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Through The Looking Glass

A representation of a dual gender union, seemingly equal but with an undertone of love and hate, light and darkness ensued. The original thought process was to create a bond between a male and female who were separate, yet connected by an implicit ... Continue Reading


We wanted to explore notions of jealousy as a by-product of Pandora's Box, through the age old association with the colour green. In every shoot, there is always one key relationship; the model will always engage with the camera, whether directly ... Continue Reading

Beyond The Veil

With our Main Fashion Editorial, A Certain Darkness Is Needed To See The Stars, we were inspired by the Pagan Seasons of Samhain & Imbolc, using each one to portray a different side to our model's character. She explores her darker depths ... Continue Reading

The Hands Of Hephaestus

What is the Art of Creation? For Fated & Fabled, it all started with the creation of Pandora... Pandora, the mythological equivalent of Eve, and a name meaning, 'All Gifts', was given an array of gifts from the Gods as a punishment to ... Continue Reading
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