in PFWM AW19

Emma and Saif Bakir chose this season to take a slower approach to the design process a much-needed conscious antidote to the world of fast fashion we are bombarded with. The cult of speed in our society can feel so overwhelming so this collection served as a reaction against the ‘rushing standstill’, a term coined by French philosopher Paul Virilio to describe our accelerated present day. Taking the time for true self care can be the most healing thing you can cultivate for your soul and true creativity is a natural extension of this in a postmodern society focusing on services and purchases, we don’t make with our hands anymore, and as a result, goods have lost their real value and are easily replaced. CMMN SWDN look at the importance of being comfortable in one’s own skin. Pre-loved garments continue to serve as a focal point of inspiration – the well-worn fabrics evoking feelings of nostalgia and familiarity that offer an insight into the biography of the wearer.

The collection serves as a celebration of imperfections by highlighting the landscape of damage to a garment. Treasured hand me downs are reimagined through tailoring in knowingly awkward proportions and elongated lengths. This collision of unexpected pairings provides CMMN SWDN’s signature aesthetic for AW19.

Photos // Chris Yates

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director



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