MONIKER ART FAIR – Fated & Fabled


opzioni binarie option builder Last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending the seventh edition of the Moniker Art Fair held at the Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch. The fair is renowned as the premier event for contemporary art and has perpetuated this reputation this year, with a focus on the digital revolution, as well as alternative contemporary artists.

follow link Having studied the relationship between art and the digital at university, I was excited to throw myself into some of the immersive installations, which included Virtual Awakening by Jose Montemayor and Bec Abdy. Throughout three years of in-depth study of History of Art, never before had I seen the employment of virtual reality as a medium, nor had I ever experienced VR in any way. A great piece of art, in my opinion, is one that can captivate both aesthetically and mentally, and Virtual Awakening did exactly this.

opzioni digitali giocare gratis senza deposito Much of my love of art is centred on the concepts behind the work, and with this in mind the other work that caught my attention was Darren John’s series, Parallel. Following on from his Portal series, John explores the notion of the imagination as the subject of his work. Created directly from the bottle, John asks that we strip away the restrictions of adulthood and allow ourselves inner freedom to look beyond societal constraints, much like desires from Virtual Awakening.  John’s work is abstract, and asks that we come to our own conclusions of the work; in this sense, you have to truly engage with each of his pieces and the longer you look, the more you’ll find you discover. Speaking to Montemayor at the fair he stated, “if there is light in the darkness of time, it is in the experience, not in observing.” As he said this to me before I had experienced Virtual Awakening, I could only be sure to understand a fraction of what this statement meant; post-experience, I felt I grasped the concept with much more clarity. Montemayor and Abdy set out to create an awareness of the state of the world and to release individuals from the outdated fears of death, which in a few cases could stop some of us from properly living. They achieve this by placing their viewers in near death situations and then immediately plummeting them into scenes of a dying world, which humanity has aided to create. Having worked with scientist Dr. Rick Strassman, who has studied near death experiences (NDE), Montemayor and Abdy sought to replicate the spiritual transition between death and living. These states of the soul leaving the body and returning again, are known as Outer Body Experiences (OBE), and never have I felt so uncertain of myself. Having been to many exhibitions, the pieces are subjected to criticisms and judging eyes, however in this instance, it felt like the work was judging me! Having beheld what represented my dead body, gazed upon by three supernatural figures, I was overwhelmed with a sense of vulnerability and longing to be returned to images and places I knew. When this wish was finally granted however, the world was one of absolute ruin and the worst part is that none of it was fictional.  I was disturbed by the facts about carbon emissions which floated above Liverpool Street Station, like the probing voice of the earth was right in front of you. A voice came over the scene stating a game was being played and that the objective was to see how long earth would last with the current depletion of resources.

rencontre femme celibataires cameroun Writing a review on the work now, it is clear that Virtual Awakening is one of those pieces that is very difficult to put into words. The effect the piece had was one I have never experience first-hand from a work of art, only read about. I would strongly urge anyone to learn where the piece is next being exhibited and to drop everything to go! I was speechless when stepping back into the Moniker Art Fair, surrounded by a plethora of artworks and the loud hum of crowds making their way around. I find now thinking back on the experience that I am still somewhat speechless but grateful to Montemayor and Abdy for realising everything which we refuse to acknowledge in our daily lives, forcing me and others I am sure, to take note.

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