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enter site; Mode emploi iq option; Auto Trading Binario Auto Software Binario Robot Los enlaces tienen que ser siempre en la página Fated & Fabled were so excited to interview Laura Daligan, whose teachings we had been following online for a while now. It was watching Laura and Zoe Hind’s ‘Witches Zodiac’ videos that inspired our main fashion editorials in both our previous and current issues. We were absolutely delighted to get the chance to pick her brains further and with Laura offered such fantastic wisdom and insight, we truly could have continued this for hours. Enjoy! 🙂


binäre optionen how to Gesu: So, can you give us a little introduction?

I am a Witch, a Shamanic Practitioner, an Artist and a Tarot Reader. I’ve been lucky enough to make this my life, working with power animals, playing and painting shamanic drums and working with people to help them on their complete spiritual path. I’ve been a professional tarot reader for 16/17 years and work on TV doing readings. I’ve got online workshops for tapping into totem and power animals, working with goddesses and also creative ones for painting etc. I also fire dance and for me, it all ties into one ball!

How to make quick money online that is legit Gesu: Growing up, were you always interested in these things or did you find the way onto this path yourself?

I’ve always been happiest as an artist when drawing faeries in my own world as a kid! I think it was in my teens when I found Wicca and Paganism, nature based religions, goddesses and spirituality. When I found this, it was like a homecoming! I haven’t always been able to make money and work from it., however I was stubborn and wanted to do what I wanted to do! In the end I got there!

go to site Gesu: You spoke about Paganism and Earth Magic; we find it so frustrating that when people hear the term ‘pagan’, they think it’s very dark. Do you still find that people have a preconceived idea of ‘pagan’?

It’s a little surprising. I like the word witch; I think it’s a powerful feminine word and people get shocked, thinking I hold some power over them. I had an interview recently for the Daily Express and I had to convince people that I wasn’t going to cast a spell on them! Wicca, Paganism and Witchcraft is ultimately about self-improvement, cleaning out the crap and being the best version of you that you can! It’s alchemy. Of course there are people out there who do negative things but for most, it’s such a positive thing! But people don’t want to see that do they?! They want to see you getting naked and casting spells!

get link Gesu: I’m very interested in the totem side of it and ever since I remember, I’ve always seen animals in my dreams so I guess I was always drawn to Shamanism. Could you speak a bit more about your totem awakening course and power animals?

Credit – Gordon Burns

I have found that out of all the things I do, the totem work and connecting with my animals is the most empowering thing. You get these spirit allies who support you in everything I do. I’ve always been a mad cat person and I told myself that if my power animal was an ant, I’d be open to it! However, it was a leopard that came through! I find that totem animals are like your friends and if you don’t visit them and treat them well, they have a go at you! People love animals generally but they don’t necessarily think that they can connect to the spirits of these animals which is what our ancestors have been doing for thousands of years. We’ve had it knocked out of us, thinking that animals are lesser than us. We’re the last party to arrive though really; animals can teach us so much! Connecting with power animals can make us more decent human beings and more whole! Gesu: Did you have any connection when you were younger to the leopard?

I didn’t; that was a later thing for me. Before, it was horses and cats. However, I’ve done some past life stuff and I found I had great experiences with jaguars and leopards. I always think you have more than one totem but you always have one animal that you connect with more and is your heart and soul. Gesu: The orca is my power animal. It’s very tricky to work with and it’s not as direct. I worked with bear before, which was nice and to the point. Now I can get to certain points in meditation and it is so cool to be able to call on the killer whales and feel so safe! It is literally my best friend!

Animals can really be your best friends; they are so supportive! Orcas are so direct as they’re great hunters. They can go in and find things straight away Gesu: That’s why I think I work with Orca, because I need to be more direct in life. For people who aren’t familiar with this, how can you suggest finding your totem animals?

I would start off by finding if there are any animals that you’re fascinated with. We often have power animals around us for certain things so you can ask the universe, or ask your power animal to come with you. Maybe just keep a diary for a week or so and see what animals come around you. It might be that a documentary comes on about the animal. Tuning into the natural world allows them to come to you easier I think. Listen to your dreams and write them down. You can meditate and see what animals comes towards you, especially if you just open up to it. Just take time to find which one is working with you; a lot will come when you’re opening up. There are also things like your physical traits that can relate to the power animal.

site de rencontre ado paris gratuit Gesu: As the highest potential of Alchemy and working with totems, do you think we all have the potential to connect with every kind of animal?

I think so and I think that if you can merge with the energy of your power animal, then you’re creating Alchemy. You’re taking on their energy & power and in doing so, you become something else. You can also have different elemental power animals. Imagine taking on all those elements at once and you can have the most amazing balanced energy! Gesu: Can you describe what shamanic journeying is?

Credit – Gordon Burns

It’s just the best! It’s a tool to explore other dimensions and other worlds; they’re very real!  The more you journey, the deeper you go. You have the underworld and the lower world; that’s where the primal power and the power animals are. You can journey to your own personal landscape but everyone seemingly goes to the same places as well! You find a lot of healing and get a lot of answers from shamanic journeying. Find your power animal and go and hang out with them. I do it via the path of drumming; I know there are other ways of doing it but the drum is like a horse and it takes you on that journey. It shuts that annoying part of your brain up! You can also journey to the upper world as well and the middle earth which is what Tolkien was talking about, but that’s full of people stuff and no one likes that!

go to site Gesu: When I was reading about it, it’s suggested that as a beginner in these practices, you don’t want to mess around with the middle world too much. I guess that’s where too much ego can come in?

Yeah it can be and also people just leave a lot of their crap there. The lower world and the upper world is so beyond our crap. You have to be quite a good ninja to get around the middle world!

follow url Gesu: So, getting to this state, presumably you have to get yourself into a trance like meditative state, so it takes a lot of work and practice. I think a lot of people want visual journeys, but have you experienced different methods of perception, like feeling it, smelling it or just knowing it?

I have a particularly strong sense of seeing; as an artist, seeing is what I do. I forget that sometimes people might use other senses. Sometimes I feel it and if I’m doing shapeshifting, I can feel myself doing that. It’s quite amazing how we can shift into other shapes while we’re journeying. However, as baby steps, start visualising the small things and if you do it every week, they get easier and they can get more and more visual. Take your time!

Gesu: To me, it seems quite similar to a lucid dream. Do you think you can use the dream world as an entry point?

I’m pretty rubbish at lucid dreaming but I do think it’s an amazing entry point to access that space. What I’ve noticed as well is that things that shift and change when you’re journeying, have an effect on everyday life. It might be months later but it does change things because you are working at such a deep level! You can change very quickly, sometimes the next day!

Gesu: Do you have any amazing stories about that?

I did this journey recently; I did a book cover painting but it was about one of the Norse gods and as there wasn’t much to read about him, I thought I’d journey to him! He was like this big Sea God and he showed me something in a net and how to clear it. I’d had trouble connecting to people and getting close to people. Literally the day after, my love life drastically improved!

Gesu: Is that energy something you carry with you now, or do you think you have to continue journeying to truly integrate it?

I do have to keep remembering and if you have a big block about something, it can take a few goes to get integrated properly. If you’ve had trauma or something, I think you can keep working with it. But no, this time it was a nice immediate “oh okay!” I don’t believe in coincidences and I think sometimes it gives you a reminder that magic can happen!

Gesu: I think it can often happen people starting out. Paulo Coelho talks about it in ‘The Alchemist’, about the universe throwing you a bone to set you off on the path.

I remember when I had just got into Wicca and bless her, my mum bought me a little spell kit; I was really broke at the time and I got some beginners luck! My first spell was a money spell and in about a month or two, I’d made loads of money!

Christobelle: I watched your video about how to connect with your Goddess. I was able to connect with mine which is Hathor! Can you speak about your Goddess work? I think that sadly, people don’t really respect it or see it as a powerful thing nowadays.

Credit – Gordon Burns

It’s the most ancient thing; it would’ve been the first thing that our ancestors ever did. It’s all about reverence for the goddesses and for Mother Earth. It’s just such a crying shame that people nowadays almost see it as fluffy.  In my Goddess Awakening course, I split it into archetypes like maiden, mother, warrior, lover, queen, dark goddess and crone. In each archetype, you can work with hundreds of goddesses. I wanted to explore that archetype and I think we’re quite wounded in our femininity from years of patriarchy.  I noticed a lot of women were finding it hard to connect with the maiden and when we went to the Love Goddess part they struggled to do that, to be nice to themselves and love themselves. The Warrior Goddess women nowadays find that really easy.

These goddess can mirror different aspects of ourselves, as well as being an epic way for connecting with multiple deities.  I got everyone searching the history of goddesses around the world and how ancient and revered they could be, as well as how scary they are; some of them are hardcore! The goddesses can be seen as to be giving and taking life but our ancestors saw death very differently to us.  The idea of the Goddess has been so twisted nowadays. There are goddesses which really call to you, or stalk you; they want to be heard but sometimes it’s hard to know which one to connect with so you have to do a bit of research.

Christobelle: What ways would you recommend that people can tune into this? How do people get into it?

It can be mediation again but it can also be quite practical stuff. If you’re psychic or do tarot reading you might go to the more lunar goddesses. If you’re into beauty, then the goddesses of love; there’s also cat goddesses and horse goddesses. Find what interests you and what you are passionate about. You can start reading some of the myths if you feel drawn to a certain part of the world. As soon as you do, the goddesses sort of pounce on you.

Gesu: So, you also do sacred site walks & talks? What makes these sites so appealing to you?

Every sacred site has such a strong energy that can teach us so much and give us such a big healing. Sacred sites have an effect that take you into a different world and a different realm; it can give you space because you’re out of the rat race. It can change your life because deep down, people know these places and they have a deep remembering. Sacred sites have a different effect on each person but there are also places where the energy of nature is so strong and it’s such a powerful thing to connect to. Most people in Glastonbury feel something when they go to the Tor and also the wells here; they often have experiences that heals them in some way.

You can ask for healing and to connect with the spirit of the land. It’s the biggest gift. I don’t think people feel that connection to the land these days and we need to see it as something living, not something just to throw rubbish on.

Gesu: Christobelle wanted to try and connect with faeries a bit more and we heard that what can help, is going around and doing litter picking. We got a bit obsessive. We thought we’d pick up a few bits and it was endless; there was constant litter! Our dog lost his tennis ball and we thought we’d do a test; we’d do these prayers by the tree alongside our litter picking and we agreed that if we’re connecting and on the right path, then we would find a tennis ball. A week later, the ball was by the tree! Do you think that because of the way we treat the earth as humans that this is why this magic can be so hidden from us?

It’s not going to help big businesses if we all get into faeries and don’t want to harm the land! They’re taking over these amazing places and destroying them. As soon as you start listening to nature, nature starts listening to you and there’s words for faeries in every language in history! As soon as you start paying attention and doing the work, they do want work with us. No-one wants the world to go to shit! The Faerie energy is a connection of the heart and if you show love to the land, that’s the deepest connection to Faerie.

Gesu: What do you think the biggest potential can be in the Tarot? How can these things actually help someone and speak to someone’s life and experiences?

I love Tarot! It’s sort of a lifelong love and the 78 images that reflect your soul are so well thought out. They’re like facets of your life, soul and journey. Getting to know each card is getting to know a reflection of yourself. It’s the biggest journey of self-discovery and this is the biggest potential of the Tarot. When you ask questions about self-improvement and Alchemy, you get the best answers. I love the Thoth deck particularly. The Temperance card which is the Art card, is all about journeying into the centre of the earth to find the Philosopher’s Stone. It’s all about Alchemy! You journey through all those cards you hate and come out on the other side. Each time I do a reading, something new sticks out for me with different people.

Gesu: Can you speak about the Queen of Wands? This is a card that has come up for me in a big way recently!

It’s one of my favourites! She’s Aries and fire. However, you’ve got this feminine side whereby she’s more watery and psychic, whilst the wand element is fire. The Queen knows she can kick ass and that it will happen. The fire of the wand is activity and ultimately creative energy. She reminds us to not forget that you embody that in what you do, knowing that’s within you. I also feel she’s quite relaxed about things; she tells us to not think too much and to just relax. She doesn’t analyse everything but she has the fire to create magic. She’s quite sexy too! If you put that energy out to the people, then they know you can do it too. Early Madonna reminds me of the Queen of Wands. It’s definitely backed up by being through a big journey and coming out the other end.

Gesu: Can people connect in the same way as with totem animals? Can you undertake shamanic journeys through the Tarot?

Going into the images and exploring them is great! If you don’t know what it means, get into the meditation, walk into that card and explore the environment. I got given the Strength card to journey into at a workshop and I could feel the fire and the energy coming out to me. If there’s one you want to really embody or one you don’t understand at all, journey into it.

Gesu: Can you give some final advice as to how we can harness our alchemical potential?

Credit – Gordon Burns

So for me, Alchemy is getting to the heart of you and the real world. It’s not necessarily improving yourself because it’s already there, but you’ve forgotten it through the disempowering distractions of life. It’s about remembering who you are.

I like to work with the four elements and to then re-balance them in my life. Feel the fire and the passion in your life, feel the air and be inspired somewhere that fuels ideas. You can use water to get into your emotions. With earth, you can do practical things and ground yourself. Set time to work with the elements. Find the element that is weakened in you and the element that is most natural. See how that shifts you. For fire, even light a candle every day. When those elements are balanced, the spirit can really surround you and the magic can really start happening.

With Alchemy, it’s not an easy process and it can be a very painful experience; you have to face your shadow! Be gentle on yourself though. It’s a lifelong task and it’s going to be triggered again and again and again. That’s part of the magic. Working with goddesses and connecting with the divine is a great way to be kind to yourself. It’s usually us who are tough on ourselves. People around you can also help you on your journey. If someone has really messed you around a lot, you can be grateful to them and practice forgiveness.

Christobelle: I have a final question regarding Wicca and Magic; when I was a teenager I got into all this stuff. People were really mean, saying I was worshipping Satan and everything. Can you describe what Wicca is?

Satan is a Christian concept and isn’t in Wicca at all! Not in our gang! You can have a divine masculine, the horned male, which people see as Satan but he’s part of the earth. Wicca is a great framework for all of the things I’ve been talking about. You can work with balancing the divine masculine and the divine feminine. You can also work with the elements.

With Wicca, there are eight festivals that are hugely astrologically related. You don’t have to do magic necessarily. It’s about revering nature. The one rule is to do as you will as long as you harm no one. It keeps you in check with what you’re doing. It’s a positive framework to re-connect with nature and with the cycles of the land, as well as being a great way to self-improve. Worshipping Satan and casting nasty spells isn’t part of the deal!





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