Alex Mullins LFWM SS18 – Fated & Fabled

Alex Mullins LFWM SS18 Alex Mullins’ SS18 offering was playful and pushed boundaries in a beautiful way. We saw models’ faces covered in silk wraps that featured faces themselves, ensuring that every movement on the catwalk distorted the faces, creating the illusion of melting away.

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follow link With images of perfume adverts adorning long dresses, it created a similar feel in the bodily movement, giving the feeling that the true self within is almost longing the escape. Far from being the devil inside, it’s a lighter note, alluded to even more with the mesh tote bags carrying fresh flowers that strikingly, due to their container, didn’t seem quite as fresh. It’s almost as if Mullins is playfully hinting at how our inner beauty has become displaced from our bodies, covered with digitalised spoofs and ultimately warped. This concept is pulled together and even furthered by the 3D looking floral prints. Something is longing to be set free.

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does dating a married man work The truth within begins to stretch, testing the boundaries little by little, with oversized sleeves draping to the floor, along with asymmetrical denim jeans hoisted up on one side at the waist, or even extended at the bottom of legs. Whatever is inside is much bigger and much better; the outside can’t hold much longer and we just wonder if this can be married up with the armour of our personal fashion. It might not be a practical escape but it certainly looks beautifully dramatic. Words // Gesu Ace
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