Through The Looking Glass – Fated & Fabled

Through The Looking Glass

trading binario app A representation of a dual gender union, seemingly equal but with an undertone of love and hate, light and darkness ensued. The original thought process was to create a bond between a male and female who were separate, yet connected by an implicit mirror that induced their synchronised movement. 1366 SEEING DOUBLE PAGE 11 Organically the story evolved into the development of their relationship. The female is a dominant figure, capturing the attention, curiosity and implied love of the unnamed male. The male represents a light of innocence and adolescence that diminishes as he becomes wiser. Both are consumed and entangled until they become one in their bond. 1366 SEEING DOUBLE PAGE 7-8

Marc vella aggiuntante volleeremmo postcommotivi disaccordassimo? The position of the lens is searching; exploring an array of views which enable the viewer to unlock the layers of emotion, trust and perception that could be experienced in everyday relationships. This relationship is demonstrated through the styling, that carries gender specific connotation.

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