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Simon Carter LFWM AW17

Photos // Profile PR Simon Carter has always been a firm favourite of Fated & Fabled and the AW17 offering did not disappoint. We’re used to such high quality from Simon Carter but it’s the continued reinvention of playful prints and ... Continue Reading

Harry’s of London LFWM AW17

Photos // Mission Media Harry’s of London’s AW17 offering saw a beautifully curated collection of footwear and accessories inspired by a SPORTY-FUTURISTIC aesthetic, featuring METALLICS and fabrics inspired by TECHNOLOGY and with a ... Continue Reading

Tourne de Transmission LFWM AW17

Photos // Vogue Upon entering the Tourne de Transmission presentation space, you were surrounded with painted plastic sheets, much like contemporary art, creating walkways and diversions and on the back wall, a large poem had been printed. ... Continue Reading

Michiko Koshino LFWM AW17

Photo // May Concepts PR When entering the Michiko Koshino presentation, you were greeted into a large room with dark black walls and flooring, with a DJ set up at the back overlooking the crowd and the models standing on large speakers. ... Continue Reading

John Lawrence Sullivan LFWM AW17

Photos // Vogue This brand’s name is a homage to the legendary boxer John Lawrence Sullivan and his character, which was clearly seen through the personality that the models took on during the show. Stomping down the runway to an upbeat ... Continue Reading

Christopher Shannon LFWM AW17

Photos // Village PR Christopher Shannon has focused on creating a stand out wearable and durable collection for AW17. Shredded denim two pieces, jackets made up of colour block patches, quilted nylon puffer jackets, ski wear inspired bright ... Continue Reading

Bobby Abley LFWM AW17

Photos // Vogue Bobby Abley collaborated with none other than Mighty Morphin Power Rangers for this season’s offering. Bringing the iconic Power Ranger colours to the runway, we were taken on a playful and nostalgic journey. Mixing ... Continue Reading

Berthold LFWM AW17

Photos // Village PR When entering the Berthold presentation space, you were surrounded by an artistic display of bottles and cartons that had been painted completely white and carefully placed in groups and lines across the floor. The lights ... Continue Reading

Barbour LFWM AW17

Photos // Vogue This season, Barbour took us on a journey through the past, celebrating their motorcycling heritage which dates back to 1936. Entering the presentation, you were surrounded by posters, slogans and images displayed in the raw ... Continue Reading

Astrid Andersen LFWM AW17

Photos // Vogue Astrid Andersen's AW17 collection focuses on tradition vs modernity, returning through the ages in search of periods depicting masculine opulence. This is achieved through the use of rich colours such as gold, navy, plum and ... Continue Reading
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