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Boys that Sing – Viola Beach

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arcoxia 90 mg painkiller ‘Boys That Sing’ by Viola Beach is one of those tracks that takes me back to those summers of freedom after endless school exams, when my only concern was what to wear to Reading Festival to watch the next biggest thing, caked in mud, glitter and flower crowns, reaching for the stars… Literally! The lyrics really remind me of my younger self and my obsession with all things Nu Rave (which took inspiration from the 80s, so very bright clashing neon colours including my pride and joy of a pair of yellow skinny jeans). I definitely thought I had it all figured out in my lycra boob tubes, well I still do, ha!

She’s in lycra
But I don’t like her
dating site for higher education She’s a tiger But not as violent
truffa trading opzioni binarie Singing woah!
watch What do they know?

The track is all about that push / pull effect that one has when you are in the throes of first love, when everything that irritates you about them is actually why you are attracted to them and when any minute mention of something would so easily spur the other person to take up your same hobbies, passions, or go to whatever place you were headed and in this case it’s that age old attraction to rock stars and more specifically singing….č‰Şĺ © And she said that together we could do anything
follow link And she told me that she loves a boy who knows how to sing
go to link So i learned how to sing

This track is all that nostalgia rolled into one with unfortunately an underlying sadness due to the tragic death of the band this February in a car crash.  Their debut album has been released posthumously on 29th July and is such an amazing credit to the four members as although they are no longer with us, they have left an eternal mark on the world of music. They are undeniably so gifted and sometimes people with the most to live for are taken away from us in the blink of an eye. If there is something to take from Viola Beach, it is undoubtedly their masterpiece of an album but also that anything you have a passion for or those dreams you had when you were younger… just follow them! Whether it be in your career, relationships or travel, please just go for it and don’t waste your life doing what others tell you! Dream big!

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Listen to the LP here

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