in LFWM AW20


As we start the new decade, the reality of how we have abused and destroyed Mother Earth is the hot topic of the moment, especially when working in an industry which has of course contributed directly to this. Patrick Grant summarised this uneasy realisation in his release: “Fashion, a world of consumption and destruction that heaps misery upon human beings and reaps damage on the planet on a scale almost no other industry comes close to matching.”

E.Tautz’s AW20 offering was a decidedly more solution based approach to fashion, with an emphasis on sustainability. With about 50 percent of the collection having been made from repurposed fabrics, there was an emphasis on darning and patching. As always, we were still treated to beautifully luxurious and silhouetted menswear. We also saw twill chinos and blousons, matched with Louboutin pumps and herringbone moments, which was as always elegant menswear at its most charming.

Photos // Bright London Morning 

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director

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