March 25, 2017 – Fated & Fabled click opzioni binarie strategia masaniello

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Di Liborio MFW FW17

An all-round feast for the fashion eyes and ears, di Liborio is a provacateur andcertainly knows how to put on a good show! This was by far my favourite show of the season in a sea of quite similar formats; this was somewhere between a Rock 'n' Roll gig and a fashion show and it was absolutely spellbinding! The band Royal Enemies transported back to what I can imagine it was like in one of original underground clubs of the sixties, breaking all the rules with a big middle finger up to ... Continue Reading

Jimmy Choo MFW FW17

Photos // Adriana Krawcewicz Stepping into the Jimmy Choo presentation space was genuinely like a girly daydream colour coordinated house, with each section of the house a specific colour from pink, blue, orange and green; it felt very Edie Sedgwick meets candy floss in a wonderfully modern way! The curation was so detailed that even books were painted in each coordinated colour along with associated props in each room. For a shoe addict like me, this was two of my favourite ... Continue Reading error: Content is protected !!