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Of Objects Unloved and Pasts Unknown

http://bowlnorthway.com/?jisdjd=fair-value-option&538=b7 les rencontres d arles 2010 Written by Shereen Wojtulewski

click I am a collector and a visual artist with an intense desire to make beautiful any discovered object that I feel could do with a little upgrade, transforming lost or neglected items into beloved treasures once more.

binäre optionen maschmeyer Every discarded inanimate object has a past story that is both unique and untold. Who knows what that story is and what history could be uncovered?

fare soldi online con opzioni binarie With an unknown history, such objects, whether of grand or humble origins, are deprived of their status when cast aside into the realms of the unloved and the unwanted.

Mum's Chair

click The ‘Icon’ Chair, available on Etsy

follow link For me however, I feel compelled to give such cast-offs a second chance, a magnificent rebirth that will glorify them as objects of art and icons in its own right. Whist most objects that I come across are collected from charity shops, car boot sales or found in a skips, I occasionally feel compelled to start from scratch, designing and printing a supply of fabric. This was indeed the case with the ‘Icon’ chair, whose fate I changed when I rescued it from a skip on some road or other in South East London some 20 years ago.

free dating london uk For years I have been a follower of the words from an unknown piece of writing that instructed the reader to pluck the shiny bits from life and calmly wait for death. There are many shiny bits that I resonate with, however the thrill is certainly activated whenever I find a freebie. Maybe these objects are my shiny bits my escapism, rays of light in a sometimes dark world and thus my need to turn that which was once unloved into a much adored centrepiece.

sistema de comercio exterior sice new-inspo-picMy choices in recycling have always been swayed by functionality and so furniture has always provided me with useful practical objects to upgrade. For me, finding a good piece of furniture to rescue is always a joyous occasion, likewise with these once worthless objects that have become an altar, an icon that I can admire. Furniture is a great candidate for recycling and for many years has been a main source of income, however the potential for being creative with the cloth that clothes the chairs has become more important to me than using simply the standard.

And so…my black and white ‘Icon’ chair has become a functional work of art that embodies all my personal beliefs and the attitude I hold for life’s challenges and transformations. I have not written any clever thought-provoking monologues to justify my beliefs; as always, my work is open to interpretation.

chlorthalidone vs. hydrochlorothiazide cost I have been reupholstering chairs for over 16 years using all manner of fabrics and am particularly inspired by iconography, be it religious or absolute devotion to any given power that may seem to drive us. I truly believe that anything can be worthy of worship.

propranolol cost without insurance img_2512Other objects that I have found are generally embellished in some way or another or presented and framed in their original found state. For instance, I have been collecting processing chips alongside other types of electronic components for twenty years, in awe of their composition and workmanship. I find them to be incredibly beautiful and a map of sorts that always leaves me expressing wonder at its miniature precision. img_2525If you take the time to examine these little treasures, they are the most amazing and incredibly complex objects that previously were capable of so much but now sadly almost obsolete. They are great reminders of how much technology has advanced in the last two decades and most have now been discarded as rubbish.

voltaren rapid 12.5mg tablets 20 There aren’t necessarily any story worthy reasons that I know of as to why I choose particular objects, however each object I have chosen I admire for its beauty.

Our original broker per azioni binarie is the most scientifically valid free IQ test available online today. Previously offered only to corporations, schools, and in My ‘Icon’ chair is now available for purchase on Etsy

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