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Photo //  Dawn Marie Jones Grooming // Ayesha Bowen Styling //  Christobelle Batchelor


market binary options Intro (Sung)

No one sees into my soul,
My demons chained as life unfolds,
He thinks he’s the man to break this hold,
But he’ll just hurt me so I’m ever cold…

tastyli\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (Whispered) Pandora…

Bridge (Spoken)
You know to become legend,
You’ve really got to study legend, lore,
Stories that if you look beneath the surface,
Are harbouring the sparks of truth that may just ignite your own purpose,
But sometimes you find things that would rather remain forgotten,
And to be honest, that’s exactly how this started… Verse One
Take a look in her eyes and see a sunken treasure,
Feel the weight of the world where we trap the pressure,
This is fear, this is hatred,
These are lies, forever faithless,
I know you dream big, come and chase it,
I see when, why and how the fire faded,
See your baggage I wanna claim it, I wanna maim it,
Wanna blame it on you…
But I’m lying to myself if I don’t look for the truth,
See you, I see me, see us, can barely breathe, we’re in another league…
go (Whispered) fuck’em all…
We affect and so we cause,
We fast forward but still on pause…
viagra purchase usa (Whispered) Let me in….
But bringing light to the darkness,
Only helps the shadow settle in,
So why you think I’m meddling,
Too long I’ve been celibate,
Everyone’s got a price on their soul,
Sex the sedative,
And no choice as to whether we’re selling it,
But if fate’s a Fallen Angel with its wings clipped,
Then the heavens would never let fly,
Anything a little devilish,
So stand by for the Guard of the Cherubim,
And the snakes who’ll burn you behind the guise of the Seraphim,
Of course they’re gonna lie to us,
Hide the naked truth,
You’d be depriving us,
I don’t give a fuck what’s been gilded with the Midas Touch,
But I’ll survive so come on line them up,
You told me I wouldn’t be able to handle whatever drives the rush for destruction,
Every day you question what’s actually driving us,
Love or lust, either one’s an eruption,
Nothing’s achieved if your only plan is seduction,
It seems for punishment,
Here I stand as a glutton,
And as a man that’s unbecoming,
But at least it’s better than running. Bridge (Spoken)
You know sometimes…
You’re brave enough to explore that darkness,
Those invincible nights,
The immortal high,
And you become one with that which is unseen…unheard…and unspoken,
But what happens when you turn on the lights,
And your eyes now can only perceive shadow,
Well you question your own substance,
You only attract…that which you repress,
And at the end of the day…
That’s why I had to become death.

click 2nd Verse
I’m a slave to the craft I’ve gotta master,
Living for love and I’ll die as a Martyr,
Give me a part of your armour,
And together we’re joined under the spell of Our Father,
Who art in Heaven,
And decrees what is destined,
Knows every depth to the feelings I harbour,
I know you’re living in constant fear of the Karma,
The darkness is harnessed but tarnished…
I see your darkness!
But I’ve made my vow,
And I hope it will elide with…yours…
But did you make one?
I know you’ve tried this,
I know you’ve done more than break one,
So when fate comes,
Will my patience always be fucking tested?
Have I gotta deal with a darkness neglected?
Partly respected when I see the roots,
But everytime you get too close,
I’ll just sever the truth,
There’s always an excuse for you to run,
I find Guardians of Dark under the Sun,
So there’s hope there…
But you don’t fight fair,
Gone beyond a slight fear,
Everything I love has become my worst nightmare,
Fuck you!
I fucking love you, I could fucking crush you,
But you could crush me,
Fucking hug me,
Half the time I’m feeling lucky,
Half the time I’m questioning whether you want me,
Cos I want more, I don’t want war,
But when war calls,
I’ll escape these four walls…chain myself to the fight,
Result of my death is just the meaning of life,
And there’s hope in these eyes,
I see it buried inside,
They told me never open because hope is buried alive,
I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t kill me,
Here you saying that you feel the pain that’s within me,
At least we’re getting closer to the heartbeat within me,
I’m a slave… Hook
You know I’m just a slave,
But you’ve helped me pave the way,
And you know my heart will break,
If you ever take this away

I was told true love is fate,
But your darkness clouds the maze,
And I told you we’d be great,
But it’s so hard to look past your mistakes

click 3rd Verse
They told me it’d never open,
Unless you’re arrogant enough to think you were chosen,
And I’m a son of the Gods so let’s see if they forgive it,
I’m a man of my word,
Let’s see who wants to test it,
If fate wants to mess with my death wish,
I’ll fucking bet it,
Birthed in chaos so never scared of something a little hectic,
So I heed the warnings,
All I see’s conforming,
Vision blurry, perspective distorted,
Irrespective of my Young Love,
Felt like the baby aborted,
Taking a couple of grams outside a church to snort it,
That’s a Vice Grip!
Or is it virtue alluring?
Combining love, lust, hate with fate just like this,
She gave me the keys to something that’s never safe,
Reflection of something I was always too scared to chase,
But I need to,
Heartbeat trapped under the weight,
Yet I feel you,
The bluff’s gotta stop because fate intended to deal you,
I’m a slave.

get link Hook
You know I’m just a slave,
But you’ve helped me pave the way,
And you know my heart will break,
If you ever take this away

I was told true love is fate,
But your darkness clouds the maze,
And I told you we’d be great,
But it’s so hard to look past your mistakes

source Pandora’s Box by Gesu Ace





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