in LFW AW20

Richard Malone’s AW20 collection was a masterclass in integrity and creativity, showcasing his commitment to and awareness of the impact fashion has had upon the environment, as well as through the exploitation of people. He has therefore committed to the four “innovation pillars”, including the use of plant-based dyes and regenerative fabrics for environmental awareness, customer transparency and the desire to exchange experiences with other designers, as well as through working with recycled yarns and minimal waste.

Stand out moments were his underwear as outerwear pieces, which I have always loved to do. The recycled leather pieces were so powerful, especially with the juxtaposition of the jewelled toned colours. This was a thoroughly visual journey, almost like a wave with peaks and troughs in terms of proportions of the pieces. Crescendoing with these beautiful accordion like asymmetric dresses, Malone  showed us you can be consciously practical while also remaining mystically ethereal in your unique symphony like note along the octaves.

Photos // Richard Malone 

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director


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