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The Immortal Issue

best quality viagra online http://uetd-hessen.de/?deuir=stadt-mit-den-meisten-single-frauen&056=45 INTERVIEW WITH OUR FAVOURITE TIME LORD, ZOE HIND

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clomid india price http://hardware2u.com.au/?kasas=oasis-dating-site-mobile&9be=39 What does the word ‘Immortal’ mean to you?

It’s very interesting because the first thing it conjures up to me, just in the word itself would be the stories of the gods, however when I do my readings, I’m looking at a multi-lifetime perspective. I’m looking at the current chart of the client but also very aware that they have lived other lives and will probably live other lives. So I’ve got a bit of a unique connection with what you would call ‘reincarnation’ rather than ‘immortality’ because I look at that on a daily basis, which gets me off the conveyer belt of, ‘I’ve got to get everything done this lifetime’, which we’ve been conditioned into. This gets us into, ‘what did I come here to express this time and what is my highest purpose and my vibration this time?’ I am bit of a Time Lord in what I do and my book will be about Time and Consciousness. I wouldn’t use the word ‘Immortal’ it brings up someone like Thor for me but as far as our own immortality goes, I consider this on a daily basis.

http://www.segway.fi/?kastoto=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-live-kurse&0ef=24 How can we see our immortality in Astrology?

There are many indications in a chart of expressions that you have carried through from past lives that are relevant to this lifetime, but immediately I like to stop people from thinking that they were Cleopatra in a past life and creating a whole new narrative, because you notice that people always think they were a King or Queen in a past life and now they are working in Tesco. How does that work? It’s ridiculous! So most people can be tuned in to their feeling of what they have brought over from a past life by having a look at what’s not of this one? Say that someone has a phobia of an aeroplane flying overhead and they love reading about World War II, then that could be an indication that if they tune into their cellular intelligence, they’ve got something going on that they haven’t experienced in this lifetime. Somebody may have a real taste for the Roaring Twenties in America and somebody else may have a sense that they have always farmed the land. It’s something that we know inside of ourselves. So I tune people in first of all by their phobias and their strong tastes, which have nothing to do with their nurture in this life. If you are lucky enough to have a sibling, you can see that it’s not nurture. My sister and I have completely different tastes and completely different evocative callings if you will. You can also look for things like taste for a historical era, an evocative calling for a country you have never been to, as well as your fashion style. The principle is not to build another story but to consider what you wanted to remember that would be useful to you and that would trigger these evocative memories in order that you either continue the story or experience the opposite. That’s when we get into things like, ‘I always go out with people that cheat on me’ and that kind of thread. It’s possible that you have been the cheater in a past life now you wanted to experience that sense of abandonment and distrust.

enter How can people tune into their cellular intelligence?

There’s only really two emotions; it’s either expanded or contracted. Your cellular intelligence will be expanded if it’s something that you love. It’s almost like a whisper…it’s a soul calling. It’s something that gives you goosebumps. It’s something that you feel in your Heart or your Solar Plexus normally. Most people have got very evocative feelings about the ocean and you can see that that’s not coming from your thoughts and it’s not conceptual. It’s just something you feel. You can then go and explore your own dynamic; where is it where that I feel the most dreamy? The most magikal? The most called to? It’s about listening to that and turning off the noise from the chattering mind. Most people will have already felt that in the goosebumps on their skin or when the hairs on the back of their neck rise up, or even in repeat dreams. We are either clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant or clairvoyant, or we have a strong dream state. Most people have a sense of cellular intelligence and a strength within that. I always recommend that people go in and find their strength and then work with that first.

http://pialadunia.es/?espikoleto=conocer-mujeres-de-15&3fb=59 Why has the concept of immortality has been such an obsession for humanity?

Because they don’t know what death is! When we are incarnate, when we are in the ‘ME’ body, we are actually in a limited death-like state. When we are not, where we come from and where we go to is the ‘ALL state’, when you are in your highest vibrational consciousness…and that’s life! Everything has been twisted on the Earth plane for control purposes, so people are now scared of dying, which is actually being reborn! Their whole concept of life, death and rebirth has been seen to be something that is feared. Time is a great controller as well and this is where Saturn comes in…the Reaper. The quickest route to any truth these days is just to think immediately the opposite to what you are told. Time doesn’t really exist in that way. We are looking at our lives from a multi-lifetime perspective if we realise that we are in a flow of reincarnation to expand our consciousness. We have been between these worlds many times and when somebody passes, they have gone to the ‘ALL’, and you actually have a better connection with them than when they are in their physical personality prison. That would be my very Aquarian answer…that it is not immortality that people are searching for…it’s just that they have got the wrong view of what death is.

http://sat-rent.de/deribbebe/13384 How can we make better use of time to tune into our Immortal essence?

I started one of my classes at ‘Alchemy’ with the very simple but incredibly difficult question, ‘what shape is time?’ Again, if we are going to break free, you can’t think in a linear fashion – that’s the trap…that you are born and you race towards the grave and that you just try to do as much in the linear progression as possible, but you are constantly measuring yourself against others and timelines on this conveyer belt Doomsday approach. Time works in spirals and seasons, so we don’t call winter, ‘death’; we just accept that it is winter and that there will be spring again. We are dealing with cycles and verything is spiralling round, for everything is a season. When we are looking at Time and Immortality, if you imagine it being more like a 3D flower of life rather than this dot on a linear continuum, then all of a sudden you realise that you are pulling in from all these different dimensions of yourself and the best possible scenario for that moment, whilst at the same time realising that everything is happening at once.

hombres solteros de 55 aГ±os Can you explain a little about Quantum Leaps?

Well what if you’ve got a choice? What if you are looking at your most probable future, which is again why I like to bring in Astrology and Tarot, since there’s no set future. So, whatever you are being, that is the frequency that you can attract on; obviously we set our clock from deep within. What if something is appearing to go down one road, but then even your awareness that there are possible outcomes means that you can tune into the most desired outcome? Then you can match that frequency in the present moment and therefore, jump!

source Can you do that with the conscious mind or do you have to be in more a transcendent state?

I think you have to be aware of it with the conscious mind. It’s useful to be able to say, ‘oh okay, I’m creating this particular vibrational field around me and I am aware of it’. You should also be aware that you can change it. It would be a matter of downloading the feeling of the desired outcome, which then goes into the etheric waters of the body. The conscious mind isn’t needed for that part.

citas de internet apa How to do you see the role of Archetypes?

The conscious mind speaks in language and mathematics, whilst the subconscious mind speaks in symbolism and hieroglyphics. This is where I partner Astrology and Tarot together, because you can’t really separate them if you want to speak to both hemispheres. This is where advertising really works because we understand every single symbol and its application, but then we don’t think that we do because we don’t bother to get symbol literate again in this life. It’s something that we may have been really familiar with in past lives, but lots of people are walking around thinking, ‘oh that’s just a logo, that’s not having an effect on me’.  Our subconscious recognises every archetype… every symbol…it can be an animal…it can be a shape…it can be an Element. You will see that your dreams are constantly talking to you in images, not words. There may be a few words, but normally it’s images and this is the language of the subconscious.

Also, in Divination, which is ‘Divine Communication’, you become more symbol literate in order that you can receive the messages through that channel; it is said that they are archetypal and that they go right back to the beginning of time. It’s an eternal language. I think we could also look at the collective field, because certain symbols are already programmed. When I teach Tarot, I ask people to imagine a feather and then I ask them what colour they imagined. Everyone says white! Then I ask them what it means and everyone says ‘peace’ or ‘an angel’. If we consider the symbols that we already use, Valentine’s Day is love hearts and red roses. If I then ask people to imagine a rose, most of them say red. So, we’ve actually got collective thought fields and collective intuition fields if you think about it that way and we are actually tapping into a collective library of pre-existing symbols.

I always encourage my clients to go back through their own ancestral line. It’s there in your DNA! Go back through your own bloodline because what if you are tapping in to the umbilical cord of all of your ancestral knowledge?

click here What makes a piece of art or culture ‘Timeless’ and ‘Immortal’?

There are certain truths that everybody can tune into and I would put up something like ‘kindness’ for that. It’s not something that has been invented by the Media, or is currently trendy. It’s our core feelings being expressed in Art that somehow make it Immortal, with words of the soul like Happiness, Truth, Nature , Kindness and even Tragedy. These are things that everybody can tune into.

We also have to remember what Einstein said, that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it just changes form. If you are talking about Immortality, then how can you be here one minute and then completely gone the next? We are always here in one form, in one vibration or another. We are all tuning into collective fields and our conscious mind can tune in higher once we realise that. Every thought that we process and every idea that we have is drawn down and then fed back up into that hall of mental records. This is why somebody can have an invention in Australia and then simultaneously in England because that invention has been uploaded. Then everybody has access to that invention if they are able to connect on that level. My personal feeling is that your heart is a transmitter/receiver and you are uploading your emotional experience here on Earth. What you are thinking on the inside and what you are feeling and pumping out is what you are adding to the collective field. Hasn’t every thought and every idea that you have had contributed to the collective hall that is eternal and hasn’t every feeling that you have had contributed to the collective experience that we are having on this planet? Therefore, isn’t that your book of records and doesn’t that make you Immortal or eternal?



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