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Childhood Dreams – ARY


dna dating steve harvey In a week where I have been discussing the Divine Feminine a lot, ARY’s track ‘Childhood Dreams’ perfectly sums it up for me… ARY sounds like she’s chanelling Goddess Freya in such a beautifully etheral way…it moved my very cells! This is such an empowering track which sounds to me like those moments often after a broken heart, when you awaken to your own power and everything finally makes sense. It’s an anthem of letting go and getting back to what is really important!

source link In this case, it’s about getting back to our ‘Childhood Dreams’, which are so often mocked as we are made to think, ‘that’s silly… you need to grow up and get a real job…………!’ Ummmmmm NO! If we get down to basics, what you loved doing as a child is what you should be doing NOW! We are so much more in touch with our creativity and soul’s purpose as children and sadly, this can often get shaken out of you…but don’t accept this! You are the architect of your future! We are not here to pay bills, be HR managers and die… we are here to create and to work through those painful moments, coming out on the other side with strength and wisdom. ARY is a singer from Norway and she exquisitely sampled an indigenious witch group on this track, with the underlying beautiful divine feminine chanting really touching your soul! It’s electric and so so empowering! F.Y.I, it’s about time we reclaimed the word ‘Witch’ as something empowering…Witch actually means ‘Wise Woman’, although religion has of course perverted this.

go here So in essence, let’s get back to what used to spark your childhood dreams before, parents, structure and social conditioning got in the way! WHO MADE THESE RULES ANYWAY?!!!!

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