in LFWM SS19

Xander Zhou’s show was about as challenging as it can get! And I loved it! Zhou had models walk down the catwalk appearing to be pregnant, with A.I voices chanting, ‘I am digitised’, which was a very interesting take on transhumanism as the lines between genders get more and more blurred alongside an increasing reliance on technology. How will the human race transform? I think we stand on the brink of massive change and where we choose to co create our evolution will be very, very interesting. What is it that actually makes us human?

The models wore articulated trousers with knee pads, high tech layers and ET inspired prints. My favourite t-shirt wore the slogan, ‘New World Baby’, which played on a how we are transitioning from the old archaic systems of doing things and seeing life alchemise in new and beautiful ways.

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director

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