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Unlocking The Box

The myth of Pandora's Box has been a subject which has always interested me... another telling of the fall of mankind, conveniently blamed on a woman. Interestingly, after researching the origins of the Pandora's Box myth, it was revealed that ... Continue Reading

Pandora’s Box Lyrics

        Intro (Sung) No one sees into my soul, My demons chained as life unfolds, He thinks he’s the man to break this hold, But he’ll just hurt me so I’m ever cold… (Whispered) Pandora… Bridge ... Continue Reading

Pandora’s Box Video

Pandora’s Box: Written & Performed by Gesu Ace Additional Vocals by Angharad Toms Produced by Gesu Ace & Brian Bogdanovic   Directed by Gesu Ace & William Steel Edited by Bright London Morning   Directors of ... Continue Reading
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