Enter…Voyeurs – Fated & Fabled


enter We wanted to explore notions of jealousy as a by-product of Pandora’s Box, through the age old association with the colour green. In every shoot, there is always one key relationship; the model will always engage with the camera, whether directly or indirectly and using two models created a rather interesting love triangle with the camera. The camera is synonymous with the viewer, the third party in a sensual narrative of two beautiful women.

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see url The two ladies are aware of a voyeuristic presence and entice the viewer to join them, whilst at the same time reminding you that this is all about them and that this is as close as you may ever get.

here In an age where we are so controlled by what we view online, catalysing an almost voyeuristic obsession over people’s lives and relationships, your eyes hold the keys to perception. You have chanced upon a Pandora’s Box; it’s up to you to decide what has emerged. One thing is clear to us, an interesting dynamic between our ladies certainly played out very naturally, something that was not necessarily intended. Allow these beautiful ladies to provoke desire, shine a light on your perception of their sexuality as they take the reigns as puppeteers into your foray into Pandora’s Box, both yours and theirs.

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binäre optionen vollautomatisch Editor & Creative Director 

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I wanted Three Is Green to be a real contrast stylistically to my main fashion story Pandora’s Box, as they are all quite gothic and dark. Taking on the theme of jealousy, I decided that it would be interesting to use a colour palette of green tones but coupled with oriental inspired cuts. I also didn’t want the notion of the voyeur element to make it too obviously sexy, as I think subtle hints are far more alluring then just a straightforward, flesh exposed lingerie story. My whole inspiration was if the girls had gone into one of those opium dens in the 19th century, so think upper class, elegant debauchery.

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