in LFW SS19

A Neptunian landscape was created this season by Fyodor Golan, with the runway being inspired by coral covered driftwood, made of flowers and abandoned fishing nets, the perfect waterway for Poseidon’s Muses to float on down.

For a Pisces moon such as myself, this was another chance to swim in the etheric waters of imagination, captivated by the dreamy feel that all of us have when we meet with life giving bodies of water, while also being conscious of the symbiotic relationship and responsibility we have to look after the macrocosm surrounding us. Let’s consider for instance how plastic in the oceans is one of the most significant and damaging environmental scourges;  ‘Being inspired by the oceans, we couldn’t avoid the topic of plastic waste. We’ve teamed up with the charity ‘Plastic Oceans UK’, who have helped us collect abandoned fishing nets that are forming one of the largest dangers to marine life. These have been used in the set to illustrate this important issue, conveying a positive message and supporting ocean clean up and repurposing waste.’

The collection contained sporty surfer details, mixed with soft silks that are exaggerated and embroidered to create experiential environments for the wearer. We were beautifully guided us through the understanding of water as the source and a symbol of progression, with other castaway elements found on beaches, from seashells and pearls to plastic waste, influencing fabric and detailing.

We saw protective, translucent and sequined scales sewn into fragile silhouettes applied with sustainable real pearls, celebrating their individual and raw form. Contrastingly, there were strict graphics and monster oversized flower bloom prints, creating an orgasmic and paradisiacal culmination. Colour combinations and collaged pieces were inspired by American painter, Jamie Adams, with photographs of pastel discarded waste sculptures by Thirza Schaap.

Water as an element holds our emotions, with the cells in our body being full of water, literally soaking up our thoughts whether positive or negative. Considering this, a conscious effort to heal the water on our planet will go a long way to healing the disconnect our society has created with nature as a whole.

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director


Photos // Bright London Morning 

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