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Charlie Morley Interview Transcript


Charlie Morley, the great man himself!

sistema binario q option WHAT IS LUCID DREAMING?

It is essentially training the mind to know when you’re dreaming, as you’re dreaming. Now when that happens, there’s a variety of next steps. A lot of people’s first step is “OMG, I’m dreaming!” They wake up in bed really excited and go “what the fuck was that?! I was awake inside my dream!” For other people, they can become lucid and then decide what to do. You can choose what to do in the dream; you start to direct the process of the unconscious mind and enter into a relationship with it. That’s where things get really interesting because you’re getting to know yourself.

dating websites for hockey players DIRECTING OR CONTROLLING THE DREAM?

For some people it’s a matter of semantics; are we using the word control or are we using the word directing, co-creating, choreographing? If this were a waking state process, then maybe we could say it doesn’t matter as it’s just a choice of words. However, when you’re in a dream state, the choice of words is hugely important because the dream space is hugely symbolic where words are the symbols that fuel the processes. So even going into a lucid dream with the notion that we’re controlling it is one step away from subjugating, dominating and enslaving.

Alternatively, we go into the lucid dream thinking that I’m going to befriend, to direct, to co-create and even, I’m going to choreograph. Maybe that’s because I come from a dance background but it’s like when you walk into a room as a choreographer and you’re given the dancers and the music; those are set but what you create with the dancers and the music is down to your own creativity.

That’s kind of what it’s like in a lucid dream; you’re given the dream and the dreamers. Let’s say the dream is a beach and it’s full of zombies; what are you going to make with that dream? Are you going to destroy all the zombies because you don’t like them? Or are you going to embrace them and show them love, knowing that they are parts of your mind that are dead but still animated?

So I think it’s really important to drop this notion of control and move into a sort of friendship with the dream. If you really want ‘control’, as in doing whatever you want in the lucid dream, you can get that but it’s not through domination; It’s through making such good friends with your dreaming mind that you call out “Apple in the palm of my hand now!” Then the dream goes “Oh, Charlie, my good mate” and an apple will appear. That’s not because I’ve dominated, mastered or controlled the dream. It’s because I’m such good mates with my dreaming mind.

It’s child’s play to think your controlling. The power of the unconscious mind is so awesome that people who think that their itsy-bitsy consciousness can dominate or control that awesome power, have totally underestimated what they’re dealing with. You know, this kind of ice-berg theory of consciousness that the post-Freudians talked about, where the top 10% of the ice-berg is conscious, the bottom 90% is unconscious; that isn’t extreme enough! The difference between the conscious and the unconscious mind is like a cork of a wine bottle thrown into the ocean. The cork is the conscious mind and the ocean is the unconscious. It’s so much bigger, so much more powerful, that even the notion that we control it is ridiculous.


So there are two stories to this. In my first book, I told this story where for my twelfth birthday, I wanted this thing called a nova dreamer, which is like an electronic sleep mask strapped to your face. It flashes red lights which penetrate your eyelids and you basically dream about traffic lights for two weeks! So eventually, you realise the recognise the traffic lights as the red light and you become lucid. I asked for one of those for my twelfth birthday and my dad confirmed this recently so I know it’s not false memory.

So around the age of eleven, I obviously knew what lucid dreams were and wanted to have them. However, in the second book, I was a little bit more honest and admitted to the fact that I used to wet the bed, till late, till I was about seven. I eventually got sent to a psychologist because my parents were saying, “what was the trauma that we missed; why is he still wetting the bed?” The psychologist asked me why I wet the bed and no one had ever done that before, no-one had actually asked me why. I told them, “well, I’m in the dream and I really need to pee. So I know I’m dreaming and I think that if I wake up, I have to walk to the bathroom, which is really scary because it’s dark and because there were sharks under my bed! So what I’ll do is I’ll have a pee in the dream.” The psychologist then said, “Okay, so the next time you know you need to pee and you wake up in the dream, why don’t you wake yourself up and go to the bathroom?” I said, “because of the sharks, I made that clear.” So we made this deal that my mum would buy me a night light that would be on at all times and then I would wake myself up from the dream and go to the toilet. Within a week, I stopped wetting the bed so it turns out that around the age of six or seven, I was having these lucid dreams just because I was always peeing the bed. Looking back on it that, in my mind that was still growing, it inserted the ability to do it at quite a young age.

Often childhood nightmares are a precursor to lucidity. I even heard one author on the subject say that almost all spontaneous lucid dreamers, so people who can do it naturally, have got a history of childhood parasomnias. So whether that’s sleep-walking, sleep-talking, nightmares or bed wetting, anything weird that happened when they were growing up in their sleep can often lead to lucidity because the brain finds ways to deal with this.

binäre optionen lebensunterhalt WHAT IS DREAM YOGA enter ?

If lucid dreaming is the art of knowing that you’re dreaming as your dreaming and choosing to direct the dream at will, dream yoga contains that definition in it but it goes way beyond it. For one, dream yoga contains what we in the west call ‘astral projection’ and conscious sleeping practices. This term dream yoga means ‘union’. It uses the three states of lucid dreaming, astral projection and conscious sleeping to train for enlightenment while you sleep. Rather than the realisation of the self which might be one of the aims of lucid dreaming from a Jungian point of view, the aim of dream yoga is to move beyond the self. Dream yoga is much wider in its scope. Some of the dream yoga practices are so complex that you need a degree is Tibetan Iconography just to get a hold of it. People ask me why I don’t teach the dream yoga stuff when I’ve been taught it and I live in a Buddhist centre? Even full-time Buddhists struggle with the dream yoga practices! It’s things like falling asleep and visualising yourself in the shape of a certain Buddha, while you’re visualising another Buddha in your throat chakra, while you’re visualising a guru sitting on top of your head the size of your thumb. They are such specific things and once you’re lucid, the same rules apply. So I say, let me teach you the really simple stuff to get you lucid and once you are lucid, then turn yourself into a Buddha and move beyond the self and all the dream yoga stuff. However, for most westerners, the best way to become lucid is not the dream yoga stuff, it’s the western practices.


You hear things from Lama’s, saying that one moment of meditation in a lucid dream is worth a one week meditation retreat in the waking state, however I have no idea how they quantify that. They have found that people who meditate a lot in the waking state, not that they have more lucid dreams, but that their lucidity is more stable when they’re in it, meaning they’re less likely to wake up and get excited. This makes sense because they train their mind, but what less people know is that by meditating in the lucid dream, you are training your capacity for waking mindfulness too. So, if you can try mediating in a lucid dream, you will find meditating in the waking state easier.  It is often quite a mind-blowing experience and if I try to do straight up meditation in a lucid dream, often I wake up. The energy gets too strong and it’s like my head is in a microwave. However, if you say mantras, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘mind protector’, they can have a stabilising effect on the mind. If you go into a lucid dream and yell out “I am joy, I am love, I am my greatest potential for happiness!”, you’re probably going to wake up feeling very very different. A lucid dream is the deepest state of hypnosis you can be in. If you’re in a deep state of hypnosis and you call out an affirmation, a prayer or a mantra, you’re going to feel it the next day.

banc de binary europe THE IMPORT ANCE OF A DREAM DIARY

Keeping a dream diary is probably the least sexy aspect of lucid dreaming.  It’s a bit of a ball-ache at times but all I’m saying is five minutes in the morning or in the middle of the night. Think about reviewing a film; most films are about ninety minutes in length and most sleep cycles are about ninety minutes in length. I bet you could review, unless it’s a really far out art film, most Hollywood films in about five minutes. You wouldn’t tell me exactly what happened but you’d say this scene was the coolest, this person was involved, this was the narrative, oh there was a big plot twist here etc. It’s not about keeping a dream diary for interpreting the dream because then we would need to write down everything that we could remember and then work with a therapist to decode each individual element of the dream. We keep a dream diary for lucid dreaming to spot patterns. In my case at the moment, I always dream of talking animals, so before bed I can say “right Charlie the next time you see a talking animal between now and your breakfast smoothie, you must be dreaming.” Program that into the mind and whilst it can seem like a bit of a hassle, it’s the easiest way to move us into lucidity.

100 free online dating sites in canada DREAM INTERPRETATION

The cool thing about lucid dreaming is that you can interpret your dream while you’re in it.  You can literally go up to people and ask what do you represent. They can say some very specific things and some might say that they are something from your childhood. One guy once told me that he was my supressed capacity for violence and that I would never defeat him! I mean, this guy looked like it too! He was this massive scary thing with the face of a pig. I said, “I don’t want to defeat you, I love you!” I embraced him and he dissolved into black light.

I’ve never had this thing where people meet the same dream characters again; I’ve never had the same dream again and I’ve never had the same dream place. Some people do and they have places they name, which is this whole shamanic thing whereby once you name something, it exists. In dreaming it kind of works that way; if you give things a name, for instance, like I want to go to Locale 1, as long as you know that Locale 1 is that beach that you often visited as a child, you would be able to go back there in a dream. I haven’t had experience of that myself.

It’s often artists actually that think of going back to the same place.

Something that I am particularly interested in and enjoy is that shadow integration aspect of moving towards things that scare you in the dream and embracing them.  Everyone can do that; everyone has the capacity to do it. The cool thing is that the neural pathways are being laid out in the lucid dream in the same way they are when awake.  If you can embrace and integrate things that you are scared of in your lucid dreams, then you are less scared in the waking state.  Fear is such a huge block on everything; on our psychophysical system, the relationships we enter in to and the life decisions we make. If integrating fear was the only benefit of lucid dreaming, it would be worth it!


This is a book that has dream work running all the way through it but it’s my first book that isn’t just about dreams; it’s much wider. It’s about shadow integration in both our waking and our dream lives. ‘Shadow’ was a term coined by Carl Jung, used to describe the parts of the mind we have rejected, denied or disowned. Of course, Jung didn’t invent the shadow; since we’ve had a mind we’ve all had parts that we’ve denied, rejected or disowned. So for most people when they think of the shadow, it’s their fears and phobias, their taboos, secrets and traumas.  However, what I really want to focus on and highlight in this book, is that Jung also talked, in literally in the same sentence as talking about the shadow, about the ‘golden shadow’.  Not only do we hide from others what we’re ashamed of but we also hide from others what we fear will lead to rejection. In many cases, this could mean our inner beauty, our intelligence and spirituality or our artistic impulse. Let us say that as a kid you were told “no one likes a clever clogs”; so as a kid you receive this message that intelligence is something to be hidden from others. Or a beautiful young girl has grown up with a mother who’s jealous of her beauty and she’s been told, “don’t be too pretty.” The child might then bury their beauty.

So the shadow contains really overtly amazingly positive traits; it’s not just our fears and phobias. It can also be this inner potential that we’re often too scared to share with others. In Dreaming Through Darkness, I give equal weight to the golden shadow and the dark shadow.  So it’s about embracing your fear of stuff you’re scared of, as it is embracing your fear of who you could be.


In the dream, the shadow, or an aspect of the shadow is anything that repels you, anything in the dream that you don’t want to go near. Violence, sexually repulsive and even just annoying characters in the dream will be aspects of your shadow. In a lucid dream, if you call out “shadow come to me”, you’ll often get this huge manifestation like a demon, a cloud of black smoke or someone really scary from your childhood.  It is also quite interesting to see where the shadow is in our waking state. Quite often, they’ll be people who trigger us. When somebody annoys you to a degree that is out of sync with their input of annoyance, nine times out of ten it’s because they’ve triggered a shadow aspect in ourselves. This is an aspect that we’re so unwilling to look at that we project it onto others and see it in others to an inflated degree. So, stuff that pisses you off for the dark shadow. For the golden shadow, look at stuff that we really admire in others. Something we see and go “oh I wish I could be them, they’re so beautiful or intelligent or so enlightened”, that’s classic golden shadow projection. So what you see in them is a supressed golden trait that in yourself you are unwilling to see. So by looking at how we project outwardly, we can come into contact with our shadow.

24option opinioni LUCID LIVING

The lucid dream is like a laboratory for enlightened action where we get to trial this stuff and to train our minds. We’re actually asleep for a third of our life and some people are shocked to hear that, we spend 30 years of our life asleep. We can be lucid all we like in our dreams and embrace the love and so on, however if we’re a complete dick in our waking state then it’s for nothing. So far more important than lucid dreaming is perhaps lucid living. It’s not about getting psychotic and thinking this is all a dream, it’s about thinking, if this were a dream and if I were lucid in it, how would I respond? So suddenly, that person who is really pissing you off, you think, “oh that’s my shadow aspect, someone to embrace and love.

Suddenly strangers are strangers anymore because they’re part of you. That brings connection much more viscerally and more directly than in a space of non-lucidity where we are scared of the other and we barricade ourselves into this illusory sense of self, fear of the other and situations that may challenge us. If we live lucidly, we see challenges as offerings of the dream and in the shadow aspects, a great opportunity to embrace ourselves. Give it a shot. If you don’t feel any kinder or happier by the end of the week by engaging that thought experiment, then stop it.


Especially with shadow integration through lucid dreaming, it is absolutely a chemical process.  We’re taking the lead or the raw material of what we believe to be wrong with us, our shadow, that which we push into the shadows and we’re using that as the raw material to create the gold of awakening. The alchemical process is I think probably happening in non-lucid dreams too but we’re less aware of it. Once we become lucid, we are the alchemist and are directly turning the lead into gold rather than waiting for that process to happen. We are going in there and actually working with the vessel to make that happen. 


I was part of a study they did at Hydel University on martial artists; they’d done studies before on athletes. Basically, they teach them to lucid dream and then in their lucid dreams, rather than embracing their shadow and doing all of this amazing stuff, the guys have to do squats.  The next day, they test them and they found they could do more than their personal best.  Basically, they got better at a physical training or skill by practising in the lucid dream. They did a follow up one with martial artists who would practice certain kicks in a lucid dream. You had to fill in all these forms for how easy the kick was to do in the waking form and I was part of that and yes, one of the kicks was easier to do. I think actually, the martial arts thing was missing the point. I think it’s much better to practice kindness in the lucid dream and be kinder.  I work with a guy who has a problem being touched and doesn’t like touching people. So in the lucid dream, he goes around touching people to get used to it and hugging people. Then in the waking state, he is less likely to be adverse to someone touching him and that’s much more important.  We know that’s not just psychological, it’s neurological. We’ve seen that new neural pathways are laid in the lucid dreaming brain in a way that does not happen when we’re non-lucid dreaming.

The potential is limitless and it makes me want to run out on the street and tell everyone about it. There’s a problem here though; it’s not easy to do and because it’s not easy to do, the breadth to which lucid dreaming can be spread is limited because of the amount of people willing to train their mind. In the same way as the amount of people who are willing to do yoga or learn mindfulness, it’s not for everyone and it’s the same with lucid dreaming. It requires certain training, a certain mindset and people getting enough sleep; that’s a massive thing. For people who are sleep deprived, when you have someone saying, “I want you to wake up and write down your dreams” when they’re only getting six hours sleep at night, that’s negating from the process. They need to concentrate on getting some good sleep! So I think the potential for lucid dreaming is limitless, however the amount of people who are willing to learn lucid dreaming and apply it is quite limited at the moment unless we get to some kind of ‘Inception’ type scenario. It’s possible but I’m not sure about forcing the mind into lucidity. Once you start doing that you are in the mode of control.


It’s weird; even if you get lucid every night from now till you die, 95% of your dreaming experience will be non-lucid. I can’t lucid dream every single night; I can get weeks where I get nothing and then sometimes I’ll have like five in a night. If you can get to the stage where you are lucid in every single dream space, five times a night, then you’re probably spiritually awakened, so you don’t need to worry about it!


I don’t know. I’m way out of my depth talking about awakening here although I’m interested in the terminology. We can have an awakening and fall straight back to sleep again, so there are a lot of people who have had awakenings but they have not been awakened. There are people who have had kundalini awakenings, or they might have had a mental awakening through an ayahuasca experience or something like that. Yes, they woke up in the way that they went “oh I see my bedroom” and went straight back to sleep. “I was only awake for five seconds there and I saw the bedroom and that changed my life but I’m asleep again now.”

I think it’s really important that when people have awakening experiences, not to say that they are awakened. That’s a paradoxical term anyway because an awakened person would never say they were awakened because the sense of ‘I’ would have dissolved in the awakening process.  An awakened person would probably be so worried about fuelling the ego, which prevents awakening. So I’d just say tread carefully with anyone who comes to you and says “I’m enlightened or I’m awakened.”

It’s said that every time you have a lucid dream, you’re getting a tiny experience of full spiritual awakening. That same thing in a lucid dream where you say “this is so cool, this is all me, I’m in love with everything”, that would apparently be our experience of everyday life it we were always lucid when we are fully awake. Being fully lucid while awake is what we call full enlightenment or awakening.


Within the Toltec tradition of Mexico, they say that lucid dreaming is a warrior’s path because it takes the discipline of a warrior to get lucid and it takes the courage of a warrior to accept that what you see in the lucid dream is you. Some people think if you’ve done a bit of meditation, a bit of yoga and mindfulness, then you’re sorted. Then you have a lucid dream and you see how magnificently messed up you are. It’s our job to say “oh that’s cool” and be okay in our magnificent messiness, with a sense of self-acceptance and moving into self-compassion.  Then you think, “well that’s going on in my dream world and I’ve got some work to do. No wonder the dude on the street maybe didn’t return my smile and no wonder he’s projecting this stuff on me.” We start to have more compassion for people once we see our own messiness. It’s kind of a paradox.


99% of everything in your lucid dream is you; it’s your mind and it’s your head. We know that neurologically, if you start cycling in a lucid dream, then the cycling centres light up in your brain. So we know that there’s a direct correlation between what’s happening in your mind and the brain. However, over the past eight years in my own experiences and those of people I really trust, there have been too many cases where there seems to be something that’s not in your mind. It’s like a radio station and the bandwidth of a lucid dream is much wider so you can tune into different stations that you can’t access in the waking state. It is definitely possible to tune into things that are not in your personal mind stream. Now from a Buddhist point of view, everything is mind, so it is still mind, however there’s a differentiation between your personal mind and the universal mind. In a lucid dream, you can tune into aspects of the universal mind.


Karl Jung used the term individuated for full psychological completeness. So I guess that the closest he would get to the term ‘awakening’ was full integration. That was to have faced and integrated all of the archetypes, like the child, the wise man, the mother, the whore, the lovers, the shadow, absolutely of the shadow! Once we have faced and integrated those, then by our very nature we become individuated and we become fully balanced. It can be quite hard to put our finger on those archetypes but in a lucid dream, you can meet them because the psychological concepts become personified; so you can literally meet your inner child, the lover and the wise man. Then of course dreams work in symbols, so you can decode the symbols.

So I say that if people remember one thing from this, it should be to hug things in your lucid dreams; literally hug them! The hug in a lucid dream is a symbol of full integration. So definitely hug the zombies and hug anything that’s scary because that’s our shadow aspect.  Hug anything that is divine or godly because that’s the aspect of your inner divinity. Even hug the bloody walls and the door! 99% of everything is you so hug it all. The 1% that might not be you is a universal archetype so definitely hug it!


From a Buddhist point of view, past life dreams can definitely happen but they’re nothing to make a big deal out of.  They’re classed as samsaric dreams, which are like non-lucid dreams of everyday life and past life dreams fall into this category. Unless you were enlightened in your past life, what’s the point in knowing about it? It’s just more lack of enlightenment and more delusion. So actually and strangely for a tradition that has so much focus on future lives and rebirth, you don’t get things like past life therapy in Tibetan Buddhism. Unless you have a vessel to hold that in, it could just be an ego trip. So put it this way, a lot of people were Queen Cleopatra in their past life, or maybe you would find out it was a bit of a disappointment. Who we were then doesn’t matter; it’s who we are now.

Knowing who we were then can be really beneficial because we can see where certain patterns came from. From a Buddhist point of view, which isn’t always my point of view, you can just add confusion to the pot. If you were going to explore your past lives, it would be easier to do so in the lucid dream because in a lucid dream from a Buddhist point of view, you have seven times the mental capacity and seven times the power of consciousness. So if you were going to look into it, lucid dreaming would be quite a cool place to look into it. My question would just be why? What are we searching for when we have trauma to deal with in our current life? Sometimes we don’t know how to deal with it and move forward with it so an easy way out is to blame it on past lives., not necessarily for everybody but just sometimes. For some people, it can be that they’ve really worked deeply and they can trace a pattern back to a past life. If so, brilliant! Explore the past lives but I’d just say, check the motivation for doing so first


Sleep paralysis is the phenomena of waking up in bed and your body is still paralysed from sleep but your mind is switched on. If you dream while you’re awake, we call that a hallucination and these are often super imposed over the room and that’s super scary. I’ve got a video on YouTube called ‘sleep paralysis scientifically explained’. That’s really cool to watch for anyone who is scared of sleep paralysis.  Anyone who wants to release sleep paralysis, you should make a sound of air being let out of a tire. If you do that, it brings focus into the only part of the body that isn’t paralysed and that’s your respiratory system.

For anyone who is brave enough, know that you are half awake and half asleep and you are literally one second away from a lucid dream. If you can manage to stay in it and ride through the fear, know that beyond that is a lucid dream. How to get into the lucid dream? Focus on the hallucination because the hallucination is the stuff dreams are made of. So instead of not wanting to look at the figure at the end of the bed, know the figure at the end of the bed is a dream hallucination layered over your waking experience. So know that that projection is the dream, but it’s easier said than done. Sleep paralysis is fucking horrible.

The other thing is allowing yourself to move into that fear. If the worst fear is being sucked out of your body, then let it happen. You will always come back. The sleep paralysis only lasts for a couple of minutes but it feels much longer. If you’re getting the feeling of being sucked out of your body, you’re having an outer body experience which people train for months to have; so well done for having one!


I think that rather than evolve, it is moving back to the possibility that always was. Things like sixth sense capacity, I don’t think it’s something we will evolve into; I think it’s something we have forgotten how to do. The sixth sense is a sense that is so atrophied from lack of use that when we tune back into it, we think it’s something new but it’s actually something that we haven’t used in so long. If we look at indigenous cultures they have a much greater sixth sense capacity. Lucid dreaming is a natural capacity of the mind; it’s not something special, it’s totally normal. What is abnormal is probably the lack of lucidity we have.


So once you’re lucid, time is basically the same as waking time, or your estimation of it. Your pre-frontal cortex switches back on when you’re lucid so you’re ability to estimate time is the same as the waking state. Non-lucid dreaming, when the pre-frontal cortex is switched off, as you know, you can have a two-day dream in two minutes because time is stretched by the narrative of the dream. Once you aware of the narrative through lucidity, estimation of time is the same.


Well look what’s just happened; one of the most powerful people in the world now is a huge collective shadow expression. We have projected our shadow onto this man. He is probably a wonderful man and a human being who deserves our love as much as anyone else, who has a lot of traits that seem extremely questionable. However, we have projected all our unacceptable shadow traits onto this man; he is the racism and sexism that we are unwilling to see might be seeded in ourselves. He may well be these things but he is a kind of bogeyman scapegoat onto who we projected the universal shadow. So now is the time to shadow-integrate.

A couple of days before he got elected, I had a dream of meeting Donald Trump. I was actually really annoyed when I woke up because in the dream he was quite nice! Even in the dream, I was annoyed that he wasn’t as much of a dick as I thought he’d be. When I woke up and wrote it down, I realised it was my inner Donald Trump, but in me, it wasn’t so bad.


One thing is for sure; it is lack of love that has made Donald Trump who he is. Refusing him more love and projecting more hate on him is not going to help the situation. If we can find some way to show him some love in all the distasteful things he says and does, paradoxically, that could be our biggest saving grace.




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