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here After the AW16 show, I couldn’t quite contain my excitement at seeing Kristian Aadnevik’s SS17 offering. I seem to have a preoccupation with the supreme power of the divine feminine and the incredibly raw and creative potential inherent in this part of our psyche. Aadnevik’s women are dressed to kill, they are the queens of jungle that as I mentioned last season, are daring you to suggest otherwise. We were set up for another spell binding show with the exceptionally talented James Clarke having designed a portion of a rainforest through which the models would emerge. There’s always a certain air of mystery and intrigue at an Aadnevik show and it’s touches like this that make for a truly captivating spectacle. We were left wondering what kind of beauty was going to emerge from this tropical habitat. It wasn’t going to be all sunshine and daisies; there are powerful forces at work in such climates and both Hila and Kristian Aadnevik said as much:

fare tradimg con pochi soldi “The rainforest is disappearing at a concerning pace and this collection is about the beauty of a perishing world. As a symbol of the darkness and strength of the powerful forces of the forest; a band crafted of leather and beads is protecting the fragile alluring world within like a mighty Boa snake grasping its own tail.”

Aadnevik took inspiration from the raw and natural power of Jaguars and Black Panthers, having made a particular reference to the fact that the Black Panther was the God of Darkness and could cause eclipses by swallowing the sun, whilst the Jaguar ties to all manifestations of life, showing the inherent power within the feminine forces. The collection showcased a kaleidoscope of colour, befitting of the tropical Amazonian influences, yet it was its raw and natural sensuality that tied it all together, with the array of sometimes aposematic colouring highlighting the power of unfettered and passionate feminine energy, shorn of all cultural restrictions and free to act out desires, fears and aspirations. There is danger in the Aadnevik women, mixed with the most delectable of feminine elegance. We were treated to couture feather adornments on exotic skins that really imprinted such natural sovereignty on the Aadnevik women in their habitat, with exquisite lace details, beautiful beading and embroidered butterflies and my favourite floaty chiffon.

partnervermittlung russland kostenlos Quite simply, this was another stunning collection and another stunning Kristian Aadnevik show!

click Written by Gesu Ace
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