in LFWM AW20

The trick to understanding the human experience is recognising that nothing stays the same forever. With everything being in perpetual motion, every morning we have the chance to start anew and the only guarantee we seemingly have is that the sun will set and rise again.  This idea of daily renewal forms the basis of Qasimi’s Autumn/Winter 2020 collection.

At a time when the human condition appears to be so divided, the Qasimi urban nomad is more connected to his roots than ever and this is clearly shown with darker undertones juxtaposed with the knowledge that there is also light, a sign of hope. This is reflected in the palette of the collection, which contains intensely rich earth tones such as Persian plum, Arabica and scarab, further lifted by warming hues of turmeric and myrrh. These are in turn cooled down and cemented by grey, black and off-white tones of asphalt, obsidian and marble.

Central to the collection were also removable badges of military influence, bearing embroidered symbols and texts, such as a sun derived from Sharjah’s etymology, the ‘Rising Sun’, as well as a coiled serpent representing infinity and continuity, and finally the words ‘Renewal, Rebirth, Immortality’, with a promise to strive to continue Khalid Al Qasimi’s legacy.

Photos // Bright London Morning 

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director

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