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The Hands Of Hephaestus

lagligt att köpa Sildenafil Citrate What is the Art of Creation?

source link For Fated & Fabled, it all started with the creation of Pandora…

source link Pandora, the mythological equivalent of Eve, and a name meaning, ‘All Gifts’, was given an array of gifts from the Gods as a punishment to mankind.

lesbian dating sites south florida Ultimately we drew parallels to the concept of a fashion shoot and so sure enough, Aphrodite was Pandora’s Hair & Make Up Artist, Athena was her stylist and Hermes was the Director.

Pandora moves from sweet innocence to the confidence and charm of a fully fledged fashion killer, leaving even the Gods trailing in her wake.

This short Fashion Film functions as a shoot within a shoot, with Pandora receiving divine inspiration in her dreams and then being directed to fulfil her destiny on set, becoming the ultimate woman.

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If there was anyone who had perfected the Art of Creation, it was the Gods. Whatever you believe in, is what drives you forward and with the sacred feminine holding the seat of true alchemical potential, we all know the power of a woman that combines beauty with grace, wit and a hint of manipulative power. When you are then dressed by Athena and offered hints of her wisdom, you may well be truly unstoppable.

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For this Fashion Film I really wanted to get back to the origins of the Pandora’s Box myth, as obviously the video became a whole new beast in itself. I really imagined Pandora as this sweet innocent girl dressed in pink – every little girls ideal dream. Then her transition from dreaming into reality of the ‘shoot’. I just based her on how every beautiful model normally walks into set. Super casual & relaxed but so captivating! Her progression then goes from normal girl into a full blown vixen in a red cape ready to take on the world! I chose her to be in red for her final look as it is that base colour, the colour of our root chakra ,the base instincts for love, security, wealth…. Everything that makes us human.

For the Gods, I thought of each of their attributes and made a character out of each one. Aphrodite the Goddess of Love & Beauty amongst others ~ the MUA for the shoot. As she was said to have been born in the sea when Uranus was castrated and his severed genitals were thrown into the sea, from the sea foam, Aphrodite arose, as depicted in Botticelli famous painting. I thought she would dress in blue as a direct contrast to what one would normally associate with beauty / love. I liked the idea of her having a knitted piece which kind of looked like the seaweed which would have clung to her when she rose from the sea in the dream sequence. Whilst for the shoot sequence, I based this on the many MUAs I have met who always love to be stylishly comfortable and so the overalls were a great option for this.

Hermes, the messenger of the Gods ,was also God of boundaries & transitions – the director on set, so I thought he would definitely wear white as he could transition very easily. I felt he would definitely have wings on him, allowing him to fly whilst keeping a sporty athletic look, staying nimble & cunning.

Athena the Goddess of Wisdom, the Arts & Battle amongst other things – the stylist – I felt she would be quite metallic in her colour palette. As she is the goddess of battle, she is often depicted holding a shield and/or wearing armour. I see styling as preparing people for battle & actually putting on their best armour; I wanted her to have gold & silver tones with jewellery such as the branch bracelets by Lucky Little Blighters, which connects to Athena’s association to Owls & the ancient woodland wisdom.

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