Fashion Director’s Note – Fated & Fabled

Fashion Director’s Note Pandora’s Box for me represents that journey we all make many times in life when things happen to throw you off course and plunge you into darkness. However, we need to face up to our own flaws and our own behaviours / toxic thought patterns which have contributed to the situation in order to journey into the light. We must see this as something positive, because more often than not, this has happened as a real wake up call when our previous wants / desires are no longer serving our highest potential. We must face up to the inner hurt inside ourselves so we can finally start living life to the full. This is also about tracing a visual journey of our transitions as we evolve through our own personal style, which often goes hand in hand with our experiences and mood. These transitions are subtle signs that we are ready to let those demons leave and finally move on.

500 mg metformin and 100mg clomid I think a lot of people belittle fashion and its relevance to ‘proper’ things, however, I see fashion as a visual representation of literature, myths, art  & dreams, which we all have experienced at some point in our lives. It is not simply some abstract concept because ultimately everyone gets dressed in the morning and those decisions between shades of colour, textures & footwear are really poignant in conveying who you are as a person. It’s more than just labels or blindly following trends just because you feel you have to; it’s about making a statement and being true to yourself as a person. We want to literally lift that lid on Pandora’s Box and know who we are inside and out, without the weight of others’ narrow minded views, expectations or empty words. We all want to truly fly in all our glory and if that’s as a punk rocker transgender hipster, then please fly and be free!

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follow A little note of thanks to my Fashion Assistants whom without all your hard work, I would not have been able to have brought my ideas to life! No one truly knows how much work goes into a shoot from prep to returns so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!  And an extra special one to Lottie Madden (my Fashion Bitch) who has been there from the beginning & all the drama which ensued from the first opening of Pandora’s Box….thank you for your calm nature…your charm…your mediation / translation skills…your cackling in alarming times and of course your amazing one liners! We should write a book…they just don’t get it!

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get link And of course a huge thank you to Gesu Ace ~ my Apollo, Musician, Storyteller extraordinaire & all round Creative Genius, who 4 years ago was crazy enough to share his idea with me & crazy enough to pursue it to the stars and back literally…Thank you for never giving up & I’m so excited for the world to see your Star shine in all it’s brightness..And to my family & true friends you know who you are! THANK YOU for being in my soul family & never giving up on me or all of my suitcases of clothes…..

go site Lots of love, see url Christobelle xxxx Fashion Director

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