in MFW SS19

I just love it when designers go their own way… away from the prescribed format of what a fashion show or show notes ‘should’ be and Marni was a wonderful breath of fresh air! Inspired by mattresses no less! I rather think of the bed as the second kitchen for me (where I spend the majority of my time) and it is a sacred sanctuary, so with all of the guests sitting on rows of second hand beds to reflect the bedding obsession, this was just perfect. Below is an excerpt from the show notes:


Mattress recipe.

Preparation of unknown origins for multiple hands.

Coming from today, maybe from tomorrow.

Tonic and invigorating.

Favored by the gods of the Genetically Modified Olympus.


-Ancient Greece marble, at will

-White painter’s canvas, in rolls

-Deboned meat of Doric columns, in abundance

-Caramelized magnanimity

-Flambé ferocity

-Whims, in sheets

-Sliced ​​esotericism

-Sharp angles

-Live tempera

-Oxymorons, quantum suffice


Such wit and poise led us into a wonderfully refreshing collection, featuring all of my first fashion loves; sunglasses, chunky jewellery, corsetry and semi structured skirts. This was offset with tones of beige, ecru and white, which was a lovely juxtaposition of the put together yet nonchalant feel. This was a collection which was both supportive, comfortable and the foundation of strength – rather like the mattress. Interspersed with draped dresses in show stopping prints, this was confident and stunning artistry.


Photos // Marni

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director

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