Andrew GN PFW FW17

Andrew GN’s FW17 collection, Global Tribal, took us right back to our roots as, reminding us that each one of us belongs to a tribe with traditions, rituals, customs and costumes expressing who we are.

This was a beautiful celebration of tribal patterns on the feminine silhouettes of black dresses and swirling patterns and indigenous prints, blurring the line between the cultures which have shaped our psyche on form fitting suits and Tudor style dresses.

Even on completely different sides of the world, there are still these universal patterns and symbols which we all relate to on a unspoken soul level; Shaman, Inuit, African, Aboriginal…all of these are the keepers of sacred knowledge and connected with nature…they are just expressed in different ways. This is the underlying theme of the collection, being that we are all connected as a Global Tribe of humans and are expressing this through clothing in slightly differing ways. A truly cross-cultural melange of fierceness!

Words // Christobelle Batchelor
Fashion Director





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