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As women, I think we are all feeling the shift from old patriarchal ways towards the return of the Divine Feminine. The Goddess has been suppressed, with women’s sacred powers of sexual healing and natural intuition being oppressed by dogmatic and patriarchal religions, whilst women’s rights to guide and lead were scorned. Society has not only demonised the feminine and all its power, but also the feminine aspect within men. In order to be a fully balanced human being, we must all integrate a healthy balance of both the feminine and the masculine, and this has NOTHING to do with gender. We must consider this in energetic terms, where the feminine is receptive and magnetic, whilst the masculine is outward and dynamic. These opposites can be found all around us and indeed within us; Protons and Electrons, Yin and Yang, so too with God & Goddess, the Moon and the Sun, Darkness and Light. These are all facets of the same principle and we have seen how the dynamic masculine outward energy has been twisted over time into a power hungry, divide and conquer, war mongering society where material wealth has been equated with the value of a person.

The Goddess Space is the perfect antidote to this for anyone searching for or feeling the call of connection back to the Divine Feminine spark that we all have within us. Anoushka launched The Goddess Space in 2016, inspired by her own spiritual practices and the mystical and magikal teachings from Wise Woman, Zoe Hind. The Goddess Space creates mystical and enchanting experiences for Women to connect back to their feminine divinity, offering a safe space to unleash the magik within. Anoushka and Zoe co-host The Moonlight Goddess Gatherings and have been running them for over 18 months. I guess the first question is why? Anoushka:

I think purely because we are in a time right now where everyone is seeking so much connection, but actually through all social media and through this kind of rise in technology, there feels to be this huge disconnect…we are interacting behind a screen most of the time. So, the experience in the Goddess Space is that we reconnect with one another and bring back the old ways, really going back to what our ancestors would have done and what the Divine Feminine practices, rituals and tools were back then.


I had the pleasure of attending the Goddess Space for the New Moon in Aries, the actual New Year before the Gregorian Calendar came into being and ripped apart the natural order of things. If we stop to really think about it, the start of spring from the Equinox when the sunlight returns to our days, life returning to the planet and animals’ mating seasons, all coincide with the start of Aries. At this time, we all naturally feel that spark of life returning in our lives and we can begin to plant new seeds for the coming zodiac cycle. This is exactly what we did for the beautiful gathering. We enjoyed a wonderful talk by the ever-inspiring Zoe Hind, which took me back to 2015 when I went to an astrology talk with Zoe just before the Spring Equinox and she inspired Gesu and I to start this magazine. She has such a poignant way of putting things that if you are feeling stuck in anyway, her talks alone can truly inspire magikal changes in your life.



الخيارات الثنائية 5 الحد الأدنى للإيداع Zoe:

I learned the hard way with most things and I was in some groups with some very strange people back in the day who I had just met. Since there were no meet ups and there was no internet, you had to take chances. What we have created here is something so safe and so authentic…there can be complete beginner and a complete stranger but we are holding it in a very safe space and having added the Zodiac as a backdrop, people are learning intuitive astrology just by coming to these different gatherings. With regard to the format, I like to deliver a structure, so we have a talk, a workshop, a ritual and a visualisation. The talk appeals to the mind and the aspect of learning, whilst the workshop is actually deprogramming a lot of old beliefs and retained emotions that we are ready to let go of.  The evening’s ritual will work with the current element (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water) and how we can really set that in the subconscious, and then the guided mediation helps to settle that on a cellular level. By the time people have gone away, whilst they have had an intuitive, time appropriate, astrological experience, they have actually also let go of something forever and in every aspect of their body. It’s a really well structured but safe environment and that’s what I love about it. I would have loved to have had this when I first came to London.



We shared our Sun and Moon signs with the group and enjoyed an awe-inspiring talk with Zoe, before then picking our Goddess cards. Now I am a great believer in synchronicity and it was an amazing feeling when my Goddess card was Lilith, after I had literally been talking about her with one of my best friends the previous night! We then had wonderful ritual for manifestation involving sparklers, followed by a beautiful visualisation about connecting with the inner child (another one of my favourite topics) led by the radiant Anoushka. I know that many of us have been taught to believe that magik isn’t real or that it is childish, but this simply is not the case. So…what exactly is magik? Zoe:

I think most people have got intuitive magic within them, whether they are washing their hair or having a makeover for their birthday or throwing a party to celebrate an important milestone, everybody has already got some sense of magic within them and every day is a ritual. You just have to tune into that intuition really and I will always say, go through the Elements and then the Zodiac, doing things that are appropriate for that time of year and working with an actual (Zodiac/Moon) calendar. The rest of it…just come and see what we are doing and you will learn it! As with everything that I like to teach, it takes about a year to really get your head around it and to the heart of it. I do think most people have got a lot a basic knowledge already. We do have a Facebook page where we write up the rituals afterwards and we also have an online pack. We actually write all of this down with a guide to Magik 101 that we are sending out all across the world now. We have got our first group in Cambodia and there are a few more sticking their head above the parapets, so for the women that want to host, they are getting a kind of Magik 101 kit. The people that have come have got access to us on the Facebook page, but it is always about knowing the current sign. I have got a video on each sign, so there is no excuse not to know what Pisces is or what Aries is and then on those videos I’ve got herbs and crystals and how to work with those, so you can use the relevant herbs and crystals alongside the Element for the ritual which I also have a video for.



I also believe there needs to be a definite distinction between feminism and the Divine Feminine. Lately, there has been a surge in feminism but buying into this polarity consciousness and man-hating can be counter-intuitive. I believe we are far more effective by standing in our power and rising above the basic level of politics, which by the way is just there to distract and have us pick sides to make us all fight between ourselves, but needless to say I digress. I think that places us within the constraints of this masculine context of dynamic, warmongering, aggressive consumerism. I believe our femininity and feminine power far surpasses and can never be equated in those masculine terms. We are sacred life givers for a start. So how is feminism seen within the Goddess Space?


Gts iqoption 1 minute binary option system Soldi facili con opzioni binarie Trading bonus gratuito Opzioni bunarie Trading on line Anoushka:

I feel particularly strong about the experiences we are creating. I would never call us a feminist group because what I think we are striving to create is less equality and more admiration for our differences. We create women-only groups to embrace our femininity and really showcase the difference between men and women which, hopefully, will stop us competing for certain types of equality with men.



So with all these discussions about the Goddess, what exactly is a Goddess? Zoe:

I am really passionate about this part because the Goddess herself is the creative feminine force. We see God and Goddess through all the ancient texts, embodying the creative forces of everything in the universe. You are then presented with the Goddess in many archetypes that we work but they are all facets of the same Goddess. So…you might have Durga in India, Brigid in Ireland, Freya in the North. These are all archetypes of the same Goddess and at our gatherings, we are not Goddesses, we are the spark of the Goddess. We are not creators; we are a creation of the creator. So this is what I am passionate about because I think moving forward, there is going to be a lot of things with Goddess in the title, where people are floating around saying ‘aren’t we all goddesses?’ I want to avoid that from the start, so for me, there is God and Goddess, Masculine and Feminine, the creative forces of everything in the multiverse and if you’re a woman you are the spark of the Divine Feminine but you’re not a Goddess in yourself; you are the spark of the Goddess.



From my experience, the Goddess will call to you, and this is the only truly authentic thing that you can go by. As Anoushka advised us, it’s important to research the Goddess card which came to us and then things will start to fit into place. And what about the Divine Masculine?


site de rencontre ca marche pas Zoe:

We honour the Divine Masculine equally; it’s just that we’re women that meet up, but this is definitely not a women’s group as such. For instance, the Leo ritual we did was all about honouring the divine masculine in our lives and balancing that out. It’s just that the imbalance has happened whereby women have been put into a masculine workplace and become quite masculine as a result. So…we are trying to de-program that and get women back into their complete presence and majesty so that they can actually honour the masculine and not step into combat with it on a daily basis. There are also man camps. I think the men that I love, in the druid tradition, have a connection with fire, drumming, forestry and animal welfare, and I think that there should be male groups springing up all around that do show men honour, kindness and creativity to counteract all the warfare, computer games and economic competitiveness. I used to work in the yoga world and it seems like the women are more dynamic and the men are more passive. Through history, women and men are both strong in their own way. The honour of the masculine is there in absolute lorry loads.


For anyone feeling a little tentative, I can genuinely say that the Goddess Gathering is such a warm, loving, non-judgemental space where you can really feel supported and truly connect with yourself. It is also such a beautiful space, themed to each Zodiac sign’s moon, so as it was Aries, we worked with fire and the centre piece of the circle was a flame. The next upcoming gathering will be Taurus, an Earth sign.



click here Anoushka:

All of our gatherings are really for any person who want to do it, whether it be one of those who have done magik a lot or just a beginner. You know, I started out almost two years ago and now, I’m running gatherings with Zoe and she introduced me to everything that I know magikally. I think that having Zoe, who has now for so many years connected with magik, and me who is connecting with women who haven’t necessarily done so, creates a balance that ensures that there are no intimidating spaces whatsoever. They are really for anyone who is feeling that spark within them to connect and that’s the initial point of call. If you feel excited by the word magik, by the word enchanted or by the word ritual, we are creating spaces where you can follow that thread.


The Goddess Space really is so beautiful and will genuinely start you on a path of life changes in such a positive way. Anoushka and Zoe immediately put you at ease, and trust me from my own experiences, everything will start flowing in ways that you cannot imagine. Light that Divine Spark within and step into your majesty! The Goddess Space also offers a plethora of other gatherings which I would also love to attend, such as:


click here Wild Woman Workshop

Tastylia Order 20 MG Magical Sharing Circle

click here Enchanting Tarot Club


binäre optionen broker vergleich 60 sekunden Anoushka:

The Wild Woman Workshop is a space for each month around the Full Moon. I partner with a different woman and the idea is that we go into her space and she shares her skills, spiritual practices or creative passions with us. The whole idea is to continue sharing skills really, so for instance, we have a foraging workshop coming up next week and a self-healing one where a Reiki teacher is going to teach us a few energy practices. I’ve also partnered with a Native American lady who teaches us how to seal intentions into jewellery  and objects. Ultimately, it’s about reviving and sharing women’s skills in craft, rituals and art. It’s absolutely gorgeous and it’s also lovely to take that somewhere different and not have everything hosted at the Goddess Space, by going into another woman’s world and having her share her world with us. We also have the Magikal Sharing Circle, which is just a really safe space for women to come and share. So it might be fears, unresolved issues, creative ventures or dreams that they have that they feel they aren’t sharing amongst their friends and family. It can be a big thing for them to come and share with a group of really supportive, like-minded women.



If you are interested in connecting with other women on this magikal level, please see the links below ?

A huge sprinkling of love, and Fated & Fabled Faerie dust to all!


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