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This season Liam Hodges enticed us with his AW19 collection, ‘Mutations in the 4th dimension.’ The inspiration for the collection comes from the attempt to work out a look for a new wave and finding your own individual identity; as in this century everything is so quickly accessed on social media, the nostalgia of true singularity is lost.

The futuristic and mindful collection focused on clashing prints of stripes and colourful paint splashes, printed on rugby style jersey shirts, Ellesse tracksuits, and oversized bomber jackets. Shirts consisted of several different patterns, purple and white large striped on the sleeves, with condensed striped black and yellow on torso of the top, completed with a block white collar. The contrast of the prints and tones create individuality and a sense of finding yourself which perfectly reflects the inspiration of the collection.

The collection focused on tesseract which is a four-dimensional square that can be drawn in 2D; but can’t be seen in all dimensions. Hodges portrayed this confusion of stuck between two dimensions by contrasting silhouettes and textures. Some pieces were futuristic with blocking colours of white, black and grey.  Juxtaposing with the busier patterns of stripes and colour.

The ready to wear collection is multipurpose for the winter months and spring with the pop of colour infused in the collection. Never compromising on standards and perfectly executed.

Photos // Liam Hodges 

Words // Ellie Mose – Fashion Assistant 

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