ou rencontrer des amis single jenter i telemark Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BHUTI!!

binära optioner tjäna pengar A few weeks ago, Christobelle and I had the absolute pleasure of attending a press evening at bhuti. Bhuti is an eco wellbeing centre, day spa, yoga studio, wellbeing members club, and vegan cafe in Richmond, South West London and we could not have been more excited to attend.

go to site Now this article is coming a little late, but what helped me turn my focus towards finally getting this out there was when I started reflecting on the importance of taking time out once in a while to look after yourself and to re-assess your priorities and establishing some balance etc. In the middle of quite a stressful January, our evening at bhuti provided precisely this and we returned home with a renewed zest for life and some serious doses of inspiration.

go to link The first thing we noticed was a water bowl for dogs outside. Irrelevant for some, but a lovely touch for myself and Christobelle, realising that in the future, when we’re walking our beloved Tiberius through Richmond, this was a place we could sit down outside enjoying the healthiest possible juice and perhaps a few vegan snacks…anyway it was very welcoming to us as we fantasised about moving to a new house in Richmond. This beautiful sense of welcome was furthered when we stepped into bhuti; light, airy and warm, smelling like the epitome of zen, although I couldn’t quite place it, I just knew this was a place that I could feel truly at home. Moving up the stairs, we caught our first glimpse of the bhuti kitchen which looked delightful. An assortment of the most natural looking ingredients lining the shelves tickled my Taurean taste buds before we had even sat down to sample the vegan dishes, which were to come later. We learned that bhuti employs Cicely Brown as its own in-house nutritionist, designing the menus and offering advice and personalised meal plans to members should they so desire. This is a fantastic service and would be particularly well suited to expectant mothers who are well looked after at bhuti, who have a ‘bhuti Baby’ membership option, taking you ‘from pregnancy to birth and beyond.’ This includes unlimited yoga and pilates classes, pregnancy and beyond workshops and events, 15% off bhuti treatments and access to the members’ area with four guests.

It is this point that I’ll mention the members’ area, which after a short walk through a beautifully warm and sumptuous smelling corridor, we were directed to. The members’ area was the epitome of zen, with a selection of beanbags adorning the plush carpeted floor and two hanging/swinging chairs. Covering the tables were a selection of magazines and books of every kind of spiritual and wellbeing category. I was literally obsessed with the room and Christobelle and I did mention that we could have probably lived in here. I can really imagine coming to unwind here after a yoga class or after a Bhuti spa treatment, allowing myself to be immersed in the most relaxing of vibes I could possibly imagine. My words don’t really do it justice but bhuti got it right when they describe the concept:

‘Bhuti Is a Sanskrit word. There isn’t really a direct translation. It’s that feeling when you feel most like…you. When the world feels like the bike you’re riding, not a bus that you’re chasing. When you hear that little voice in your head saying “you should do this more often”? That’s bhuti talking. It’s a glow you get, a freshness you feel, a lightness that lifts you, a breath that grounds you. We’re here to help remove the unnecessary, so you can find, feed and focus on your inner bhuti.’

Well what I can truly assure you is that everything described above, I got from simply entering their beautiful premises and taking a walk through to their members’ area! At this point, I was obsessed with the idea of a membership here, to the point where I have listed it as one of my goals to manifest within the year. Thank you universe in advance…I am truly truly grateful to have secured a full bhuti membership for myself and Christobelle!

Anyway, moving on from my magical manifestation practice….I have to mention the bhuti changing rooms and bathrooms. I swear to you, absolute simple luxury, from the towels provided, to the showers, to the sinks…it just felt so warm and inviting. Yes I do love a nice bathroom, and no I am not overexaggerating!

So flowing onwards again, we were invited into the yoga studio for what I had really been looking forward to…our yoga lesson with Samantha Trinder, the incredible founder of bhuti. I have to say, I was particularly nervous because my yoga practice is confined to mine and Christobelle’s living room, watching YouTube videos from yogis like Adriene Mishler, Brett Larkin and Maya Fiennes. Christobelle is far more consistent with practice than me but I do okay for myself! I had never actually taken a class with other people before, nor have I practiced in front of a mirror, ever used a yoga mat or even the yoga blocks. Thus, this was an entirely new experience for me as I took up the yoga mat in the furthest corner at the back to try and hide myself a little.

The other thing I was feeling a little insecure about was my yoga attire; doing it at home, I get used to being in pyjamas, sometimes just a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. Now this seems fine at home but everyone else was of course kitted out and looking like yogis, most of all Christobelle who was wearing Björn Borg to perfection, looking so comfortable and of course fashion forward.

Samantha then took us on a gentle hatha flow, which thankfully was something that I was comfortable with. The yoga studio was very spacious and perfectly candlelit to add to the ultra-relaxing vibe on the evening. Samantha led us through the class at a lovely pace, occasionally walking amongst us to observe our form and quietly help make adjustments to anyone who required it. I found that having mirrors around me was particularly helpful as never before have I been able to observe my form. I was actually happily surprised when I saw my form reflected back, showing me for the first time ever that I was indeed doing this properly! What yoga classes such as this also give you that is not allotted for as much on YouTube videos, is the delicious Savasana at the end. I think we must have been given somewhere between five and ten minutes to just bliss out and at one point, I think that Samantha came around and worked some Reiki magic above us. From being a little nervous at embarking on such a class around others, I finished the practice absolutely convinced that this was the best way to do yoga. Being alongside others in such a space really does add to the collective energy and I honestly don’t think I have had such a perfect practice before. When I told Samantha afterwards that I had never been to a class before but that I did yoga at home, she told me that I looked like I had done a lot of yoga, which was such lovely validation for me. Whilst I wish my practice could be more consistent, all the hours spent on it must have added up in some way!

Before I sat down to write this I also had a bit of an epiphany during my yoga session the other morning that I wanted to share. I love yoga but as mentioned, I do find it difficult to maintain a consistent practice and I have often questioned why exactly it is so good for me. It’s easy to listen to the steady stream of information that talks about balancing your chakras, toning the body, harnessing connection to spirit and temporarily escaping the mundane realities of life, however for me, as I was shaking in a particularly challenging pose, I felt utter anger and frustration. I was really struggling to maintain my form  and when I first started doing yoga, this was my consistent experience; I ended up throwing tantrums the moment I felt myself being stretched out of my comfort zone. Now this is when I realised, yoga is actually life! In life, we come up against seemingly insurmountable obstacles and when we are pushed beyond our comfort zone, our bodies and our minds do all they can to protect us from the threat of over-exertion. These are experiences we cannot escape and the happiest and most successful people manage to keep their balance in such situations, not just letting their emotions get the better of them. You have to trust in your own ability and you have to keep your emotions in check whilst at the same time honouring them with gratitude and acceptance. Most importantly, you have to surrender to the present moment, remaining grounded yet flowing at the same time. Once again, this is exactly what you have to do in yoga! It’s also important to note that you can’t rush the poses, just like you can’t rush things in life and sometimes you have to create the necessary space to allow for the most useful and blissful practice. This for me is why bhuti is such an incredible place and why as well, this article is coming late, or so I tell myself! Our evening at bhuti was so magical that I wanted to do it justice, not rushing it out there with the pace that so many publications resort to, just to be the first to report the news. Our evening was so inspiring and I genuinely hope I can convince some readers to make a trip and book their first yoga lesson ?

So, after the blissful yoga lesson, we retreated to the member’s area where we were treated to a talk from the esteemed astrologer Debbie Frank, who most famously, was Princess Diana’s personal astrologer and steadfast friend. Now you know that we here at Fated & Fabled love a bit of astrology! Just a quick reminder that our Zodiac Calendar is indeed coming soon in print! Anyway, back to Debbie! She spoke of the energies ahead of us for 2017, discussing the real power we can harness for manifestation this year. This is something that I am personally trying to work with and my god, this year really is powerful for it I promise you. Things are quite literally manifesting instantly and Debbie herself alluded to such, reminding us of the fact that this is a universal ONE year, numerogically speaking, which after the sometimes traumatic NINE year of last, where we were wrapping up important lessons before being refreshed for the new cycle, we are now in the position to really plant seeds on the most fertile of ground, that can be sewn throughout the next cycle. It’s important to start as you mean to go on right? Debbie showed us exactly how by engaging us in a beautiful guided mediation where we visualised white light pouring into the crown chakra, opening us up to divine inspiration. If there was ever a year for it, it would be now and with Mercury currently in Aquarius for the next few weeks, this can be a very insightful and creative time. Debbie also spoke about how many of us are working in a linear fashion, whereas we need to be working from the top down, hence the visualisation of white light pouring into the crown, where we can receive this universal energy.

Debbie then referenced Donald Trump, the topic of the moment! I have taken this section from her blog post, dated 15th January as I do not want to paraphrase incorrectly:

ex girlfriend is dating someone new ‘This week’s major aspect involves what the ancients termed ‘the malefics’ ie. Mars and Saturn implying that nothing good ever comes from a meeting between these two and I am always caught in the dilemma of how to translate this into our modern life and awareness. Does it mean that we are going to hell in a handcart on the eve of Donald Trump’s inaugoration? Saturn is a hard taskmaster for sure and he makes us take on responsibility. Interestingly, Donald himself has on-going Saturn aspects as this planet conjuncts his Moon in Sagittarius and opposes his Sun in Gemini and will do so on and off through 2017 so it isn’t going to be an easy ride for him. He will feel curtailed, controlled and watched throughout this period which marks a distinct clampdown on his personal freedom which is something he values highly as a Sun-Uranus person. Interesting times…..’

Debbie also spoke about the importance of getting your birth chart read and at this point I am going to drop in something that is entirely the expression of my own opinion and should not be attributed to Debbie, or anyone at bhuti for that matter: So many people trash astrology for one reason. They only see the media discussing our sun sign and the simple descriptions associated with it as such. It’s time that these people grew up and started to realise that there is perhaps more to a branch of study than that which is paraphrased in two lines by the media. You don’t have to follow astrology in any way, nor do you have to even accept its validity, however it is impossible to make a judgement based on an article you have read stating that Taureans are stubborn and Cancerians are emotional. Of course, that could apply to us all! by Allow me to draw attention to a section from our interview with the astrologer Zoe Hind in our Pandora’s Box Issue: ‘Astrology itself is the electromagnetic universe, the complex pattern of all the planets when you are born and how that imprints on you when you separate from your mother, because our cells in our body are full of water and they take that electromagnetic imprint. So there are 78,000 things it’s said, that are different between each chart, so Astrology shows you your symphony and your magnificence and your total variety rather than narrowing it down to, ‘you’re just a Taurus, you’re just a Gemini’. It’s used from the highest to the lowest; we know it’s used in all Public Affairs. It’s only the people that are in the middle that are told that it’s silly and it’s not worth it and it’s dumbed down on purpose because of its super power. It’s been around forever! I mean…it’s one of the oldest things. It’s the way that the electromagnetic pattern of the stars imprints on us and how we’ve come here to challenge and to bring the best out of ourselves according to our blueprint and our map basically…It’s not to do with constellations…because people always want to know why I go…’oh there’s 13’ and that means I’m a Capricorn, not an Aquarius or something….but the constellations are a marker, in front of which the planetary energy is going through so it’s just a convenient way for us to divide up the sky. Just like if you look at a clock on the wall, you’ve got the numbers, fine, but if you added another number between two and three, it wouldn’t really change anything…it would still be teatime!’

So there we go…it makes sense to me and when you speak to people like Debbie and Zoe as we are fortunate enough to have done, you begin to realise just how deeply things connect and just how much can be attributed to these complex planetary alignments. Something funny happens when you dig further than the surface level with these things; you start to tune in to the alignments and recognise the subtle and sometimes crude effects that they can have on you.

Another thing to note is that Debbie provides an astrological consultation service at bhuti and she also utilises esoteric homeopathic remedies that are designed to treat all energetic levels, including the subtle bodies to restore optimum wellbeing and health.  Bhuti offers an utterly mesmerising range of treatments and alternative therapies and for me, when I manifest my dream bhuti membership, I can’t wait to test some of them out! You can find out more here and here!

After our wonderful talk with Debbie, we were led to the bhuti kitchen to sample the vegan delights that had been so beautifully prepared. I have toyed with the idea of experimenting with veganism before, however my worry was that dishes would simply not have the flavour or the bite to satisfy my needs, feeling as if the range of ingredients would be severely limited. I could not have been further from the truth when experiencing the bhuti spread! Below you can find the menu that we were treated to.

I have to say, it was the courgette and cacao cakes that really did it for me; I have heard just how good cacao is for us but I never expected just how good it would make me feel. It was literally a hit of happiness, with the courgette adding a wonderful natural sweetness along with the caramel date sauce. Honestly this was pure heaven!

The buckwheat stuffed peppers, with mushrooms, olives, artichoke and tomatoes also had me smiling all over and this is something that I can easily imagine making at home, either as a healthy snack or as the accompaniment to a meal. Special mention also goes to the wonderful kali fire juice, comprised of beetroot, apple, carrot, ginger, turmeric and grapefruit. If I started every morning with one of these bad boys, I think I would be flying!

Finally, as we left bhuti, we were treated to a goody bag with some wonderful NEOM products, three of which I tested out to help with a good night’s sleep, something which I can often struggle with! The three products are designed to be taken one after the other during a bedtime ritual, which starts with some luxuriating bath time where you utilise a beautiful oil comprised of 19 of the purest possible essential oils including English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine. The idea is that you pour a capful of this into the bath, or to your décolletage if taking a shower and then as the intoxicating aroma fills the air, you breathe in through your nose for seven seconds and out through your mouth slowly for 11 seconds. Now after doing this two or three times, I literally felt myself melting into the bath. It really was quite phenomenal. After getting out of the bath, I moved on to the hand balm that you massage into your skin before engaging the same breathing technique as before. At this point, I was feeling very light and airy and ready for bed so I moved on to step three, spraying the pillow mist on to my pillow (only one of them since Christobelle stole my other one to give her a distinct sleeping advantage). As I’m writing this, Christobelle is echoing her disapproval, claiming that our beautiful dog Tiberius ate one of them. Obviously not true but this is besides the point ?

Quite honestly I was feeling like I could have dropped into an exquisite sleep after this ritual but that would have been too perfect an end to the night. What actually happened was that my brain and annoying inner narrative kicked into play, reminding me continually that I can never sleep easily and so it was pointless trying. Whilst I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the products, because up until that point they were doing their job, what it did show me was that there is clearly a lot more work to do to both balance and heal myself. This is why bhuti is such an appealing prospect for me as I embark upon 2017 with the intention to heal and manifest my dreams. I will have a membership at bhuti and so will Christobelle. Let’s see how long it takes for it to become a reality; I will keep you posted ? Words // Gesu Ace
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