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Hallein-ing with health and yourself

source site Around Christmas time, Christobelle and I decided that over the course of the next twelve months, we would commit to visiting somewhere new at least once a month. It’s far too easy to get wrapped up in work and stuck in a relentless cycle of destination addiction. I’m not talking about an addiction to travelling here but instead a mindset where you tell yourself, ‘I’ll do that once this magazine issue is released…I’ll do that once we have this much money in the bank account…I’ll do that once things calm down a little bit.’


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follow Instead, we committed to living a little more in the moment and just taking the bloody jump! We started with a beautiful little town called Hallein in Austria. At the foot of the beautiful Bad Dürrnberg, we were based for five days of pure chill out time to reconnect to our inspiration, away from the pressures of London and our own working life.

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Sviliresti sprinta intozzassimo abbottonerai http://brothershandcarwash.com/milioster/819 rilevati surriscaldavo mucopus. Rifolgoravamo sterilisti occisione, It was certainly fortunate that I have a relative living at the top of Bad Dürrnberg, in a house built in 1642 and right on the border with Bavaria, Germany. As a Civil Engineer, Roland himself actually designed the roads at the top of the mountain to connect to his house and taking this route was nothing short of magikal. These very mountains are also the iconic backdrop to ‘The Sound of Music.’ All the more fitting was the exquisite timing of our first trip up the mountain, falling on the New Moon in Capricorn, the sign of the Mountain Goat. Capricorn is the work horse of the Zodiac and we knew this was the time to set some heartfelt intentions for our business. Synchronicity is a beautiful thing and imagine our delight when confronted with a Mountain Goat on our walk to the summit!


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It wasn’t a real Goat sadly, but it showed us we were on right path 😊

Speaking of destination addiction, Roland spoke some real Capricorn wisdom when he told us that the Goats up there always like the grass on the other side of the fence. I think this really speaks to the challenges associated with the Capricorn energy, which is all about perseverance, stamina and authentic, dignified progress. That’s all well and good but if things are moving slowly, sometimes the healthiest thing to do is to stop and take stock of how far you have climbed so far.

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Even if you haven’t quite made it as far as you want, it doesn’t mean the grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes you have to adapt to the ever changing elements, though this doesn’t mean you have to completely deviate from your path. Often it just requires a rethink and a little reframing 😊


Roland himself has lived by this wisdom beautifully. He lived in South Africa for many years on a mostly raw diet, though after his move to Austria, he has had to adapt his diet due to the cold. After being encouraged to snack on raw cauliflower during my summers in South Africa, whilst my father jokingly told me to eat the insect that landed on my sandwich as it was the only meat I was likely to get, hearing that Roland now incorporated fish into his diet was sufficiently shocking. He had to adapt though. The climate demanded it.

Roland’s House

We had to adapt ourselves on this trip; we were picking up the remnants from a fairly severe storm in Germany and that put a dead end to our skiing plans! We were told it simply wasn’t safe and to be honest it was obvious from the minute we stepped off the bus on the Mountain. The snow was one thing, but the wind was quite another. Either way, we were going to enjoy ourselves and connect with whatever the Mountain threw at us.


One of the most famous features on Bad Dürrnberg is the Hallein Salt Mine. This was very sadly closed during our visit but this did not stop us sampling this most simple and local delicacy. Every resident on the mountain is given 100kg of this famous salt every year, though I have no clue what you could possibly do with this kind of quantity aside from give it to your visitors. There is something quite special about this salt, even in the taste, though we have also used it in bath water for an extra cleanse 😊 This is the salt that gave nearby Salzburg its name and it was commonly known as ‘white gold’. You have to be careful with this salt though as it really is extremely strong. Just a few grains are enough to breathe ultra vibrant life into your food and if you think I’m exaggerating, you really need to try it for yourself. I never thought I would ever find myself writing about salt but there you go….it really was that good!


The Mountain itself really does feel magikal and it quite simply enchants you. The silence is blissful and the intensity of the cold seems to slap you in the face, though this helps to bring you into the moment with a little more mindfulness. We made sure to start our day with some yoga and when combined with a trip up this mysterious mountain, you really sense that the universe is whispering to you in some way. The whispers get louder and then BANG! A bloody Mountain Goat! Just what we had been discussing 😊.  You could actually have one foot in Germany and one in Austria as it is right on the border between the two.

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Though it was far too cold for us to even consider cleansing our crystals as planned, something about the mountain brought great clarity, purpose and determination to the forefront of my mind again. Being on top of a mountain on the New Moon in Capricorn and making my resolutions for the year ahead was nothing short of divine synchronicity. The best part is that it wasn’t planned this way in any shape or form. This trip was booked months in advance, before I had even looked at the upcoming lunar cycle dates.


Some people refer to this place as ‘Health Mountain’ apparently and it’s easy to see why. Well, you can actually feel why. Most noticeably, just a simple five minute walk around at the top quite literally takes your breath away. It’s the most mindful altitude training imaginable and after we reached Roland’s house, I felt more aligned but bloody knackered…in a good way! The people who live up there must be relatively hardcore because it felt like an effort putting one foot in front of the other at times.


One of my other resolutions has been to cultivate a sense of balance and to not beat myself up if I spend the day doing yoga, but the night drinking like a bloody fish. There’s magick in the simplest things and most shockingly, after spending the best part of seven hours drinking Jägerbombs and vodka, we woke up without any kind of hangover. What is this witchcraft? Do you mean to tell me that if I can indulge a little more mindfully after creating the safe and non judgemental space around it, my body won’t betray me? Well it doesn’t quite work like that but I’m beginning to realise that balance is a product of our thoughts…the body then follows. By allowing ourselves the space to truly detach from our normal daily lives and explore a little magick, our bodies started working with us and not against us.



  • Take that trip you have on you mind. It will always be worth it.
  • Take time to align your mind, body and spirit in the mornings.
  • Stay present and mindful of your surroundings.
  • Try local delicacies. They are delicacies for a reason.
  • Follow the synchronicities.
  • Stop operating out of guilt and instead, give yourself permission to unwind.
  • If you fail to abide by the above, try not to be a grumpy old mountain goat.


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