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  Fated & Fabled had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Elaine Young, The Tantric Shaman, for our Alchemy Issue. Around the same time that this magazine was conceived, we actually attended one of Elaine's 'Orgasmic Yoga' workshops. It was an extremely eye-opening experience and it was incredible to meet with Elaine for this issue and to delve even deeper into these topics. Please proceed with an open mind at this point because it's about to get real deep. Sexual Alchemy is life and ... Continue Reading


    Fated & Fabled interviewed Charlie Morley, a highly respected teacher of 'Lucid Dreaming', for our Alchemy Issue. So influential has Charlie been to Editor Gesu Ace's lucid adventures, that Charlie has actually become a dream sign for him, stepping into Gesu's subconscious to remind him to wake up and get lucid from time to time. We got the lowdown on everything from his new book 'Dreaming Through Darkness', to his thoughts on Donald Trump and much much more ... Continue Reading

Charlie Morley Interview Transcript

  WHAT IS LUCID DREAMING? It is essentially training the mind to know when you’re dreaming, as you’re dreaming. Now when that happens, there’s a variety of next steps. A lot of people’s first step is “OMG, I’m dreaming!” They wake up in bed really excited and go “what the fuck was that?! I was awake inside my dream!” For other people, they can become lucid and then decide what to do. You can choose what to do in the dream; you start to direct the process of the ... Continue Reading
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