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We are delighted to share Zoe Hind’sIn the stars this week‘ series, giving you the best possible start to your week with an empowering source of higher wisdom to align with.

We were fortunate enough to have interviewed Zoe for our first ‘Pandora’s Box’ issue, where she provided a wealth of knowledge and guidance on all manner of things, including Astrology, Moon Rituals and Pagan Festivals. You can find her interview here.

Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 August 2017

A harmonic between the Sun and Uranus lights up the skies. Are you open to miracles?

Monday 21 August 2017

New Moon Solar Eclipse – 28 Degrees Leo @19:31 UK Time

This is a surprisingly simple chart which feels relevant as the best path through whatever the eclipse reveals will be the simplest one. Like the wise fool, walk with levity and trust your heart.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac which reminds us of the radiance and creativity of our inner child. Be present and shine your inner light. Nurture you inner beauty and cherish peace.

As we are manifesting almost instantaneously, it is important to care for our inner environment in order that we manifest from a place of love and do not conjure challenges from a place of fear. Let Grace and Purity prevail.

As Saturn prepares to turn direct it feels like time stands still and from this place of pure potential we can chose our best possible future.

Tuesday 22 August 2017

The reborn Sun moves into Virgo – a sign intimately aligned to all Life on Earth. Pause a while, appreciate natural beauty, breathe…

Wednesday 23 August 2017

As Mercury travels back to connect with the Sun, the real message of the retrograde slowly reveals itself.

Thursday 24 August 2017

Venus and Uranus discuss emotional intelligence. What do we really know? Where do we know it from? When something feels right it probably is.

Friday 25 August 2017

Saturn prepares to turn direct. At this turning point we hang in the balance reviewing, re-assessing and re-evaluating on a grand scale. Do you believe what you are told? Do you believe what you want to believe? To realise we must see through real eyes.

Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 August 2017

A very sunny weekend as 3 fire aspects combine.

Saturn direct in Sagittarius fans the flames of justice and adventure.

Venus shimmies into Leo shining star quality.

Mercury meets with the Sun to reignite plans and projects from the past and reunite us with loved ones after a period of necessary separation. Set your sights on the brightest and the best possible outcome.


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