Beyond The Veil – Fated & Fabled

Beyond The Veil With our Main Fashion Editorial, A Certain Darkness Is Needed To See The Stars, we were inspired by the Pagan Seasons of Samhain & Imbolc, using each one to portray a different side to our model’s character.


here She explores her darker depths with typical and allusory rituals of Samhain, the time when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, re-appropriated today as Halloween. Our model is seeking to bring consciousness to her shadow, a side of her that has been neglected and frozen and a representation of Imbolc. Ultimately Imbolc was a time that heralded the coming of Spring, reminding those who were surviving in harsh conditions that hope still remained. Pandora’s Box may be the thinnest veil of all and the portal to the shadow realms that our model steps through, represented by the Spider’s Web and the intricate interconnectedness of the cosmos, which can be traversed to the past, present and future.

come guadagnare su internet legalmente With Imbolc often associated with Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of Fertility, inner healing and spiritual alchemy, our model represents a kind of frozen Miss Havisham style figure, the scorned bride or the neglected shadow. Spiritually speaking, our inner world is the sacred feminine, the receptive and both the spiritually and alchemically fertile. In the Samhain section of the shoot, the fires are lit to raise the frozen spirit into fertile life.

opcje binarne bankier Throughout the editorial, notice the imagery of the snake and the apples, signifiers of falling to the temptation of darkness. However, we all know that there are two sides to a story and there has to be some silver lining; Golden apples allude to divine food and a source of immortality in Norse Mythology and this is a nod to the eternal spirit and reclaiming the Goddess within. Snakes as well nod to Brigid, who was viewed as a snake Goddess and representative of the fiery kundalini energy of spiritual awakening and the coming of new life in spring.

mujeres madres solteras en huancayo This is a story of rebirth… Gesu Ace
pdf opciones binarias Editor & Creative Director

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nicotinell gomme online This shoot was another exploration of the light & the dark and this time it was very literal in the depiction. I wanted Samhain to be very gothic with lots of textures of pleats, leather & feathers. Nicole Da Silva designed a beautiful feathered jacket which was perfect for adding that dark raven vibe to the opening candle shot. Zena Abid’s beautiful jacket which had a train of over 24m, was the perfect compliment to the red of the apples alongside the stunning geometric gravity defying shoes by Carolin Holzhuber, adding an extra dimension to the shot. The pleated pieces by Rochaele Siobhan also added dimensions to the black looks.  The Wildness provided suitably gothic jewellery of skulls & black stones. Dorota Todd’s Loop Collection was perfect for underlying the movement between the seasons & the veils had a direct correlation with the Imbolc section, whilst Samhain was a time when the veil between worlds was very thin hence, I used the wonderful Monique Lee’s Veil as the crowning moment for this.

generic maxalt mlt price The Imbolc section I saw as a lighter opposition to Samhain. The light to Samhain’s dark. So I used lots of beautiful sheer fabrics, faux fur to  underpin the Imbolc connection to Aquarius & The Fox. Our frozen Miss Havisham wears YUZZO London, Pitchouguina & Romy Ldn, which was an understated alternative to the classic depiction of Miss Havisham in a dress. The Julian Hakes shoes again feauture an almost zig zag pattern which is a relation to Imbolc being at the time of Aquarius, with their symbol being a zig zig. Finally, with symmetry to the previous veiled shot, Louisa wears the classic white veil by Harvy Santos, which again shows that the ice can melt and the future can be positive. The snake jewellery & beautiful rings by Chi 22 London again created further connections to snakes & Imbolc. And the wonderfully intricate rings by Kiki Tang also helped to lift the looks into another dimension. The sheer fabrics used by Nicole Da Silva & Velvet Johnstone also linked into that lighter side of the shoot. And the faux fur  by Church of Sanctus again connected with the Fox symbolism. Claire English had such interesting pieces in silver which were perfect for the icy tones of the Imbolc section.

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