Alex Mullins

Alex Mullins’ SS18 offering was playful and pushed boundaries in a beautiful way. We saw models’ faces covered in silk wraps that featured faces themselves, ensuring that every movement on the catwalk distorted the faces, creating the illusion ... Continue Reading

Matthew Miller

Matthew Miller’s SS18 collection entitled ‘Degeneration’, reflected upon the political state of today, showcasing a youthful grungy undercurrent that are ready to trudge on and rise up in their anger. It is through this process of degenerating ... Continue Reading

SONGZIO – London Fashion Week Men’s SS18

SONGZIO is one of my favourites and I was course delighted to be wearing pieces from his incredible SS17 collection, as I did for my recent performance at Chasin Fridays. Now this SS18 collection is just as impressive, showcasing SONGZIO’s ... Continue Reading

Christopher Raeburn – London Fashion Week Men’s SS18

Christopher Raeburn displayed a new found conscious approach to the notion of Sport Luxe, with ‘Remade, Reduced, Recycled, Raeburn’ adorning the trimmings on his deconstructed and upcycled macs, tulle anoraks and jerseys. This was a collection ... Continue Reading

D Gnak

D. GNAK hosted their SS18 collection in London for the first time and the South Korean brand displayed their simplistic yet elegant silhouettes. The brand’s inspiration for the uniquely structured styles was from the Chinese word:因. In ... Continue Reading

Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman's scintillating SS18 collection, 'The Peacock Revolution' was inspired by the flamboyant movement in the 60s to 70s which saw the blurring of gender roles. Sherman pushed the boundaries with gender in a delicate way, styling vintage ... Continue Reading

John Lawrence Sullivan

Kafkaesque is the phrase Yanagawa centres the John Lawrence Sullivan SS18 collection around, referencing the reminiscent of oppressive or nightmarish spaces. We see cut off t-shirts and sweatshirts paired with baggy trousers, deconstructed ... Continue Reading

John Smedley

Summoning the sea, blending the composition of Japanese woodblock prints with the technology of contemporary knitwear constructs both a visual and materially complex collection for John Smedley’s SS18 collection. Re-contextualising the ... Continue Reading


Berthold’s SS18 collection is rooted in the study of child soldiers in central and west Africa, drawing inspiration from the radicalisation and tragedy of war, while also studying the boys’ attire, most of them wearing oversized clothes ... Continue Reading

Oliver Spencer

Oliver Spencer’s show was a poignant celebration of all things London and everything that this beautiful city represents. We saw the slogan 'Love Town’, emblazoned on the t shirts for the finale and I was feeling the love! From gingham ... Continue Reading