in MFW SS19

I think in modern society, where the Divine Feminine energy of nurturing, cooperation and creation has been so repressed in favour of the aggressive, consumerist, unevolved dominant masculine energy, the greatest source of feminine mystery and power is the ability to form and create another human soul. In a society where Pregnancy is treated like an ‘illness’, this mindset even in fashion has unfortunately trickled into the psyche, with maternity wear having been in the past seen as dumpy and unglamorous. Bianca Balti’s Maternity line is the perfect antidote to this patriarchal mindset and it is certainly true that  that being pregnant is a woman’s most powerful time! I mean, having another being inside your body, building their body from yours and then bringing them into the world is THE force of creation. Without it, the human race would not be here! But also, why should you dress like you are at half of your strength?!

Bianca Balti, the beautiful Italian model and mother of two daughters, launched her debut collection with 60s inspired maternity wear, not only doing it for the sisterhood but also being sustainably conscious, as everything had been made using stock fabrics. Beautifully cut shirt dresses, pink smocks and even a blue two piece were just perfect for breathing a much needed fashion forward approach to maternity wear.  Taking inspiration from Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin, these pieces can easily be worn postpartum too and they simply ooze the freedom of the decade. Huge congratulations to Bianca Balti for spearheading the resurgence of powerful maternity wear for the modern Goddess!

Photos // Bianca Balti

Words // Christobelle Batchelor – Fashion Director

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