in LFWM AW19

Bobby Abley’s show is always guaranteed fun! This season was no different! Inspired by every 90s kids obsession Pokémon with Pikachu even closing the show! When I was a child I didn’t connect the elements of the pokemons but now looking back with older and wiser eyes it just makes sense!  Fiery oranges of Charmander, soft lilac of Mewtwo, powdery blues of Squirtle (water) and of course, the unmistakable sunshine yellow of Pikachu. It was a mélange of sportswear inspired fabrics and technical fabrics with the addition of corduroy wide-cut trousers, white vinyl cut in to jogging bottoms, and a blanket tracksuit with appliquéd leather lettering spelling out ‘Whatever Forever’ – the wording of one of the designers many tattoos. Something so creative yet wearable at the same time. Other moments which followed on from this sentimental theme was the inclusion of baby blankets and scarves hand knitted by his mother (and other relatives) which was such a lovely ancestral touch that reminded us that love and skills are passed down to us.

Photos // Bobby Abley

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director

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