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enter 10 posts from day opcje binarne dla bystrzaków 10/09/2017

Aromatherapy & Chakra Alignment

MORE MAGIKAL MUSINGS FROM THE DIVINE HAG     In a time of increasing stress and hard work it is even more important to mindfully look after our whole health. Feelings of imbalance are exacerbated by the way we now live, which is often out of touch with our emotions and our true nature. Frequently it is our Chakras that are out of alignment, leading us to feelings of confusion and distress. Aromatherapy, amongst other treatments, can help restore this balance and harmony. ... Continue Reading


HEALING THE SUNSHINE CHAKRA BY SARAH LAMEY If you have ever indulged in a Yoga class you will probably have come across the notion of Chakras, the Sanskrit word which directly translates to ‘wheel’. There are said to be seven main Centres/Chakras in our bodies in which our energy flows. Imagine that you have a jug of water and seven glasses that you want to equally fill. After you’ve poured an equal amount of water into each glass, you decide that one of the glasses needs a little more ... Continue Reading


Hailing from Russia, Yana Markova is taking the worlds of Fashion and Entertainment by storm, with the most beautifully intricate and dramatic one of a kind headpieces. Her artisanal takes on History and Fantasy have been met with critical acclaim, with her designs being featured on the Silver Screen in Cannes. Fated & Fabled were privileged enough to interview the supremely talented phenomenon herself and here’s what we learned!   Alexander The Great, Photographed by Dima ... Continue Reading


AFTER OUR OWN EXPLORATION OF THE ‘HAG’ IN OUR EDITORIA, ‘LAMENT FOR A DEATH FORETOLD’, WE CONTINUE THE JOURNEY THROUGH AN INTERVIEW WITH THE BRAND’S CREATOR, MARGARET MORRISON-MACLEOD.   PHOTOS BY GRANT NICOLSON   How did the name ‘The Divine Hag’ come about? Can you explain the inspiration behind your logo? Can you describe the process in perfecting your blends? I have found the blends to work wonders, especially with my headaches; how did you ... Continue Reading

The Immortal Issue

INTERVIEW WITH OUR FAVOURITE TIME LORD, ZOE HIND   What does the word ‘Immortal’ mean to you? How can we see our immortality in Astrology? How can people tune into their cellular intelligence? Why has the concept of immortality has been such an obsession for humanity? How can we make better use of time to tune into our Immortal essence? Can you explain a little about Quantum Leaps? Can you do that with the conscious mind or do you have to be in more a transcen... Continue Reading


LENNE WEARS: Top by Bimba Y Lola | Long-Sleeved Top (worn underneath) by Moon Lee | Trousers by Jean Paul Gaultier @Vintage.Treasure.Chest | Earrings, Bangle & Rings all by Marcia Vidal ERVINA WEARS: Blazer by Yves Saint Laurent @Vintage.Treasure.Chest | Sweater by Bimba Y Lola | Skirt by Moschino & Belt @Vintage.Treasure.Chest | Tights by Silky Scarlet @UK Tights | Earrings, Bangles & Rings all by Marcia Vidal ERVINA WEARS: CREDITS AS BEFORE | Shoes by ... Continue Reading


Shirt from Junip Vintage | Swimsuit by Nikki De Marchi | Leggings by Silky @SockShopUK | Shoes by Gina | Earrings by Milk Tooth LDN | Necklace by VICKISARGE | Bracelet by Angie Gooderham Jacket & T-Shirt both by UPPERKASE | Breton Top (worn underneath) by Hallhuber | Trousers by Wrangler | Shoes by Miista | Earrings by VICKISARGE CREDITS AS BEFORE CREDITS AS BEFORE Jacket by Osman | Dress by Vilshenko | Shoes by CHIE | Socks by FALKE @SockShopUK | ... Continue Reading


JACK WEARS: Sleeveless Blazer & Trousers both by SONGZIO | Shirt by Joshua Millard | Chained Ring Hand Harness & Half Finger Armour Ring both by Lucy Ashton SARAH WEARS: Skirt (worn as cape) by Michaela Frankova SOPHIA WEARS: Pinafore by Teija | Dress (worn underneath) by Sister Jane | Shoes by Malone Souliers | Rings all by Sif Jakobs JACK WEARS: Tunic & Shorts both by Ester Kubisz | Shoes by SONGZIO | Necklace by VICKISARGE | Rings all by ... Continue Reading


Kaftan by Nikki De Marchi | Harem Pants by Ashanti Empress | Shoes by Longchamp | Mint/Saffron Long Dash Necklace by Eleanor Bolton & Isambaini Necklace by Alama (both worn as headpieces) | Necklaces & Bracelets all by Eleanor Bolton Blazer by Hallhuber | Blouse by Zeynep Kartal | Skirt by Paul & Joe Sister | Shoes by CHIE | Earrings by Toolally | Ring from London Road Jewellery   LEFT HAND IMAGE: Blouse & Skirt both by Barrus | ... Continue Reading


Ankh Ornate Necklace (worn as headpiece), Ankh Earring, Till Death & Spider Necklaces all by Curiology Ltd | Sacred Scarab & Lucky Medallion Earrings both by Rosita Bonita | Enameled Beetle Earrings by Philippa Holland   Catsuit, Bra & Bikini Brief all by Coco de Mer Cape, Blouse & Body all by Céline Marie | Choker by Lucy Ashton | Amethyst & Gold Ring by Chupi | Urchin Ring by Alexis Dove Gown by Céline Marie | Dress by Dynasty London | ... Continue Reading
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