in LFWM AW20


For Pronounce’s AW20 offering, we were treated to rich elemental exploration. There were prints reminiscent of a raging fire, as well as the edges of fire and water. This is of course the basis of all life on earth and balancing these elements within us leads to immense healing.

Fire is representative of the masculine principle and the passionate kickstart to seed creativity, while water is representative of the feminine principle of emotions and flow, where creation is incubated, nurtured and grown. In this way we can see how the waters are the womb of the earth so to speak.

The collection was inspired by the story of the 108 heroes who went to Liangshan in the “Water Margin”, a Chinese classical novel, in which they go to the mountains to achieve their dreams. The characters in the novel are both good and evil, embodying the duality of Yin and Yang. With Fashion Week falling in Capricorn season, the mountain reference was particularly poignant. We all have our own mountains to climb, but what exactly are we striving for? Worldly or spiritual success?

Photos // Bright London Morning 

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director

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