Kypwell – Holistic Wellbeing Essentials From Cyprus

Kypwell is a personalised wellbeing brand from Cyprus, providing natural, holistic skincare essentials for all skin types, herbal teas and various other wellbeing products and services. Their mission is to bring a natural way of life to women through products and practices based on the herbs and traditions of Cyprus.

I recently had the pleasure of attending Natural Organic Products Europe 2017 at London’s Excel. And I was able to sit down with Maria Damalis, the Head of the Kypwell experience in Cyprus. Maria had a look at my skin and after some discussion, she created a personalised skin care routine for me, explaining the products that were being applied to the skin and just how the natural ingredients worked. The fresh and lightly scented face treatment, coupled with Maria’s tender care had me falling asleep, completely forgetting that I was in a crowded hall with hundreds of people around! The treatment left my skin the softest and smoothest it had been in a long time and to top it all off, Maria also treated me to a beautifully relaxing neck message.

It was amazing to see that there were hundreds of different skin care products for all different types of skin and this was all detailed in a booklet with descriptions of the products, their ingredients, what they do and how to best use them for the optimum results.


The following products were recommended to me:


  • trading binario opinioni demo Gentle Herbal Cleansing Foam – a daily facial cleanser which acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Enriched with herbs such as calendula, cypress, plantain, chamomile, elder, geranium and lavender for holistic action on the skin.



  • here 24 Hour Multi-Action Balancing Cream for combination/oily skin – regulates the oiliness, while maintaining hydration and promoting elasticity and radiance for healthier and younger looking skin.


  • click Clear Complexion Serum for acne skin – daily care that balances the production of sebum and stops the multiplication of spots. It prevents the appearance of new spots, redness, infections and acne marks, regulating the skin and leaving it clean.



All of their products are made using only the finest quality natural ingredients, whilst also being free from parabens and harsh chemicals, before then being personalised to specific skin types in order to get the best results. Having used these products for the past month, the problematic areas of my face have cleared up remarkably well, which for me is a big deal! I have previously tried so many skincare products but it’s clear that organic products are the way forward from now on.

After my treatment, I was able to sample some of their exceptional herbal tea whilst chatting with Elena Elraie, the Co-founder & CEO of Kypwell. Elena explained that their cosmetics and herbal teas are created using certified organically cultivated herbs. The herbs used in their teas work with the skin care solutions to help strengthen their efficiency and results. Kypwell offer three types of tea to try, with each one having its own distinct flavour and aroma:


  • go site Kypslim (herbal mix for weight control)
  • Kypcalm (herbal mix for stress relief)
  • follow link KypClean (herbal mix for body detoxification and healthy skin)



Elena then went onto explain more about the Kypwell Experience in Cyprus, where they offer a personal holistic wellbeing program, in which a team of specialists (headed by the lovely Maria) will take you through the following: -Wellbeing coaching – Tailormade Phyto cosmetic face and body treatments – Tailormade fitness programmes

grafici opzioni binarie in tempo – Tailormade nutrition programmes based on the healthy Mediterranean diet



click You can find more information about the Kypwell Holistic space here.

The defining factor of the brand lies not only in the incredible products, but also in the level of personal care offered by the Kypwell women. Elena is extremely passionate about the brand values and believes that taking care of yourself is such a key part of life, so if we can adopt some of the Cypriot secrets of wellbeing, it could do us all a world of good. Kypwell are also dedicated to adding value to our society and supporting local industry and community in Cyprus, with 10% of their profits being donated to social projects. Kypwell give a very personalised experience from start to finish, leaving you re-energised and inspired to take better care of yourself. I’m looking forward to seeing this brand go from strength to strength and having only launched this year, they have already made a beautiful start.


Words // Kirsty Walden

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