in LFWM AW20



Xander Zhou’s AW20 offering was a visionary expression of the clothing we may be wearing in the future as the age of Aquarius gets underway. Opening the show with a robotic voice, reminiscent of Aldous Huxley’s opening chapter of the Island, this set the scene rather atmospherically for the mind blowing show.

We were treated to Uranian-esque looks, with visionary lightning bolts echoing our own nervous system’s electricity and how we are bioelectric beings. We also saw pixelated faces adorning a suit, exploring the notion of true privacy or anonymity in our modern world and with the introduction of more and more man-made technology, this cuts us off further and further from natural cycles and natural law. This theme was continued in looks which were literally split down the middle and this of course appealed to my Gemini sensibilities, with a very intelligent exploration of what it truly means to be human in an ever increasing digitalised world.

Photos // Bright London Morning 

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director

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