The Art Conference – Fated & Fabled

The Art Conference

go Over the weekend of 23rd and 24th July, The Art Conference was held at The Ugly Duck in Bermondsey. The three-story venue housed exhibits, screenings and talks from a variety of local and international street artists. On the first floor there was an incredible contrast of artwork, ranging from photographic prints by Jose Montemayor, hand painted wooden panels by Colin McMaster and light installations by Robert Montgomery. The wide variety in both style and technique ensured that the exhibit was uniquely captivating, with virtual reality experiences and digital art giving guests a glimpse into future possibilities. The new technology allowed guests to be fully immersed within the artwork, conveying a much more unique and stimulating experience.DSC02272 Towards the end of the exhibit was an incredible installation that one had to walk through like a tunnel. Composed of neon coloured lines creating a trippy rave like effect, it led on to one of my favourite pieces. ‘City Lights’ was an installation by Maser, an Irish artist who combines the worlds of art and design, using his skills to create an immersive art installation inside the venue whereby guests could walk through the tunnel and truly feel as if they were a part of the art. IMG_0177What made this so special was the fact that each person would have had such different experiences on their journey through the lights. My own encounter took me down memory lane as the dark room and fluorescent colours of the tunnel transported me back to a time of dancing all night at underground raves and cavorting at the Secret Garden Party music festival many summers ago…

chicas que desean conocer hombres The light installation at the end of the tunnel was by Artist/Poet Robert Montgomery, who I had the pleasure of hearing talk. He creates his artworks by hijacking billboards and using them to put out social and political ideas using the most beautifully poetic language, creating light sculptures and burning words.

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see In his talk he spoke about the ways in which the Internet and Social Media were affecting the Art world. One piece in particular, had been copied and recreated countless times on the internet, however instead of being angry about this, I got a sense that he was actually quite proud. He made a particularly poignant statement point that I hadn’t considered before; ‘the art becomes disengaged with the artist, giving it a life of its own”. During the talk we were shown images of tattoos baring his words and I have to admit I found his words so perfectly beautiful that I have since been considering having them tattooed on myself. Additionally, he also creates these incredible looking ceremonies of burning words in which his poetry is hung up in the sky and set alight…


enter site Through the discussions and talks with the artists, it really enhanced the social and political messages carried by the pieces, with the connection becoming so much stronger and more immediate. The artists all had something important and relevant to say and weren’t simply creating decorative pieces with the sole aim of looking beautiful. One piece by Robert Montgomery for instance was written about the Occupy Wall Street movement and a sentence from his work was actually taken by them and put onto their banners. I really felt that each artist encompassed punk-like anti-establishment ideals and this could be seen even more when hearing them talk about their work.

unnamed-14Tinsel Edwards was another artist who I had the pleasure of hearing talk at the conference. The work of hers displayed at the conference was created from Estate Agents’ boards and manipulated in order to express her concern at the London housing crisis that has affected her and her friends so immensely. During the talk, she spoke about how she wanted her work to be immediate and stressed that with issues such as these, there simply wasn’t time to spend years perfecting an immaculate painting because the point needed to be made now.

As well as painting, Tinsel is also a performance artist and she spoke of her collaborations with friend and fellow artist Twinkle Troughton. They have staged a number of performance art pieces, one of which was done in London where they would hand out fake parking tickets dressed up to resemble traffic wardens. They also created a “Bank of Tinsel and Twinkle” in which they decided that the currency would be created out of thoughts instead of money. Aside from being an artist, Tinsel is also the co-founder of A-side B-side gallery in Hackney Downs. Furthermore, in 2015 she was selected to participate in Dismaland, Banksy’s “bemusement park’ showcase, as well as regularly exhibiting across the UK, USA and Europe.

What made this event so special for the guests was the personal connection with the artists and the opportunity afforded to engage in discussion and to ask questions not only about their specific pieces of work but also about their creative processes and thoughts surrounding their art. If these works were memorable and striking before understanding the artists’ influences, this was only increased upon hearing more from the artists’ perspectives.

kostenlose handelssignale fУМr binУЄre optionens Written by Lottie Madden Fashion Features Editor

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