You should look after yourself. We can often hold anger in your liver and that can cause illness. With people that have liver problems, it’s often because they’re angry and most alcoholics are angry aren’t they? A lot of women who have had their personal power taken from themselves sexually, either as a child or an adult, tend to have problems with their lady-parts. It’s the thoughts and emotions that are then manifesting into the physical.

Do you think then that if children were exposed to Reiki to deal with the challenges of life and then if something bad happened to them later in life, would they have the tools to stop these physical problems from manifesting?

I think so. Our bodies get old because they are just bodies at the end of the day, but our souls live on. If they were continually working on their energy, I don’t think they would have things to manifest into the physical would they? I had a very toxic life; I was always very upset and getting my heart broken and getting money taken off me. I’ve now lasted nearly 18 months where nothing bad has really happened. It’s only since I’ve done my Reiki two or three years ago that it’s really started to pick up and over the last 18 months, I’ve been really wanting to clear things out; my life has been good! So if you gave a young child those tools, maybe their life wouldn’t be attracting nasty things.

I think that’s what a lot of people have trouble accepting, that it’s their behaviour that is attracting these things into their life.

You have to be the change that you want to see in the world!

It’s so easy to project your shit onto other people and to blame someone else.

I have noticed this year that a few things have come into my awareness but now I have the tools to deal with it; I don’t seem to have the drama anymore because I know how to deal with it. If I can do it anyone can! I had a really misfortunate childhood and it got backed up with limiting beliefs; then I fell into pubs at 19 and it fuelled my alcohol and drug use. Fast forward 15 years later and I got cancer. My self-worth was at the bottom of my shoes. I couldn’t even look in the mirror at myself because what I was seeing was what I thought everyone else was seeing. I didn’t realise what was inside of me because I was so numb. For those who say that in order to be spiritual, you can’t drink or smoke or whatever, don’t get me started! Do what feels right for you! I know that through this, I’m not doing my body any good, so therefore Reiki just has to work even harder.

Do you think that psychedelics used alongside Reiki could be quite interesting and poignant?

I don’t think you go deeper into it but you’re probably more susceptible to it. However, you have to remember that psychedelics can weaken your aura etc. It would be an eye-opening experience for you but on the other hand it could make you pick up extra shit that you don’t want.

Ultimately, I think you can smoke, drink and swear. The word ‘fuck’ clears the throat chakra.  Red wine and red meats can balance the root chakra because of the red. I remember when I first started out, I felt really inadequate. I did it quite solo and I went to spiritual nights where they were all dressed in white and it was all ‘Namaste and Namaste’ etc. I initially thought that Reiki wasn’t really for me and I nearly walked away. I got in touch with my Reiki Master and she said no! She told me to be myself and to do what I wanted. People trying to push their spirituality on me – I hate it!

I think that’s why a lot of people have this thing about spirituality; they think people are up their own arse.

My mum thinks it’s all airy-fairy shite! I want to get Reiki and spirituality out to people who have no idea about it. I want to make it available to everyone and for people respect it. I’ve been called a devil worshipper and all sorts, had my Facebook trashed, it’s crazy! I believe in myself and the earth. It’s like, I get more out of this tree then talking to you! But light attracts dark, you’ll find that more and more. You’ve just got to kill them with kindness

What advice would you give to people about protection?

So you can carry around stones to protect and ward things off. (Tina pulls out a packet of crystals) You need to be grounded to be protected. Imagine a white ring of light around you and negative balls are just bouncing off. Or you can visualise mirrors to reflect away from you.  Or you can call on spiritual guides, angels and what I like to call the God Squad! You have to feel safe and secure and there’s a number of ways. You can use magenta; that repairs your aura and also orange strengthens the aura.  It’s all intention!

What are some of the things you can do to ground yourself?

You can do the washing-up, stamp the ground, eat a beetroot etc. I had to go home and eat the other night and just do a human thing. I felt like I was going to fly off somewhere so I had to get back and ground myself. I get really dizzy and dyspraxic when I’m ungrounded and I can forget what I’m saying. Another good one is to take your shoes off.

Any final thoughts?

If someone’s in a dark space, my advice to them is to go and seek help from somewhere else, know you can do it and whatever is coming up in your life at the moment is nothing you can’t handle. Finally, there’s someone out there to help; I mean, here’s my number! Reiki really can help to focus and relax you. I really do recommend it!

Anyone can transform, it’s not a hard process! Well it can be but seriously, it’s such a beautiful process and it opens your world up to so much more out there. The beauty of the world lies in spirituality I feel. Sometimes you have to peel back the layers but when you see the beauty in yourself, you can see the beauty in the world.




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