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There is always such excitement when we receive the tickets for Charles Jeffrey Loverboy and this season was no exception. The invitation itself was truly spellbinding, coming in the form of part Look Book and part Editorial, entitled, ‘HELL MEND YOU’, with these incredibly moving shots referencing the Festival of the Horse in Orkney (marking a celebration when children dress up as Clydesdale horses.). To say I was intrigued is an understatement….

The set featured an oak tree as the centre piece, with the Oak King known to be the wisest of the trees and heralding the returning of the sun after the battle with the Holly King at the Winter Solstice, the darkest point of the year according to Druid tradition. Having sacrificed himself at the Summer Solstice when the nights become longer, this is why he is associated with sacrifice, death and rebirth. The oak trees are of course sacred to the Druids, making up their sacred groves and regarded as the Tree of life, with its deep roots piercing into the underworld and even echoing our own Alveoli in the lungs through the most divine of symmetry through the concept of ‘As above so Below’.  We know of course that trees utilise a process called photosynthesis to create the very oxygen we breathe from. Oak trees are full of healing powers and one can simply walk around the tree, meditating on any ailments being carried away by the first bird to fly off their branches. This was a deeply profound way for the theme of the show to be executed, through a kind of group healing as the models walked around the Oak tree.

“An older, hidden generation have made brutal calculations and we’ve inherited their catastrophe. While they look on, we suffer the consequences, paying a sacrificial price in blood.” This was the call by Loverboy, a call to arms for us to all bear collective and individual responsibility truly change humanity’s path. Loverboy has also promised to, “place equal value on human wellbeing alongside financial growth”, which in an industry such as Fashion, is a very conscious way to approach production that has so often been focussed on rapid material gain, regardless of the impact. It’s great to hear that the label will be using organic cottons, localised production and chemical free Denim, which will ensure these incredible pieces remain sustainable, toxic free and environmentally aware.

A nod to his Scottish roots was referenced in the Tam o’Shanter hats and sporran-shaped handbags. Teddy boy tailoring and magic mushroom inspired prints further added to the juxtaposition between the modern and the mystical. Indeed, my absolute favourite had to be the love heart look, which reminded us that love is truly the thing that connects us in the end.

Photos // Bright London Morning 

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director

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