in LFW SS19

 This season Tata Naka took inspiration from Roman and Greek statues, which permeate our collective consciousness regarding the ideal human body. These beliefs run through our ideas of beauty, art and femininity on a subconscious level, rather like the Roman Empire refashioning itself under the Vatican, which is something that never really left us.  Not only this, but the Ancient Empires aesthetic was echoed through pleating, traditionally worn by warriors, while tunics and draping togas added ornate and divine feminine twist to what would have been masculine clothing.

A favourite moment for me was the Gorgon, with the Medusa print on the clothing being traditionally symbolic of the dark and repressed feminine. But I like to see Medusa not as a monster but as a symbol of how oppression of the divine feminine has so been twisted in history and even up to this day. Despite being raped by Poseidon, as a punishment for this, Athena cursed her with snakes for hair, which, if any mortal man would look at, would turn him to stone. This is just an allegory of how the powerful feminine energy – a sheer force of creation which has been so feared and blamed for the effect which this produces in carnal lower vibrational masculine energy – can lead to fear mongering. The snakes of course are a symbol of temptation but ultimately a symbol of sexual energy and healing of the chakras through kundalini energy, which when raised with spinal fluid, can lead to true liberation. We also spied some symbolism of the griffin, which are the four fixed signs of the Zodiac,  forming a cross and reminding us to not become too fixated on our programming.


Photos // Tata Naka

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director

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