KTZ LFWM AW17 – Fated & Fabled


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http://specialolympics.es/?erimeri=programa-opciones-binarias&37a=a9 KTZ’s offering for AW17 was baseball punk meets bondage in a wonderful flurry of khaki and monochrome. The corseted stiching on the masculine sillouhette was an unexpected twist drawing eyes to the masculine boot. Balaclavas and caps were strongly military inspired which complemented the camoflauge looks.


http://foodintravel.it/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http:/foodintravel.it/benvenuti-food-in-travel/ This is a collection for the modern man who has no qualms about wearing a rara skirt and a bomber with effortless cool. As the lines between masculinity and feminity become ever more irrelevant, this was a celebration in unisex dressing with a touch of the sportswear aesthetic.

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